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1920's Modern History Fun Quiz

This Quiz includes questions from the 20s including what does BBC stand for, in which country was the first domestic refrigerator sold, what is the 19th Amendment and many more

  • Question 1

    1. In 1921, Ellis Island was quarantined after an outbreak of what disease?

    Question 2

    2. In what year was The Great Gatsby published by F. Scott Fitzgerald?

    Question 3

    3. In 1927, Charles Lindbergh made the first nonstop solo transatlantic flight from New York City to Paris, what was the name of his plane?

    Question 4

    4. In 1923, Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as the US president after the death of whom?

    Question 5

    5. In what year did Amelia Earhart become the first woman to successfully pilot an aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean?

  • Question 6

    6. Hirohito was crowned the emperor of Japan in what year?

    Question 7

    7. In what year did Russia form the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)?

    Question 8

    8. The Wrigley Building in what US city was completed in 1924?

    Question 9

    9. The soft drink 7-UP was invented by Charles Leiper Grigg in what year?

    Question 10

    10. In 1926, US Route 66 was created and it ran between which two cities?

  • Question 11

    11. The 19th Amendment was ratified to the US Constitution in 1920, what did it do?

    Question 12

    12. In 1927, work on Mount Rushmore began, which four presidents are featured?

    Question 13

    13. Which popular cartoon character was created by Elzie Chrisler Segar in 1929?

    Question 14

    14. In 1925, Richard G Drew invented Scotch Tape when working for what company?

    Question 15

    15. In 1923, the world's first domestic refrigerator was sold in what country?

  • Question 16

    16. In what year did prohibition in the US begin?

    Question 17

    17. Vladimir Lenin, the Soviet leader, died in what year?

    Question 18

    18. In what year did the Russian Revolution begin?

    Question 19

    19. In 1873 Blue Jeans were first patented by which two men?

    Question 20

    20. In 1922, the BBC was formed, what does BBC stand for?

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