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1930's Modern History Fun Quiz

This Quiz covers the 1930s questions include what year did Australia gain independence, what year was the first issue of "Superman", Seabiscuit beat ??? to become the best horse and many more

  • Question 1

    1. In what year did the first severe dust storms begin stripping away the topsoil in the US Midwest?

    Question 2

    2. Iran was first called Iran in 1935, what was it previously known as?

    Question 3

    3. In 1937, the German airship, Hindenburg, burst into flames while attempting to moor where?

    Question 4

    4. Which man became dictator of Spain in 1939, ending the Spanish Civil War?

    Question 5

    5. In what year were seeing-eye dogs first used?

  • Question 6

    6. The Spanish Civil War began in what year?

    Question 7

    7. In what year did the Star Spangled Banner become the USA's national anthem?

    Question 8

    8. In 1930, the city of Constantinople in Turkey changed its name to what?

    Question 9

    9. In what year did Australia gain independence from Great Britain?

    Question 10

    10. In 1934, FBI men ambushed and fired on which two bank robbers, eventually killing them?

  • Question 11

    11. In what year did Action Comics release the first issue of "Superman"?

    Question 12

    12. On September 1st, 1939, Germany invaded what country to begin World War II?

    Question 13

    13. In 1936, Jesse Owens won 4 Gold medals at the Summer Olympics in what city?

    Question 14

    14. In 1935, the first Pacific Airmail delivery was made by what vehicle?

    Question 15

    15. In what year did Adolf Hitler declare himself to be the fuhrer Of Germany after becoming President and Chancellor?

    Question 16

    16. What was the better known name for blind pig bars or blind tiger bars in the 1930's?

    Question 17

    17. In 1932, what famous gangster was convicted for income tax evasion?

    Question 18

    18. What was the name of the first children's serial that was broadcast on radio in 1931?

    Question 19

    19. Who was crowned Emperor "King of Kings of Ethiopia" in 1930?

    Question 20

    20. In what year did President Roosevelt give his first "fireside chat" in a radio broadcast?

    Question 21

    21. What year did Kiichiro Toyoda found the Toyota Motor Company in Japan?

    Question 22

    22. Who patented the jet engine in 1930?

  • Question 23

    23. What company first started selling the first Fluorescent Tube light in 1935?

    Question 24

    24. Of Mice and Men was published in 1937, by which author?

    Question 25

    25. In 1939, Thailand changed its name from what?

    Question 26

    26. In 1938, Seabiscuit and what other horse competed in a long awaited race to determine the best horse?

    Question 27

    27. In 1931, which Midwestern US city ran out of money and could not pay its teachers for two months?

    Question 28

    28. In what year did Radio City Music Hall open in New York City?

    Question 29

    29. In 1934, Donald Duck appeared for the first time in what?

    Question 30

    30. Who was TIME magazine's Man of the Year in 1938?

    Question 31

    31. In 1936, King Edward VIII abdicated in order to marry who?

    Question 32

    32. In 1932, the parking meter was invented in which US state?

    Question 33

    33. In what year did Amelia Earhart mysteriously disappear over the Pacific Ocean during a circumnavigation flight?

    Question 34

    34. What year did the Alcatraz federal penitentiary, also known as "The Rock", open?

This Day Info

From our 1957 Page

World --- Baby Boomers

1957 was the peak of the Baby Boomer years

More Information and Timeline For The Baby Boomer Years

1. Definition of Baby Boomer By US Government: Demographic birth boom between 1946 and 1964

2. World War II ends 1946

3. Hundreds of thousands of servicemen return home hoping to set up home with a loved one

4. Governments deal with this in differing ways

5. United States Passes the GI Bill or ( Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944 )

5a. Provided college or vocational education for returning World War II veterans

5b. Provided low interest, zero down payment home loans for returning World War II veterans

5c. Provided one year of unemployment compensation for returning World War II veterans

5d. Resulting from these measures tens of thousands of jobs were created for pent up demand in consumer goods, the construction industry, higher education etc. fueling a healthy economy which in turn helped the population to feel confident enough to have families.

6. Great Britain built tens of thousands of low income homes for returning servicemen, increased nationalization and also provided education and unemployment for returning servicemen, this combined with the increased opportunity provided to export goods to the United States created a boom of children and the economy

7. Most Other Allied countries followed similar routes creating an environment where couples felt the confidence to set up homes and new families, the increased numbers of children helped to fuel the economic growth with even more consumer demand.