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1950's Modern History Fun Quiz

This Quiz covers the 1950s questions include What popular toy was first introduced by Wham-O in 1958, Which company first introduced "TV Dinners" and many more

  • Question 1

    1. In 1952, thick smog in London caused the death of how many people?

    Question 2

    2. What was the name of Russia's first artificial satellite that was launched in 1957?

    Question 3

    3. During what year did California's Disneyland first open?

    Question 4

    4. Who accompanied Sir Edmund Hillary as the first people to successfully climb the summit of Mount Everest in 1953?

    Question 5

    5. Who did Marilyn Monroe marry in 1954?

    Question 6

    6. Which country's lunar probe became the first man-made object to hit the moon in 1959?

    Question 7

    7. Which Soviet leader became the Premier of the Soviet Union in 1958?

    Question 8

    8. In what year Ghana gain its independence from Britain?

  • Question 9

    9. What year did China invade Tibet?

    Question 10

    10. Who is said to have first used The term "Rock N Roll" in 1951?

    Question 11

    11. Which Communist leader came to power after the Cuban Revolution in 1959?

    Question 12

    12. Which popular entertainer was inducted into the US army in 1958?

    Question 13

    13. Which governor of Arkansas ordered the National Guard to prevent nine African American students from entering Little Rock Central High School while they were escorted by Federal Troops in 1957?

    Question 14

    14. Which American civil rights leader refused to give up her seat in 1955?

    Question 15

    15. Which company first introduced "TV Dinners" in 1954?

    Question 16

    16. What year did North Korea invade South Korea capturing Seoul?

  • Question 17

    17. What year did Puerto Rico become a self-governing commonwealth of the United States?

    Question 18

    18. In 1954, a strike caused by which group forced Britain to declare a state of emergency?

    Question 19

    19. In 1957, Britain tested its first hydrogen bomb on what island?

    Question 20

    20. Jack Kilby invented which important piece of technology in 1958?

    Question 21

    21. Which Wisconsin Senator was censured in 1954 after his seeking out Communists in the US government?

    Question 22

    22. In what year were the words "Under God" added to the USA Pledge of Allegiance?

    Question 23

    23. Which royal became Britain's head of state in 1953?

    Question 24

    24. In what year did the Dennis the Menace comic strip appears in newspapers across the U.S. for the first time?

    Question 25

    25. Which landmark Supreme Court case ended racial segregation in public schools in 1954?

  • Question 26

    26. Who discovered the "Double-Helix" structure of DNA in 1953?

    Question 27

    27. Which two men were introduced as NASA's first astronauts in 1959?

    Question 28

    28. Which actress married Prince Ranier of Monaco in 1956?

    Question 29

    29. Who is credited for developing the first Polio vaccine in 1953?

    Question 30

    30. What year were the first color television pictures broadcast from Empire State Building?

    Question 31

    31. Which Japanese car manufacturer started selling cars in the USA in 1957?

    Question 32

    32. Which popular fast food chain restaurant was first opened in 1955?

    Question 33

    33. What popular toy was first introduced by Wham-O in 1958?

    Question 34

    34. In 1952, the Mau Mau Rebellion began in what country?

    Question 35

    35. The nationalization of which canal led Israel, Britain, and France to attack Egypt in 1956?

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Dow Jones Industrial Average First Published , The Dow Jones Industrial Average was first published. The average price of the 12 initial stocks was 40.94.

General Electric The only company still in existence and trading under original name.

American Cotton Oil Company, now part of Unilever.

American Sugar Company, now Amstar Holdings.

American Tobacco Company, Broken Up.

Chicago Gas Company, now part of Integrys Energy Group, Inc.

Distilling & Cattle Feeding Company, now part of Lyondell Chemical Company.

Laclede Gas Light Company, still in operation as The Laclede Group.

National Lead Company, now NL Industries.

North American Company, Broken Up.

Tennessee Coal, part of U.S. Steel.

U.S. Leather Company, Gone.

United States Rubber Company, part of Michelin.