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1963 - U.S.A. - - John F. Kennedy Assassinated
1963 : President John F. Kennedy is assassinated when he is shot by a sniper while riding in a motorcade through downtown Dallas. In film shown around the world Jackie Kennedy was seen cradled her dying husband as the limousine sped to the emergency room at Parkland Hospital. Lee Harvey Oswold was later arrested for the murder but is shot shortly after by nightclub owner Jack Ruby.

1935 - U.S.A. - - First Pacific Airmail delivery
1935: The China Clipper took off from San Francisco, California on its way to Manila, Philippines in the first Pacific Airmail delivery.

1906 Germany - - SOS Started
1906 : International Morse code distress signal or SOS (... --- ... ) ( three dots, three dashes, three dots became the worldwide standard when it was included in the second International Radiotelegraphic Convention, in Berlin

1922 - Turkey - - Greece / Turkey
Ismet Pasha presented concerns about a settlement territory that Turkey had claims to in 1913. Greece representative M. Venizelos opposed Pasha's claim, and had the support of the Jugo-Slavs and Rumanians (Yugoslavs and Romanians). The land in question included the Marietza River, which bordered Western Turkey. This was a very significant day of battle for power between the Greeks and Turks. Find More What happened in 1922

1935 - Italy - - Storm
A terrible storm hit Southern Italy. Nine persons were killed in the Catanzaro location and houses collapsed. The possibility that fishing craft was lost was reported. Furthermore, ten people were killed in San Bruno, and another man was drowned in a flooded street in Messina.

1944 - World War II - - Warship Sunk
A small Japanese war ship was blown up at the Brunet naval base. Along with that, a fairly-large warship was struck within four days by American forces. In addition, at least a handful of Japanese planes were shot down.

1950 - U.S.A. - - Train Crash
Two Long Island Railroad (LIRR) commuter trains collide in the Richmond Hills section of Queens killing 79 people.

1955 - U.S.A. - - Jay Walking
1955 : The Ada, Oklahoma Safety Council has decided to offer five dollars to catch Jay-walking offenders. (Jay-walking is the act of crossing a street where there is no crosswalk or traffic signal, and this specific program was called "Mister. Jay". The money paid out to Jay-walking catchers was to be paid on a lottery basis. If one is the first person who catches a Jay-walker then that person will receive five dollars. If no one has Jay-walked that week then the five dollars was to be kept in the pool the following week. There were other stipulations regarding this program, such as the Jay-walker had to be caught in the act.

1960 - Soviet Union - - US Spy
A man charge of being a spy was ordered to leave the country. However, the U.S. Embassy challenged this fact, wondering how Maj. Irving T. Mc Donald (the defendant) could leave. McDonald did not even know at this time that he was being charged of this crime.


1971 - Scotland - - Climbing Tragedy
During a severe snowstorm on the Cairngorm five teenagers from Ainslie Park School, Edinburgh and their female instructor who had been on a mountain climbing trip are found dead by rescue teams after being trapped on the mountain during two nights of severe storms.

1972 - Vietnam - - Bomber Lost
1972 : The United States loses its first B-52 when the eight engine bomber is brought down by a North Vietnamese surface-to-air missile near Vinh


1973 - Argentina - - Assassination
1973: Police had some unproved suspicions that a band of youth working for the People's Revolutionary Army had assassinated John Albert Swint, an American businessman. Swint was the general manager of Transax, a plant owned by Ford Motor Company. Swint's bodyguard was killed as well. This was believed to have happened while 15 youth trapped Swint's chauffer-driven car.


1977 - UK - - Concord Begins Flights To US
Scheduled service from Paris and London to New York's John F. Kennedy Airport begins following the ban on Concord due to citizen protest over sonic booms flying into JFK is lifted.


1985 - New Zealand - - Greenpeace ship
Two French agents had bombed a Greenpeace ship, and received a sentence of 10 years in prison. The courts hoped that the stiff sentence ruling would serve as a warning that terrorism will not be tolerate. However, some officials were not very hopeful.


1986 - U.S.A. - - Mike Tyson
1986 : Mike Tyson becomes the youngest Heavyweight Champion in history today with a second round knockout win over Trevor Berbick.


1987 - U.S.A. - - Chicago TV Stations Hijacked
WGN-TV Channel 9 and PBS affiliate WTTW-TV Channel 11 broadcast signals are hijacked by an unknown person wearing a Max Headroom mask. The hijacker was never caught.

1988 - U.S.A. - - Stealth Bomber
1988 : The Northrop B-2 "stealth" bomber is shown publicly for the first time at Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale, California. The aircraft had a wingspan of nearly 150 ft but its radar signal was as negligible as that of a bird. The B-2 also successfully evaded infrared, sound detectors, and the visible eye.

1989 - USA - - Mirage Hotel and Casino
The Mirage Hotel and Casino opens its doors in Las Vegas. This 3,000+ room resort, built by Steve Wynn, creates a trend of huge resorts becoming popular places to stay within the city.


1990 - UK - - Margaret Thatcher
1990 : Margaret Thatcher is forced to stand down as prime minister of Great Britain. Just 24 hrs earlier she had won the first round of elections for leader of the party but her own Cabinet refused to back her in a second round of leadership elections forcing her to resign. During her time as the leader she took on the unions and won but her eventual downfall was prompted by the publics dislike of her new Poll Tax.


1995 - U.S.A. - - Toy Story
Toy Story produced by Pixar is released as the first feature-length film created completely using computer generated animation. The film was not only a commercial success it was given great ratings by critics and won a number of awards including an Academy Special Achievement Award in 1996 for the first feature-length computer-animated film

1998 - U.S.A. - - Dr. Jack Kevorkian
The CBS News program "60 Minutes" shows a videotape made on September 17th, 1998, which depicted the voluntary euthanasia by Dr. Jack Kevorkian of Thomas Youk. In 1999 he was found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to 10 year prison sentence.


2002 - Nigeria - - Miss World Pageant
At least 100 people were killed at the Miss World Beauty Pageant in Nigeria. At least 200 of others were reported missing. The Miss World Beauty Pageant was meant to be a significant international event, and all the world was looking forward to it. It had been planned for weeks. Instead, the entire event was violently interrupted by Muslim and Christian mobs.

2005 - Germany - - Germany's First Woman Chancellor
Angela Merkel, leader of the Christian Democrats (CDU), is sworn in as Germany's first woman chancellor.

2006 - Argentina - - Barbara Bush
2006: One of President Bush's daughters has had her handbag stolen in Argentina, despite the protection she was given by the US Secret Service. Twenty-four year old Barbara Bush lost her cell phone and credit cards in the incident, which took place outside of a restaurant in Buenos Aires. She was not hurt.

2006 - Canada - - Francophone Quebec
2006: The Canadian Prime Minister has told parliament that he considers Quebec to be a 'nation within Canada.' Mr Harper was responding to a motion by Quebec separatists that MP's should 'recognize Quebec as an idependent state.' Francophone Quebec has previously held two referendums on separation (in 1980 and 1995) but has rejected the idea on both occasions.

2006 - Russia - - Poisoning by radioactive polonium-210
Russia's foreign intelligence agency, the SVR, has denying having poisoned the former spy Alexander Litvinenko in London. It is reported that Litvinenko is very seriously ill, and had been receiving email death threats for some time. An SVR spokesman, Sergei Ivanov, is reported as saying it would not be in Russia's interests to 'engage in such activity.'

2008 - Canada - - Canadian TV shows Buzzard Coulee meteor footage
Footage of the large meteor that streaked across western Canada is broadcast on Canadian television. The meteor was seen on November 20th, and broadcast on 22nd. The video was filmed from a local police car, and showed a small light turning into a massive fireball as it fell from the sky and appeared to hit the Earth. Over the next seven days more than one thousand meteorite fragments were collected from the 10-tonne fireball, among them are two 13 kg fragments, scientists named the meteor Buzzard Coulee after the oldest-named geographic feature in the fall area.

2011 - South Korea - - South Korea Ratifies US Free Trade Deal
2011 : The South Korean parliament ratified a free trade deal with the United States that had been debated and delayed since 2007. The trade deal, opposed by many South Korean workers and farmers, could increase US imports into the country by $10 billion. The deal marked the United States' largest free trade deal since NAFTA in 1994.

2012 - Russia - - Russia Lifts Ban on Beef From Britain
Russia has lifted a twenty-six year old ban on the importation of British beef and lamb after an agreement was made. It had been banned previously due to concerns over the initial BSE (Mad Cow Disease) outbreak in the country.


2013 - Russia - - UN Demands Greenpeace Ship Release
A United Nations maritime tribunal ordered the release of a Greenpeace ship and thirty detainees from the ship. Russia stated that the tribunal had no jurisdiction in the case and ignored the requests.


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Billie Jean King
Born: 22nd November 1943 Long Beach, California
Known For : Women's Tennis Player who achieved everything there is to achieve in tennis including winning singles at US Open Championship 4 times, Australian Championships once, French Open once and the Wimbledon Championship 6 times. She also won 16 grand slam doubles and 11 grand slam mixed championships during her period as a professional tennis player.

Jamie Lee Curtis
Born: 22nd November 1958 Los Angeles, California
Known For : American actress who has won a number of awards for her acting and has been in Christmas with the Kranks, Anything But Love, True Lies, House Arrest and her role in Trading Places for which she won a BAFTA Award for "Best Actress in a Supporting Role"