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Men's, ladies and childrens fashions in the 1990's

1990s Fashion-From Patriotism to Globalization

Over the years, fashion has become more and more globalized. This fashion shift has occurred as international travel and international communication has become more feasible for people.

This does not mean that there is no such thing as ethnic fashion any more (fashion that represents a certain culture). However, more often than even in the 1960s and the 1970s fashion has become more and more universal. What this means is that one item of clothing that is popular in one area of the world may also be popular in other areas of the world.

This was always the case in history. However, because of the rise of the use of the fax machine, internet, along with increased use of satellite television communication has begun in this decade to learn more about changes in fashion trends much quicker.

Patriotism During Desert Storm

As always happens during wartime in America, the stars and strips outfits are often worn. Red, white, and blue are also worn usually during wartime. One outfit that is displayed in a 1990s fashion history book shows a woman wearing a white T-shirt with a shiny flag printed on it along with red leggings (tight pants).

In the early 1990s, Desert Storm (the Gulf War) took place. The purpose of this war was to stop the Iraqi army from invading Kuwait.

There were some opposes who demonstrated against this war. However, most people who supported the war wore yellow ribbons to signify that they would welcome the troops home. It could be said that this was “the” fashion accessory of this century at the time.

Global Fashion Statements

Some of the designers of the 1990s that promoted international dress fashions included Michael Cors, Isaac Mizrahi, and Oscar De La Renta. These fashion artists along with Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Bill Blass, and Donna Karan all have influenced fashion around the world.

Some of the examples of fashions exhibited in America to other places in the world include silk walking shorts with bold black and white waves and matching jacket. A black camisole was worn under this ensemble.

Another black and white outfit of the 1990s is one of a mini-dress with tights with a black jacket open, with checked trim around the trim of it. The body and arms of the black jacket includes symbols such as a swirl or the six-pointed star.

International fashions from Europe as well as from the continents of Africa and Asia were becoming more and more popular in America as well. Fashions that were imported to the United States from other countries included long ethnic print skirts from eastern countries such as India.

The Return of Hippie Styles

Environmental awareness brought about the return of the hippie movement. Along with it the return of bohemian and hippie-styled clothing.

For instance, it was not uncommon to wear bright-striped multicolored sweaters with baggy jeans. In the mid to late 1990s bell bottoms from the 1970s started to come back in style.

T-Shirts such as the ones produced with “Greenpeace” or “No Time to Waste” were also worn in the 1990s. These were typically worn by men, but women also wore them as well. In some circles dread locks, beads, along with linen, silk, or rayon blouses and coordinating skirts also were seen during this time period.

Retro Fashions

Another movement happened in the 1990s. More and more people were wearing vintage fashions. One of the most popular of vintage fashions worn during this decade was vintage coats, especially ones made of sheepskin or leather.

Many of these coats created were also designed with faux fur trim around the collar and cuffs. Vintage fashions of all kinds from the 1920s through the 1970s were mixed and matched with items from today.

For instance, teen girls would put together a tight-fitting T-shirt with men’s suit trousers. Some of them would also wear loud polyester colors or print skirts. Platform shoes as well as boots with thick heels also became increasing popular during this decade.

Showing Skin-Fad or Fashion?

During the late 1990s to the present (2007) showing skin became even more acceptable in ever before. Mid-drift tops, spaghetti-strapped tops, and mini-skirts are worn quite often.

Even though excessively seductive dress has been promoted by a variety of different celebrities, the general consensus among both teens and adults is that conservative is still better. Fashion designers suggest even in the present-day that a person is going to show skin then it is better just to expose one small part modestly, such as one bare shoulder.

Even though skimpy outfits nowadays seem more acceptable in the past the general consensus from the 1990s to the early 2000s, and even in the year 2007 is to keep dress flattering yet simple. Dressing too provocatively is not considered acceptable by the average person’s standards throughout the 1990s-or even today for that matter.