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20 examples of 1920's Ladies Flapper Style Dresses with Pictures

Ladies Dresses and Blouses from the Twenties Flapper Decade with 20 examples including Japanese Crepe Frock, Khaki Riding Suit, Pink Organdie Dress, Poiret Twill Women's Suit, Futurist Printed Silk Dress and many more .

  • Basque Dress 1929

    1929 Basque Dress

    Price: $2.98

    Dainty, cool, and wonderfully becoming to the youthful figure is this beautiful little Basque dress. Fine quality organdie finish Batiste, printed in a gay all-over pattern, uses solid color organdie to top the full gathered skirt and to edge the graceful collar. Lace trims collar and pockets. Silk ribbon at shoulder and waist.

  • Flared Skirt Dress 1929

    1929 Flared Skirt Dress

    Price: $12.98

    An all silk canton crepe, trimmed with bands and a long streamer tie of matching color all silk crepe satin. The dainty collar is of beautiful ecru lace. Full flare skirt is below low scalloped waistline. Girlish slenderness is delightfully flattered by its lovely lines. Choose from navy blue or marron glace (cocoa brown).

  • Crepe Back Satin Dress 1928

    1928 Crepe Back Satin Dress

    Price: $11.50

    Fashionable style and beautiful material combine to make this one of our loveliest dresses for the small woman. It is made of crepe-back satin, the satin side out, and for trimming it uses the reverse or crepe side. One long scarf-end hangs from the right shoulder. The inset yoke at the neckline and again at the waistline, the narrow cuffs, the insets in the sleeves and in the scarf, are of the reverse side of the satin. Fancy buttons trim front of bodice. Cluster of flowers on the left shoulder.

  • Flannel Velour Polkadot Dress 1928

    1928 Flannel Velour Polkadot Dress

    Price: $5.25

    An extraordinarily low price for as smart a dress as this. The material is all-wool flannel velour. Collar, flowing tie, cuffs and belt-flaps, are very new. Pintucks and pearl buttons trim the front of the bodice. Skirt side-pleated across the front. Sash has buckle and ties at back. A splendid dress for the colder weather. Colors come in new green, powder blue, or navy.

  • All Silk Georgette Crepe Dress 1927

    1927 All Silk Georgette Crepe Dress

    Price: $15.00

    Fine quality All Silk Georgette Crepe. Harmonizing all silk Crepe de Chine slip, a smart kerchief drape at the front and back of the blouse; petal panels on the skirt; a self flower ornament and rhinestone buckle. Choose from navy blue or rose beige colors.

  • Flat Crepe Dress 1927

    1927 Flat Crepe Dress

    Price: $11.75

    New and stunning model, adapted in lovely All Silk Flat Crepe. Has chic kerchief collar; box pleated skirt; hand embroidered motif on bodice, and smart contrasting silk Crepe trimming. Colors come in Dahlia (Dark Orchid), Queen Blue, and Black.

  • Flower Silk Crepe Dress 1926

    1926 Flower Silk Crepe Dress

    Price: $10.98

    A chic collar and fluttering shoulder tie add piquant charm to this youthful frock. All silk flat crepe, printed in delightful color. Wide, flaring skirt in the newest vogue, with bands of plain tone crepe marking the low front waistline. Back sash.

  • Silk Mixed Crepe Dress 1926

    1926 Silk Mixed Crepe Dress

    Price: $9.98

    Straight and slender of line is this frock of bordered silk mixed crepe with its adjustable surplice closing and flaring front panels. Trimming bands of silk mixed crepe in solid color on panels and sleeves. Vest section extends to form skirt under the loose front panels. Bright metal buttons. Choose from tan and navy blue or gray and navy.

  • Crepe de Chine Overblouse 1925

    1925 Crepe de Chine Overblouse

    Price: $6.95

    "Stunning is the word that best describes the rich appearance and smartness of this latest style overblouse. Adapted in finest all silk crepe de chine, the model gains additional beauty by having exquisite embroidery adornment. The high collar is new and chic, fastening in front with loops and novelty buttons. In harmony with the embroidery, both the collar and cuffs show contrasting color silk crepe trimming. Comes in navy blue.

  • Futurist Print Silk Two-Piece 1925

    1925 Futurist Print Silk Two-Piece

    Price: $14.98

    Strikingly smart and very new is the gaily colored futurist print that adorns the blouse of this attractive two-piece frock. Material is soft, lustrous all silk crepe de chine, the skirt being of solid tone that matches the background of the print. The skirt also has a lower border of matching rich colors. It comes attached to a soiesette bodice lining.

  • Colorful Sport Plaid Skirt 1924

    1924 Colorful Sport Plaid Skirt

    Price: $2.98

    Attractive all wool sport plaid has been smartly employed for the styling of this swagger skirt. It features a graceful arrangement of combination pleats, which show the fabric to striking advantage. Ornamental buttons add a chic finish to the front. Colors include tan plaid or blue plaid.

  • Imported Washable Broadcloth Dress 1924

    1924 Imported Washable Broadcloth Dress

    Price: $3.89

    The popular two-piece effect is smartly shown here in a youthful frock of washable fast color printed English broadcloth. A wide, loose fold at the waistline, topped with pockets, creates the voguish two-piece effect. Solid color broadcloth is used for trimming.

  • Check Velour Dress 1923

    1923 Check Velour Dress

    Price: $9.95

    So prevalent is the sports idea in dress that even general wear, serviceable frocks reflect it. And why not, when such a splendid result is attained as we find in the all wool velour check dress shown above, which combines in its pleasing style all of the warmth necessary in a fall and winter dress and all of the chicness expected of the new mode. Cire braid and novelty buttons have successfully been combined with harmonizing color wool crepe as trimming. The flattering collar pulls through pretty loop on front of waist and adding an effective touch of decorative smartness is the fancy leatherette belt. An evidence of good tailoring is found in the inverted plaits at sides of skirt.

  • Fur Jacket 1923

    1923 Fur Jacket

    Price: $15.95

    Competing for popular favor with the extremely long coat so much in evidence this season, we find an entirely new fashion. The brilliant little jacquette style, but recently launched by Paris, has already gained the approval of smartly dressed women. In this model, which may be purchased in rich black silk seal plush or in the stunning black crushed karakul fur fabric, we have a delightful exponent of this new mode. Jacquette is bloused onto a snug fitting band at hips, which clasps with composition ornament lacquered in oriental motif. The smart standing collar is of silver gray chinchilla fur fabric, fashioned to resemble the rare and expensive chinchilla fur, and matches the wide cuffs upon the bell sleeves. Full lining of handsome figured sateen.

  • Broadcloth Dress 1922 1922 Broadcloth Dress
    Price: $4.98

    This dress is warm in appearance and reality and as simple and practical as you could find for $4.98. Service giving broadcloth, which is about half wool, balance cotton, is embodied in this model. A most interesting arrangement of novelty braid is found in panel effect, at top of which are spacious pockets, neatly finished with a cord. Vestee also finished with cord and ornamented with the fancy braid, which is repeated on the stylish sleeves. Front closing. Choose from wine color or navy blue.

  • Tweed Cape and Dress 1922 1922 Tweed Cape and Dress
    Price: $12.98

    Beloved of Paris, capes dominate the mode. And particularly is this true of the new cape-suit or cape-dress combinations, which are unhesitatingly favored by smartly dressed women as the correct thing for the fall and winter season. In this delightful outfit the cape and matching dress are of the newest of new all wool homespun tweed. Truly the effect is alluring.

  • Wool Knitted Cape 1921 1921 Wool Knitted Cape
    Price: $6.98

    One of those exceptional styles created for women who want individuality in wearing apparel and still are influenced by price. This ultra-fashionable all wool knitted Cape in an accordion plaited design has becoming collar and facings of furry looking brushed wool in contrasting color. It is one of the very newest modes and gives you the light weight freedom you like with the warmth you need. Comes in brown and tan or navy blue and white.

  • Khaki Riding Suit 1921 1921 Khaki Riding Suit
    Price: $7.27

    Two-piece riding our outing suit made of good grade olive tan cotton khaki cloth. Outing coat has a convertible corduroy collar, three-button adjustable belt, also four patch pockets. The breeches are well proportioned throughout and have the straight outside leg seam. Pockets at sides are trimmed with buttons and buttonholes. Leg is finished off at bottom with eyelets and fastens with laces.

  • 1920's Dainty Dress Up Frock 1920 Dainty Dress Up Frock
    Price: $15.49

    20's style Dainty dress-up frock of beautifully patterned richly colored silk and cotton crepe with the appearance of silk georgette. Waist blouses over a soft, gray silk taffeta ribbon girdle with side bow, and shows taffeta ribbon ruche and gilt braid at neck. Side-draped skirt.

  • Japanese Crepe Frock from the 20s 1920 Japanese Crepe Frock
    Price: $11.98

    A thoroughly delightful 1920s style and a wonderful bargain in a summer frock of Japanese crepe. Artfully hand embroidered with silk floss on pockets and around neck. Narrow tie sash. Pearl buttons ornament front and fasten dress in back. Colors come in lavender, rose, or blue.

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