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20 examples of 1920's Ladies Hats with Pictures

Ladies Hats from the Twenties Flapper with 20 examples shown including The Feather Toque, National Bob Hair Piece, High Side Rolling Hat, Bicorn Brim Hat, Tricorn Striped Hat and many more

  • Ladies Corduroy Tam 1920 Ladies Corduroy Tam
    Price 98 cents
    Very fine quality Corduroy Tam. Made full and trimmed with large straw pompon. Suitable for misses and children. Colors come in rose, blue, or white.
  • Rolling Brim Sailor Hat 1920 Rolling Brim Sailor Hat
    Price $4.98
    Rolling brim sailor of silk velour. Excellent for sports or dress wear. Silk grosgrain ribbon band around crown, terminating in a large tailored bow with ends at side. Colors come in navy blue, rose, Copen, purple, brown, or taupe.
  • High Side Rolling Hat 1921 1921 High Side Rolling Hat
    Price: $3.95

    Young women as well as matrons will be delighted with this most becoming high side rolling hat, of a good quality Milan hemp braid with facing of lustrous "Candy" cloth and a ruffled edge of transparent braid. Two good quality, nicely curled ostrich plumes caught with dainty rosette of braid. Colors are a black hat with peacock blue facing or solid black.

  • Drape Hat 1921 1921 Drape Hat
    Price: $5.48

    A Paris style welcomed by smart New York. Hat of glossy allover straw braid, a shape drooping at the sides. Twelve and one half inches wide, ten inches front to back. Stylish black veil drape of dainty pattern, combined with cluster of large cherries make the trimming. Braid in crown has interwoven metallic colored thread for novel touch. Choose between black or henna for color.

  • Feather Turban 1922 1922 Feather Turban
    Price: $3.95

    An exceptional opportunity. Handmade with good quality feathers, securely placed, and trimmed across back with fluffy ostrich. Turbans with broad side lines are becoming to most any type. Finished with silk lining. Choose from bright red with pearl gray, dark brown with tangerine, solid periwinkle, or solid black.

  • Tam Hat 1922 1922 Tam Hat
    Price: $1.45

    A great tam and a wonderful bargain. Made of a new rich looking long nap lustrous cloth. Splendid wearing and of good appearance. Crown band of cut edge grosgrain ribbon. Elastic insert in headband gives perfect fit.

  • Fancy Dress Hat 1923 1923 Fancy Dress Hat
    Price: $6.45

    Perfectly gorgeous and our best large brim fancy dress hat. Handmade wired frame covered with lovely gold or silver metallic lace, recovered with single layer of silk maline which extends softly over the edge. Stylish six-pieced crown of fine silk faced velvet. High grade wreath of mixed colored fiber silk plush novelty morning glories.

  • Frenchy Velvet Poke 1923 1923 Frenchy Velvet Poke
    Price: $3.48

    The stunning fan trimming is a "Frenchy" touch. Very becoming, short back, all silk faced velvet poke shape. Fine knife plaited silk moire ribbon. Novel celluloid ornaments. Colors come in Mephisto (bright red) with pearl gray ribbon; dark brown with sand color ribbon; solid navy blue, or solid black.

  • Novelty Flower Hat 1924 1924 Novelty Flower Hat
    Price: $2.95

    Adorable style--you'll love it. Very fine quality imported Swiss Milan hemp straw braid crown. Narrow crepe de chine drape. Snug fitting, crepe de chine brim turns up smartly across back. Novelty flower of sheer crisp organdy. Colors come in jade green with sand color flower, beige tan with delicate pink, black with white, or solid bright red.

  • Fancy Weave Hat 1924 1924 Fancy Weave Hat
    Price: $1.95

    Here is value that is most extraordinary. Stunning large picture hat of good quality fancy weave hemp straw braid. Stylish shape turns up at back. Four attractive flowers between circles of narrow metallic ribbon. Colors come in orchid, golden wheat, pink coral, or black with bright blue flowers.

  • Berry Cluster Hat 1925 1925 Berry Cluster Hat
    Price: $2.75

    Another attractive combination of straw and taffeta. Crown tip of fine quality Milan hemp straw braid. Striking two-tone bias folds, also close fitting poke brim, all of fine quality Rayon (artificial silk) taffeta. Clever ribbon loops and glossy hard berry cluster at either side. It truly is a surprising value at our low price.

  • Pea Petal Turban 1925 1925 Pea Petal Turban
    Price: $3.45

    A new idea, and very striking, too. Snug fitting turban with fitted crown of good quality Rayon taffeta. Entire brim is of narrow, picot edge ombre (shaded) ribbon, shirred cleverly to resemble a mass of sweet pea petals. High grade workmanship.

  • Faille Hat 1926 1926 Faille Hat
    Price: $3.94

    Pretty faille hat for misses, with wide satiny ribbon band, loops and end; six-section crown; softly shirred brim of Rayon; sparkling rhinestone ornament. Rayon lined.

  • Pompon Hat 1926 1926 Pompon Hat
    Price: $4.98

    Many new style notes combine to make this hat youthful and becoming. It is made of rich faille, with a sectional crown and rolling front brim trimmed with Milan hemp straw braid. The back is comfortably brimless, and over each ear is a great fluffy pompon of genuine cut ostrich.

  • Clara Bow Hats 1927

    1927 Clara Bow Hats

    Price: 95 cents each

    Misses and young women delight in this snug fitting mode. So light in weight it conforms perfectly to your head. Made of extra fine quality millinery felt. Neatly tailored with machine stitching and tucks. Fancy, contrasting cutout designs of felt trim either side.

  • Flapper Style Hat 1927

    1927 Flapper Style Hat

    Price: $1.98

    Nifty flapper style of full body felt. Tinted felt is clever "halo" trimming, having late style point at either side. Felt strip finishes back. Tiny ornaments also of felt. Silk lining. Dandy value at this low price.

  • Close-Fitting Hat 1928 1928 Close-Fitting Hat
    Price: $2.98

    Note the smart hat illustrated at the left--a close-fitting model showing lustrous allover embroidery. A soft crushable hat which comes low over the ears in latest mode, and is finished with a brilliant ornament at front. Colors come in a combination of sand brown and orange or Copen blue with rose and sand.

  • Lace Veil Hat 1928 1928 Lace Veil Hat
    Price: $3.95

    Stylish close-fitting hat of silk velvet, with an insert of satin in the crown, made to come low over the ears and effectively embroidered. Its smartest feature is the lace veil--Fashion's latest fancy. Brilliant ornament at the front. Colors come in monkeyskin, rosewood, sand, phantom red, Copen blue, or black with blending embroidery.

  • Painted Felt Hat 1929 1929 Painted Felt Hat
    Price: $2.98

    London sports have inspired the French designers to create this breezy new sports or daytime mode in fine quality soft wool felt. Stunning Cloche Poke for snug head fit and slightly-flared brim. Vivid painted design in geometric pattern, ombre shades, and bordered with fine tinsel thread stitching. Frenchy narrow grosgrain band and geometric bow. Metal ornament.

  • Parisian Sparkling Hat 1929 1929 Parisian Sparkling Hat
    Price: $2.89

    Close-fitting, this model is a chic combination of bright Ray-Faille with popular Pedaline straw trim and dainty floral sprays. The straw bands the hat and mounts the sectional effect crown in crescent design. Tight back; jaunty soft side bow.

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Electric Light Bulb

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