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Vintage 1926 Dresses, Skirts, Coats, Suits and Blouses

Twenties Fashion Clothing From the year 1926 for Ladies and Gentlemens Dresses, Coats, Suits and Blouses etc. with prices, descriptions and pictures The prices shown for these Fashion Clothing are the price they were sold for in 1926 not today

  • Airy Fairy Voile Dress 1926

    Airy Fairy Voile Dress

    Price: $4.85

    Fine, sheer, fancy Voile in loveliest color combinations makes this dainty Frock. Designed in one-piece slip-on style, it exploits the fashionable little apron section, shirred on at accepted new waist depth. Rows of soft Val lace grace collar and sleeves, and pockets. Fancy ribbon tie; sash back. Choose from tan and navy blue, gray and navy blue, or green and tan.

  • Blue Flat Crepe Dress 1926

    Blue Flat Crepe Dress

    Price: $17.98

    Fashion turns to prints with gayest futuristic design in this frock of finest all silk flat crepe. Inspired by Paris and adopted by ultra-smart New York. Combined with blue flat crepe in the newest two-piece effect with plaits front and back; swagger tie collar; button trimmed hipband; inverted shoulder tucks. Inserts of print on sleeves and skirts.

  • Blue Wool Cassimere Suit 1926

    Blue Wool Cassimere Suit

    Price: $22.50

    There is no question about this being the very newest model for young men. All the more exclusive shops for men are showing this fine "Picadilly" model. With wide shoulders tapering at the waist, the peak lapels and the wide straight hanging trousers, this is one of the leading styles for spring. The color, too, is a dominating feature as we have selected a rich powder blue with stripes arranged to give the material the appearance of having a wide diagonal weave making this suit one of our very smartest styles.

  • Brown Canton Crepe Dress 1926

    Brown Canton Crepe Dress

    Price: $14.95

    A delightful frock of all silk canton crepe with skirt on an underbodice of crepe attached at the neckline to the youthful bolero blouse. Crepe in contrasting tone fashions vest, collar and cuffs. Embroidery of braid and glinting metal threads. Gilt buttons.

  • Brown Cassimere Suit 1926

    Brown Cassimere Suit

    Price: $23.50

    The cloth was purchased from a mill that has a reputation for making strong durable materials. In fact, they have made this same cloth for years. The color and pattern of course are new, but the hard wearing quality for which it is so well liked has been retained. The fabric is a smooth finished cassimere with a dark blue stripe--a neat and handsome pattern that gives the suit a rich appearance. The most important features of this suit are its exceptional wearing qualities and the fact that the suit will hold its shape for a long time.

  • Churchill Downs Coat 1926

    Churchill Downs Coat

    Price: $20.00

    Tailored from beautiful, smooth finished light gray cassimere of All Pure Virgin Wool. Pleasing overplaid pattern in harmonizing color. Silk serge lining in yoke, sleeves, and pocket flaps. All seems piped with silk. Non-sag pockets securely stayed. Ivory nut buttons reinforced with small buttons to prevent pulling through. Splendidly made throughout. Comes in powder blue too.

  • Flower Silk Crepe Dress 1926

    Flower Silk Crepe Dress

    Price: $10.98

    A chic collar and fluttering shoulder tie add piquant charm to this youthful frock. All silk flat crepe, printed in delightful color. Wide, flaring skirt in the newest vogue, with bands of plain tone crepe marking the low front waistline. Back sash.

  • Green Satin Dress 1926

    Green Satin Dress

    Price: $15.95

    By its rippling front flare and tailored scarf you know this frock is of the new mode. All silk satin faced canton crepe. Embroidery of glistening metal threads and softly harmonious colors achieves the long panel front and trims the sleeves. Heavy tassel and cuff tabs.

  • Junior's Bolero Effect Dress 1926

    Junior's Bolero Effect Dress

    Price: $6.98

    Beautiful slip-on frock, developed in one of spring's loveliest and most practical materials, Rayon Crepe. The tremendous vogue for bolero effects, is cleverly carried out here, by mounting the snappy kick plaited front underblouse effect, and topping it with the airy, girlish little bolero effect. Gay embroidered bands afford colorful trimming and novel side collar sections end in new sash effect.

  • Light and Cool Suit 1926

    Light and Cool Suit

    Price: $3.95

    You can hardly find greater value for your money than you get, when you buy this durable light tan Crash Suit. It is a very light weight material that wears exceedingly well. This suit is carefully constructed. You may be well dressed, as well as cool this summer. When soiled the original freshness may be restored by laundering.

  • Men's Knickers 1926

    Men's Knickers

    Price: $3.25

    Genuine Belgian linen of All Wool overplaid powder blue cassimere knickers--ideal for any sports wear. Full cut but not extreme; buckle and strap at knee. Wide belt loops.

  • Men's Sport Blouse 1926

    Men's Sport Blouse

    Price: $4.98

    For outing wear, this half wool worsted sports blouse in handsome color combinations is the young man's favorite. Back, sleeves, bottom and collar in plain color. Two buttoned down patch pockets. Well finished.

  • Men's Rubberized Coat 1926

    Men's Rubberized Coat

    Price: $7.45

    The style is much the same as the College Slicker now being worn all over the country, only lighter in weight and neater in appearance. Made of featherweight, fine quality sheeting, rubberized by a new and secret process. Guaranteed not to stick together when folded. Two large pockets. Sleeves have storm cuffs to keep out the wind. All seams sewed, strapped and cemented. Can be washed with soap and water when soiled. Three fine colors from which to choose: yellow, olive, or black.

  • Purple Rayon Mixed Crepe Dress 1926

    Purple Rayon Mixed Crepe Dress

    Price: $8.98

    With long front plaits and revers for slenderness, with solid tone rayon crepe for contrast, and bright printed rayon for smartness, this frock provides just the style features every larger woman seeks. Yet not the least of its distinction is in its very modest price. Many little style touches, too, show the hand of a clever designer: sleeves open almost to the elbow with a bow at the wrist; fullness at the bust; plaited panel and loose strap with the new metal buttons.

  • Rayon Chenille Crepe Dress 1926

    Rayon Chenille Crepe Dress

    Price: $9.95

    The new swinging movement so much the vogue is charmingly carried out in the rippling skirt of this two-piece frock. Fashioned of rayon in effective chenille weave, with clever trimming details of contrasting rayon crepe. Skirt on separate bodice. Choose from rose, pencil blue, or pansy.

  • Silk Mixed Crepe Dress 1926

    Silk Mixed Crepe Dress

    Price: $9.98

    Straight and slender of line is this frock of bordered silk mixed crepe with its adjustable surplice closing and flaring front panels. Trimming bands of silk mixed crepe in solid color on panels and sleeves. Vest section extends to form skirt under the loose front panels. Bright metal buttons. Choose from tan and navy blue or gray and navy.

  • Sport Sweater 1926

    Sport Sweater

    Price: $3.89

    Color is the keynote of summer attire, especially for sports wear. This cricket style Slipover Sweater is knit of all wool worsted and rayon (artificial silk). Beautiful pattern in pretty harmonizing colors. Flat V shape neck in contrasting colors, fancy knit. Snug fitting ribbed bottom and cuffs with contrasting color stripe.

  • Summer Sweater 1926

    Summer Sweater

    Price: $2.25

    One of our most attractive and comfortable sweater blouses for summer wear. Knit of lustrous rayon in colorful plaids. Plain color collar ends in vestee effect, trimmed with three pearl buttons. Matching binding on the short sleeves. Very striking, worn with either white or matching color skirt.

  • Tweed Colossal Plaid Coat 1926

    Tweed Colossal Plaid Coat

    Price: $13.75

    The latest word from gay, swagger New York is this jaunty coat of all wool colossal plaid tweed. Its remarkable blending of tones and overtones, soft and colorful, make it pleasing and easy to the eye. Cut on swagger box lines, the coat exploits the snappy 1926 stand up collar, forming part of the new revers which roll smartly to the single button closing. When opened, the revers reveal a sportive half facing of solid tone color suede velour; and when standing, the collar displays a snappy little facing to match. More tone color deepens the cuffs and pipes the swagger pockets. Full length striped satinette lining.

  • Wool Poiret Sheen Coat 1926

    Wool Poiret Sheen Coat

    Price: $26.50

    With an aristocratic air of elegance this coat is smartly suggestive of fashionable occasions. Charmingly rippling hip panels are accentuated by deep bands of silky Moufflon fur in a delightful, summer gray. Fashioned all wool Poiret sheen--extraordinarily fine and soft--with a styling at once youthful, and graciously dignified. Tailored inserts, with the material reversed, adorn the flaring hip panels, topped by swirls of the fabric, corded and fashioned into quaint little discs. The same novel trimming decks the deep point of turn back cuffs and accents the collar line. Silk mixed crepe lining. Choose from cocoa tan, gracklehead blue, or silver gray.