What do you know or remember from the Sixties
Question 1
1. Who did John F. Kennedy defeat in the US Presidential election in 1960?

Question 2
2. Which South African leader was sentenced to life in prison in 1964?

Question 3
3. Cult members murdered several people in August of 1969, they were led by who?

Question 4
4. In 1965, Dr. Christian Barnard performed the first transplant of what organ in South Africa?

Question 5
5. In which year were the Black Panthers political organization formed?

Question 6
6. What was the name of the first weather satellite launched by the US in 1960?

Question 7
7. Burundi gained its independence from what country in 1962?

Question 8
8. In what year was Egypt's Aswan Dam completed?

Question 9
9. In what year did The People's Republic of China test its first hydrogen bomb?

Question 10
10. Who became the first man to go outside of a space vehicle in a "Space Walk" in 1965?

Question 11
11. Which famous American penitentiary closed in 1963?

Question 12
12. Which Pope became the first to visit the United States in 1965?

Question 13
13. Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in what year?

Question 14
14. In 1966, the actor Ronald Reagan began his involvement with US politics when he became the governor of what state?

Question 15
15. The Soviet Union spacecraft Vostok 1 was launched in 1961 carrying which man who then became the first man in space?

Question 16
16. Which chain department store first opened in Garden City, Michigan in 1962?

Question 17
17. In which year did Sidney Poitier become the first black actor to win the Academy Award (Oscar) for best actor?

Question 18
18. What safety device did Allen Breed invent in 1968?

Question 19
19. What was the name of the unsuccessful Cuban invasion attempt that tried to overthrow Fidel Castro in 1961?

Question 20
20. Which African countries gained independence from France in 1960? (There are several answers)

Question 21
21. In what year was US President John F. Kennedy assassinated?

Question 22
22. Rhodesia declared its independence from Britain in 1965 to later become what country?

Question 23
23. By 1966, the United States had nearly how many troops in Vietnam?

Question 24
24. When did the Voting Rights Act became law in the US?

Question 25
25. Which war-torn Asian country returned to civilian rule in 1963?

Question 26
26. The first VCR home video recorder was introduced by what company in 1964?

Question 27
27. In what year did Martin Luther King Jr. deliver his "I Have a Dream" speech?

Question 28
28. Who discovered the first quasar in 1961 in California?

Question 29
29. In what year did the construction of the Berlin Wall begin?

Question 30
30. Who assassinated Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles, California in 1968?

Question 31
31. The 1966 purge of intellectuals in China by leader Mao Zedong is known as what?

Question 32
32. In what year did Neil Armstrong become the first man to set foot on the moon?

Question 33
33. Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela are all original members of what organization formed in 1960?

Question 34
34. The Cuban Missile Crisis involved a stand-off between which two countries that nearly ended in nuclear war in 1962?

Question 35
35. What 1964 incident triggered the official start of the Vietnam War?

Answers for those without Javascript enabled
1. Richard Nixon 2. Nelson Mandela 3. Charles Manson 4. Heart Transplant 5. 1966 6. TIROS-1 7. Belgium 8. 1968 9. 1967 10. The Soviet Union's Aleksei Leonov 11. Alcatraz, The Rock 12. Pope Paul VI 13. 1968 14. California 15. Yuri Gagarin 16. Kmart 17. 1964 18. Automatic Airbag 19. The Bay of Pigs Invasion 20. Togo, Central African Republic, Cote D'Ivore, Senegal, Benin, Chad, and Mauritania 21. 1963 22. Zimbabwe 23. 500,000 24. 1965 25. South Korea 26. Sony 27. 1963 28. Allan Sandage 29. 1961 30. Sirhan Sirhan 31. The Cultural Revolution 32. 1969 33. OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) 34. The United States and Soviet Union 35. The sinking of the US Destroyer Maddox by North Vietnamese Missiles in the Gulf of Tonkin