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This page has been updated and now offers 26 examples with photos, descriptions and prices of cars from the 1920's I have also included two of the carriages that many ordinary working men and women were still using for transportation in the early Twenties as only a small percentage of the population owned autos at the beginning of the decade. I have tried to offer as wide a range and prices as possible but anything beyond 26 pictures would make the page so very slow to load, many of the auto makers were originally manufacturers of carriages some continued to make the carriages for autos, others went on to become auto makers themselves. Many of the car manufacturers included I had never heard of prior to this research and I wanted to include a few of them in addition to the makes we still see on the road today. Many of them were forced out of business during the great depression, where only the strongest survived

New Autos and trucks For Sale In The Twenties

Studebaker 1929 President Eight Roadster
Price: From $1,589 to $1,895
Description Studebaker 1929 President Eight Roadster seats two in the comfortable front seats and two in the Rumble, 115 Horsepower engine, hydraulic shock absorbers, wire wheels, spare tire and bumpers are additional to the price.

Studebaker 1929 President Eight Roadster

Chevrolet 1924
Price: $525.00
Description By the middle of the decade Chevrolet had joined the auto mass production era and although the cars were more expensive than Ford's at the time many of those things that cost extra on the Ford were included, the basic specs were Standard Transmission with 3 forward and 1 reverse gear, Standard Electrical System which included electric starter, electric lights front and rear, large radiator and fan, speedometer, ammeter, oil pressure gauge, choke pull, starting switch, plus an extra tire rim was included mounted on the rear of the car

1924 Chevy
1929 Chevy 1-1/2 ton Truck
Price: $545.00
Description The late 20s Chevy trucks were based on a 6 cylinder engine with four speed forward transmission and one rear gear, 4 wheel brakes

Late 1920's Chevy 1-1/2 ton truck

International Harvester Red Truck
Price: $1,500
Description When we think of the "International Harvester Company" we automatically think of farm machinery but they manufactured a full range of trucks including this great example. The trucks ranged from this with a 1,500-lb capacity up to a 10,000-lb heavy duty capacity truck.

1922 International Harvester Red Speed Truck

Buick Marquette
Price: From $965.00
Description The Buick Marquette features a 67.5 horsepower engine that races from 0 to 60 in just 31 seconds. The Buick Marquette offers easy vibration free motoring at 70 MPH, also featuring 4 wheel brakes working on 12 inch drums, 4 hydraulic shock absorbers ensure a smooth ride over all surfaces. Bodies are manufactured by Fisher

1929 Buick Marquette
Hudson "The Coach"
Price: $1,795
Description The different in price between this Hudson and the Ford Model T is similar in the difference between buying a Ford Focus and a Ferrari new today, I have seen one very similar at a collectors show and it does look quite spectacular for it's day.

The Hudson The Coach Auto

1923 Gray Motor Company Coach
Price: From $785.00
Description 1923 Gray Motor Company Coach features a four cylinder engine, 3 speed transmission, lightening ignition from Westinghouse, 4 wheel shock absorbing springs, comes in 4 options starting at $495 for the Roadster to the 4 door sedan costing $835.00

1923 Gray Motor Company Coach
1923 Maxwell Club Sedan
Price: $1,045
Description 1923 Maxwell Club Sedan includes many features found in autos at twice the price including windscreen cleaner and visor, disc wheels and non skid cord tires, rear vision mirror, heaters and rear passengers foot rail,

1923 Maxwell Club Sedan

The Oakland "6" Touring Car
Price: From $995.00
Description The best Light 6 in it's class with the following outstanding features 20 to 25 MPG, 15,000 miles before valves need re grinding, 40.000 miles before crankshaft or connecting rod bearings need attention and up to 15,000 miles before a new set of tires are needed.

1923 Oakland 6 Touring auto
1924 Studebaker Big Six
Price: $1,750
Description Studebaker are best known for fine craftsmanship in bodies and interior offering every luxury you should expect from a fine automobile

1924 Studebaker Big Six

1926 Dodge Brothers De-Luxe Sedan
Price: $1,075
Description Dodge Brothers auto's are known for their top quality materials used in each and every auto with the finest Chrome Vanadium used from the Axles to the engine, and Mohair Interior of the finest quality offering long life and dependability for your purchase.

1926 Dodge Brothers De-Luxe Sedan
1921 Chicago Yellow Cab
Price: Unknown
Description Set up your own business and buy a Chicago Yellow Cab as used by the largest most successful cab company in the world.

1921 Chicago Yellow Cab

1927 Cadillac 90 Degree
Price: $2,995
Description Cadillac Prestige Pointing the way to Luxury, Distinction and motor car value that brings abiding satisfaction

1927 Cadillac 90 Degree
1928 Willys Knite Six
Price: $1,095
Description 1928 Willys Knite Six is a Beautiful Standard Six Notable for Willys Knite Typical Smoothness and Power

1928 Willys Knite Six

1928 Chrysler 75 Roadster
Price: $1,555
Description The new Chrysler 75 Roadster for 1928, one the most attractive cars of our times made by master craftsmen entering a new era in design and craftsmanship.

1928 Chrysler 75 Roadster

Horse Drawn Auto Seat Top Buggy
Price: $86.70
Description I have included this example because it shows how traditional horse drawn carriage manufacturers were trying to survive, one of the most interesting selling points for this carriage was that the wheel base size was the same as most of the smaller autos of the day 4ft 8 inches, and if you look the sitting position and layout was very similar although higher off the ground.

Traditional Style Horse and Buggy
Price: $29.00
Description Many farmers and those in rural areas still used a traditional horse and buggy or a cart as their main form of transport into the late 20's but following Ford producing the Model T and selling it for under $250.00 which in turn forced other auto makers into mass production techniques the days of the horse and cart would soon come to an end.

20s Horse Buggies

Some further examples of prices in the 1920's and how much it cost for a new car Price List

Austin 20 Touring Car $695 1920
Austin 20 Coupe $850 1920
Austin 20 Landaulet $875 1920
Buick Touring (six) Model D $650.00 1921
Cadillac Touring Car $3940 1921
Cadillac Victoria $4540 1921 Wisconsin
Chevrolet Superior Roadster $490.00 1924 Wisconsin
Chevrolet Various Vehicles (Roadsters, Touring Cars, Utility Coups, Sedans)From $490 to $795 1924 Michigan
Dort Six Five Passenger Touring model $1095 1924 Wisconsin
Ford Runabout $265.00 ($85.00 extra for starter and dismountable rims) 1924 Michigan
Packard Single 6 with 17 miles per gallon with Packard Quality $2975 1920
Willys Overland with 6 Cylinders $985 1925