June 22nd Major News Events

  1. 1933 Adolf Hitler banned all other political parties in Germany.
  2. 1941 Germany launched an invasion of Russia, Operation Barbarossa.
  3. 1944 FDR signed the G.I. Bill into law.
  4. 1976 Canada’s parliament voted to abolish capital punishment.
  5. 2013 Japan’s Mount Fuji became a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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1944 U.S.A. GI Bill

1944 : President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the GI bill of Rights Bill to provide financial aid to veterans returning from World War II. The bill provided a range of Rights and Money to help the men who went to war for their country including Jobs, Education and Homes providing the base for starting a new life with new opportunities, If you family members who came home after the war take the time to talk to them and understand how comprehensive and helpful this bill was.

1934 Germany The People's Car

1934 : The work on first prototypes of The Peoples Car what became the (Volkswagen Beetle) was started by Ferdinand Porsche but it would take until 1936 before the first prototype was completed.

1933 Germany One Party State

1933 : Hitler bans all other parties making Germany a one political party country, the National Socialist party is the only party that now exists in Germany. This followed a number of other changes in 1933 including creation of the German Secret State Police (Gestapo) and the banning of Trade Unions. The death penalty was declared for anti fascists.

1937 U.S.A. Joe Louis

1937 : Joe Louis wins the world heavyweight boxing title when he defeats American Jim Braddock in an eighth-round knockout.

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Don Henley

Born: June 22nd, 1947, Gilmer, Texas

Known For : A singer and the drummer for the Eagles. The band's five number one songs, and top forty hits made them on of the most successful Seventies bands. They split on 1980, and Henley started his solo work and produced three albums. In 1990, Henley and one of the other band members started to write songs again, and the group reunited in 1994. Their reunion has continued since then. .

1938 U.S.A. Joe Louis

1938 : In front of 80,000 people at Yankee Stadium Joe Louis knocked out the German Max Schmeling in two minutes and four seconds.

1941 Russia Operation Barbarossa

1941 : Germany launches Operation Barbarossa the invasion of Russia, in the first 2 months Over 500,000 square miles of Russian territory were taken.

More about Operation Barbarossa

1945 Okinawa World War II

1945 : The U.S. 10th Army overcomes the last major pockets of Japanese resistance on Okinawa Island, ending one of the bloodiest battles of World War II.

1969 England Judy Garland

1969 : Actress Judy Garland is found dead in her London Home possibly due to an accidental drug overdose.

1970 U.S.A. Voting Age Lowered To 18

1970 : President Nixon signed a bill to lower the voting age to 18 for all federal, state and local elections, In addition to lowering the voting age, the bill placed a five-year extension on the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which gave more than one million African Americans in the South the right to vote.

1976 Canada Capital Punishment

1976 : Parliament votes to abolish capital punishment in Canada.

1981 U.S.A. John Lennon

1981 : Mark Chapman changes his plea to admit responsibility for the murder of John Lennon December 8th, 1980. He received a sentence of 20 years in prison for the murder. He has applied for parole on a number of occasions the latest on October 2006 when parole was again denied.

2004 Belgium Marc Dutroux

2004 : The convicted pedophile and child killer Marc Dutroux is sentenced to life in prison in Belgium for the kidnap and rape of six young girls, and murder of four young girls. He and his accomplices had abducted and kept young girls in a purpose-built dungeon in Dutroux's basement.

2004 U.S.A. Walmart

2004 : The class-action sex-discrimination lawsuit representing 1.6 million female workers against Wal-Mart is approved by a federal judge. In February 2007, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit affirmed the lower court ruling. The lawsuit affirms that female employees made up 65% of Wal-Mart's hourly-paid workforce, but only 33% of its management. The class-action lawsuit plaintiffs estimate that about 1.6 million women could be included in the suit which is a gender discrimination lawsuit.

2005 Italy Sentences Former Nazi Officers

2005 : Ten Germans who were former Nazi officers during World War II were sentenced to life in prison by a military tribunal in La Spezia, Italy. The men were implicated in what was known as one of the worst war crimes to be committed in Italy, a massacre of 560 civilians in a small Italian village. Despite the conviction and sentence, the men would probably not end up serving the time because of their ages.

2006 East Timor President Threatens Resignation

2006 : Xanana Gusmao, the president of East Timor, called for the prime minister, Mari Alkatiri, to step down or else Gusmao would resign. Prime Minister Alkatiri's popularity had been fading as he had been blamed for neglecting to stop recent bouts of violence. President Gusmao indicated that he had lost confidence in the prime minister.

2008 Ferry Capsizes Off Of Philippines

2008 : Over seven hundred people were missing after a ferry capsized off of the coast of the Philippines after encountering harsh seas caused by Typhoon Fengshen. Rescue ships had found only four survivors and hoped that others had managed to swim to shore or find safety somewhere.

2011 Crime Boss Arrested in Mexico

2011 : Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas, a leader of the Mexican drug cartel "La Familia", was captured in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Mendez Vargas, also known as "The Monkey", was accused of leading the gang and coordinating drug trafficking and sales in Mexico and the United States as well as planning kidnappings and murders of rivals.

2013 Mount Fuji Becomes World Heritage Site

2013 : Unesco listed Japan's Mount Fuji as a World Heritage site because of its cultural value in Japanese society. The volcano is an iconic image in Japanese arts and literature and is located just outside of Tokyo.