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1940 - Hattie McDaniel Wins Oscar
1940 : Hattie McDaniel becomes the first African-American person to be nominated for and win an Academy Award. She won the Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her portrayal of Mammy in the movie Gone With the Wind.

29 Feb, 1944 - Admiralty Islands Operation Brewer
1944 : General MacArthur and Allied forces invade the Admiralty Islands beginning Operation Brewer and face fierce battles against Japanese forces. The operation ends in May of 1944 and is successful for the Allies.

1960 - United States Family Circus Comics Begin
1960 : The popularly syndicated comic strip Family Circus created by Bil Keane makes its debut in 1960.

29 Feb, 1972 - Hank Aaron Signs Large Contract
1972 : Hank Aaron signs a $200,000 dollar contract, becoming the first player in Major League Baseball to get that large of a contract.

2008 - Bulgaria Fire Sweeps Through Passenger Train
2008 : A fire swept through a passenger train in Bulgaria killing at least three people and injuring others. The cause of the fire was unknown and affected two carriages carrying about sixty people.

29 Feb, 2012 - North Korea Agrees to Suspend Uranium Enrichment
2012 : North Korea has agreed to a moratorium on nuclear missile tests and uranium enrichment after participating in talks with the United States. The United States agreed to send 240,000 tons of food aid the country in return.

2012 - Monkees Singer Davy Jones Dies
2012 : Singer of the popular Sixties group, The Monkees, Davy Jones died at the age of 66 after suffering from a heart attack. The popular singer and former teen idol became a member of The Monkees in 1966 and starred in The Monkees' television show. Jones had also acted in a few other television shows during his career. Later in life he went back to his first passion of horses and became a jockey.