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1947 - Peru Kon-Tiki Expedition
1947 : A Norwegian expedition including 5 Norwegians and a Swede headed by Thor Heyerdahl set out on the raft The Kon-Tiki from Peru in South America to cross the 4000 miles of Pacific Ocean to prove that the Polynesian Islands were settled in a similar way thousands of years ago, the raft is equipped with a square sail and paddles. Find More What happened in 1947
2008 - New Zealand Colossal Squid
2008 : A rarely found Colossal Squid 34 feet long, and weighing 1/2 ton squid is being dissected to help understand a little more about rare animal that lives largely in the cold Antarctic waters. The squid is believed to grow up to 50 ft long a similar length to the sperm whale they are believed to tussle with in the depths of the ocean.
1940 - U.S.A. Glenn Miller Pennsylvania 6-5000
1940 : "Pennsylvania 6-5000," by Glenn Miller and his orchestra, was recorded. The song's title refers to the oldest existing New York City phone number at the time belonging to the Hotel Pennsylvania. Many prominent acts played at this venue, including the Dorsey Brothers, Duke Ellington and the Glenn Miller Orchestra as well.
1789 - Tahiti Mutiny On The Bounty
1789 : Fletcher Christian leads a mutiny against the commanding officer William Bligh aboard the British Royal Navy ship HMS Bounty. Mutineers set Captain Bligh and 18 crew loyal to the captain afloat in a 23-foot open boat. Captain Bligh and his fellow loyal crew made it after a 47-day voyage to Timor in the Dutch East Indies and returned to England and reported the mutiny. The Mutineers eventually settled in Pitcairn Island and Tahiti.

1926 - Europe 5,000,000 Unemployed
1926 : Unemployment in Europe is at an all time high with over 5,000,000 receiving doles from their governments with over 1 million in Britain and 2 million in Germany, causes are from many things including antiquated equipment, high taxes, and high production costs.
1935 - U.S.A. 1,200,000 Face Starvation in Illinois
1935 : Over 1,200,000 people face starvation in Illinois if the US Federal Government stops providing new deal funding, the reason is that the state must provide $3,000,000 of the $12,000,000 required each month to feed and house the unemployed indigents or the federal government withdraws it's funding and the state does not have the money and is not providing that funding.
1945 - Italy Mussolini
1945 : Italian partisans executed deposed dictator Benito Mussolini and his mistress, Clara Petacci. Mussolini, who ruled Italy from 1922 to 1943.
1955 - Vietnam Nigo Dinh Diem
1955 : The American backed premier Nigo Dinh Diem in Vietnam is fighting for survival against rebel forces , the backing of the US is only in expression of support and is not providing military support in any way.
1965 - Dominican Republic US Citizens Evacuated
1965 : U.S. Marines evacuated American citizens in the Dominican Republic due to the current civil war.
1967 - U.S.A. Muhammad Ali
1967 : Heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali appears for his scheduled induction into the U.S. Armed Forces in Houston, he refused three times to step forward at the call of his name. He is then warned by an officer that failing to answer to his name was a felony punishable by five years in prison and a fine of $10,000. He still refused to budge when his name was called. On the same day, the New York State Athletic Commission suspended his boxing license and stripped him of his title. In 1964 he had failed the U.S. Armed Forces qualifying test because his writing and spelling skills were sub par. However, in early 1966, the tests were revised and Ali was reclassified as 1A. When notified of this status, he declared that he would refuse to serve in the United States Army.
1969 - U.S.A. All Guns Banned From US Colleges
1969 : Following a number of protests and armed students involving guns and weapons in colleges and universities across the US new laws are being sought to ban all guns from college compasses.
1969 - France Charles de Gaulle Resigns
1969 : The French President, Charles de Gaulle, resigns from President of France after 11 years, following his defeat in a referendum on governmental reforms.
1975 - Vietnam Last US Citizens Evacuated
1975 : US Involvement in Vietnam is now complete as helicopters and marines bring out the last US Citizens and parents of thousands of South Vietnamese children are begging the US to save the children as US Marines are using pistol and rifle butts to smash the fingers of Vietnamese trying to climb over the walls and enter the US Embassy compound.
1986 - Soviet Union Chernobyl
1986 : Two days after monitoring stations in Sweden, Finland and Norway began reporting sudden high discharges of radioactivity in the atmosphere. The Soviet Union via the official news agency, Tass, said there has been an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine.
1994 - U.S.A. Aldrich Ames
1994 : A CIA double agent Aldrich Ames is jailed for life after admitted selling secrets to the Soviet Union and then Russia.
1995 - South Korea Gas Explosion
1995 : A gas explosion beneath a busy city street in Taegu, South Korea, kills more than 100 people many of them children on their way to school.
1996 - Australia Gunman Kills 32
1996 : A gunman has shot and killed 32 people in the tourist town of Port Arthur, Tasmania. The gunman is now holding three people hostage in a local guest-house. The gunman "Martin Bryant" did kill the three hostages during the siege and is captured by police the next day and is found guilty of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment with no possibility of parole.
2004 - U.S.A. Abu Ghraib Prisoner Abuse Scandal
2004 : The first photos of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal were shown on CBS' "60 Minutes II." . The US army has all ready instituted and was already acting on these photographs prior to the 60 Minutes Showing and those involved are all in Iraq, awaiting court martial. The abuses were committed by some personnel of the 372nd Military Police Company of the United States together with additional American governmental agencies.
2006 - U.S.A. Wiretapping Lawsuit Against AT&T
2006 : The Bush administration has said that it will be trying to halt the lawsuit that is accusing AT&T of illegally helping the National Security Agency spy on Americans citizens. In an 8-page document that was filed with a federal court in a northern district of California, the U.S. Justice Department said that it would intervene in the lawsuit. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital rights group based in San Francisco, had filed a class action lawsuit against the federal government in January. The suit claims AT&T's alleged cooperation violates the Constitution's free speech and privacy rights and contravenes the federal wiretapping law, which prohibits electronic surveillance "except as authorized."
2008 - Supreme Court Approves Indiana’s Photo ID Voting
2008 : The Supreme Court has issued a decision to uphold an Indiana law that requires citizens to provide photo identification when voting. It is hoped that this will guard against fraud. Critics of the law argue that it discriminates against poor voters, ethnic minorities and the elderly, who are less likely to carry ID, but the Court ruled that the law did not constitute a burden on voters. Other states have similar rules, and the court's ruling could prompt even more states to adopt the law.
2010 - Cape Wind offshore wind farm Approved
2010 : The Cape Wind Project an offshore wind farm covering covers 24 square miles and including 130 horizontal-axis wind turbines is approved by United States Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar the wind farm will be on Horseshoe Shoal in Nantucket Sound off Cape Cod in the U.S. state of Massachusetts. The Wind farm is predicted to generate 454 megawatts (enough power for 420,000 homes).
2011 - Police Join Protests in Burkina Faso
2011 : Police officers in Burkina Faso join protesters over the high cost of living by shooting their guns in the air. Protesters had been gathering in the capital Ouagadougou throughout the previous few weeks, uniting in anger over high food prices and unpaid housing allowances to soldiers.
2012 - Chinese Dissident Under US Protection
2012 : Blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng was under the protection of the US after escaping house arrest and going to the US embassy according to a ChinaAid, a US-based rights group. Reports out of the country stated that his nephew and brother who had helped him escape were detained by police.
2013 - Italy New Government Sworn In
2013 : A two-month long political stalemate ended with the swearing-in of Italy's "Grand Coalition" government. Enrico Letta of the Democratic Party became the new Prime Minister and the coalition included members of Berlusconi's People of Freedom party. Outside of the ceremony two police officers were shot by a suspect who admitted to targeting politicians.
2014 - Taiwan Anti-Nuclear Protesters Clash With Police
2014 : Thousands of protesters clashed with police as they were protesting the construction of a fourth nuclear power plant in Taiwan. The protesters refused the leave the site and were hit with water cannons by police who were trying to get them to disperse.

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Alistair MacLean
Born: Alistair Stuart MacLean April 28th, 1922 Glasgow, Scotland
Died: February 2nd, 1987 Munich, Germany
Known For : Alistair MacLean was a Scottish writer who wrote specialized in thrillers / adventure stories many have been turned into great action adventure movies, just a few of them The Guns of Navarone, Ice Station Zebra, Where Eagles Dare, When Eight Bells Toll and The Hostage Tower. We all like good action movies and his work provided the correct mix to make them great movies. Many of his best books were about World War and The cold war that followed and much of his inspiration must have come from his time in The Royal Navy during World War II. Like many great writers he needed to work while starting his career and he was a school teacher until his work was recognized. Video is trailer from The Guns of Navarone.

Saddam Hussein
Born: Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti April 28th, 1937 Al-Awja, Iraq
Died: December 30th, 2006 ( at the end of the hangman's noose ) Camp Justice, Kadhimiya, Iraq
Known For : Saddam Hussein was the President of Iraq from July 16th 1979 until 9 April 2003 which included the during the Iran–Iraq War, and the first Persian Gulf War (1991). He was a Military dictator who ruled with an iron fist squashing any opposition and he was held in contempt by both the west and the Arab world for his his murdering of the Kurdish people in the north of the country, and his invasion of Kuwait. He was deposed by the U.S. and its allies during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. It should also be remembered that in the 80s the United States maintained relations with Saddam Hussein as a way of keeping the fundamentalist government in Iran under close scrutiny.

James Monroe
Born: April 28, 1785, Westmoreland County, Virginia
Died: July 4, 1831, New York, New York
Known For : Prior to becoming the fifth President of the United States (1817 - 1825), James Monroe was a US Senator for the state of Virginia, Governor of Virginia, and the Secretary of State and Secretary of War under his predecessor James Madison. He was notable for the “Monroe Doctrine,” a long-standing foreign policy directive dealing with the United States’ involvement in Western Hemisphere politics.