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1971 - China Ping Pong Diplomacy
1971 : In an effort to build better relations between the U.S. and China a US table tennis team begins a week long visit to the People's Republic of China (PRC) at the invitation of China's communist government. Webmaster note - As soon as I read this I realized the significance of the Table Tennis in the movie "Forrest Gump" which I always wondered how it fit in with all the other major events from the time period. Find More From What happened in 1971
1912 - United Kingdom Titanic Sets Sail
1912 : Titanic sets sail on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. The Titanic has been described as the worlds most luxurious floating hotel, and was only 5 days out when she hit an Iceberg and sank in the Atlantic with the loss of many lives.
1919 - Mexico Emiliano Zapata
1919 : Emiliano Zapata the leader of the peasants during the Mexican Revolution, is ambushed and shot to death in Morelos by government forces.

1925 - U.S.A. The Great Gatsby
1925 : The Great Gatsby a story is set in Long Island's North Shore and New York City during the summer of 1922 by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is published. and is now often regarded as an example of the Great American Novel. The Great Gatsby has become a standard text in high school and university courses on American literature in countries around the world.
1925 - U.S.A. Arsenic Poisoning
1925 : Sixth Member of family succumbs to Arsenic poisoning after 5 other members of his family die not much hope is given for his survival.
1932 - Germany Hitler
1932 : Adolf Hitler is beaten by Paul von Hindenburg for the German presidency.
1936 - Britain War in Abyssinia
1936 : Britain Presses for Penalties on Italy after war in Abyssinia and threatened to take independent action heightening a war in Europe.
1942 - Philippines Bataan Death March
1942 : The Japanese forced 75,000 captured American and Filipino soldiers to march more than 85 miles in six days from Bataan to a prison camp near Cabanatuan with only one meal of rice in total over the six days known as the "Bataan Death March" During the Forced march hundreds of Americans and many more Filipinos die.
1945 - Vienna Austria Falls to Russians
1945 : Fall of Vienna to the Russian Cossack Allies and Russia moves on Berlin. US and Russia to make final assault on Berlin. War in Europe expected to end soon.
1956 - Israel Middle East Conflict
1956 : UN steps up peace pressure in Middle East conflict between Israel and its Arab Neighbors in an attempt to bring about a lasting peace.
1959 - Japan Crown Prince Akihito
1959 : Japan's Crown Prince Akihito the current emperor of Japan, becomes the first Crown Prince to bring a commoner into the imperial family when he marries Miss Michiko Shoda.
1963 - U.S.A. USS Thresher
1963 : Nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Thresher and her crew of 129 was lost at sea in the Atlantic Ocean some 220 miles off Cape Cod, Mass.
1968 - New Zealand Ferry Disaster
1968 : A ferry the "TEV Wahine" capsizes in Wellington Harbor, New Zealand after running aground during one of the worst storms ever to ever hit New Zealand. The final death toll is expected to exceed 50 with most due to drowning.
1970 - UK Beatles Break Up
1970 : Paul McCartney releases his first solo album after rifts between the group and announced that he has split from the Beatles.
1972 - Iran Earthquake
1972 : An Earthquake centered on the town of Ghir, in southern Iraq kills up to an estimated 4,000 people in the massive earthquake an aircraft which flew over the area reports that there was not a single dwelling left standing above the ground . Soldiers, police and villagers dig survivors from the rubble for almost four days after the disaster and the final death toll is closer to 5,300 than the original estimates.
1972 - Biological Warfare
1972 : Seventy nations, including the United States and the Soviet Union, signed an agreement banning biological warfare.
1979 - U.S.A. Terrible Tornadoes Tuesday
1979 : Thirteen tornadoes ripped through Texas and Oklahoma today in a deadly outbreak that meteorologists later referred to as "Terrible Tuesday." The twisters destroyed thousands of homes.
1981 - UK Bobby Sands Elected
1981 : The imprisoned IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands is elected to Westminster as the MP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone. Bobby Sands continued his hunger strike and died less than a month later on May 5 1981.
1985 - US and USSR Prepare for talks
1985 : In the US President Reagan asks for all ties for US - Soviet to be checked prior to meeting next month with Soviet Union , meanwhile Gorbachev tells Russian congress he does not trust the Americans.
1992 - UK Conservatives Win 4th Term
1992 : Conservatives under John Major win a forth term in the UK General Election.
1998 - Northern Ireland Peace Accord Signed
1998 : After many years of violence in Ireland the Peace Accord ( called the Good Friday Agreement ) is signed today after 30 years of bitter rivalries and bloody attacks and can be considered a triumph for British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Republic of Ireland's leader, Bertie Ahern, who have succeeded where all other attempts have failed.
2002 - Netherlands Assisted Suicide
2002 : Restrictions were loosened further for mercy killings and assisted suicide for patients with unbearable, terminal illness. This follows earlier legislation in 1993 when the Netherlands decriminalized doctor-assisted suicide.
2002 - Israel Suicide Bomber
2002 : Eight Israelis are killed by a suicide bomber aboard a bus in Haifa.
2003 - U.S.A. Child Protection
2003 : The House passes the bill creating a national Amber Alert system and strengthening child pornography laws.
2006 - U.S.A. Immigration rallies
2006 : Following the No Vote on the Immigration bill ( often referred to as the Amnesty Bill ) that was designed for millions of illegal immigrants to become citizens two day earlier. Immigrants and their supporters have marched in the hundreds of thousands in more than one hundred cities throughout the country, casting off the old fears of their illegal status to assert that they have a right to a life in United States. The marches took place in Washington, New York City, Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Atlanta, as well as in smaller communities like Hyde Park, New York, Garden City, Kansas, and Belle Glade, Florida. Proponents of the amnesty have evoked the tactics and slogans of the civil rights era.
2007 - Wall Between the Shiite and Sunni areas of Baghdad
2007 : The military has started to build a three-mile concrete wall in the center of Baghdad. This is to run along the most murderous streets that separate the citys Sunni and Shiite Muslims. The wall has been planned because of the hardening sectarian divide in Baghdad, and is a central part of George Bushs final push to pacify the capital. Work began under cover of darkness and is due for completion by the end of the month.
10 Apr, 2008 - US Fundamentalist Mormon Polygamist Temple Sect Raided
2008 : A Fundamentalist Mormon Polygamist Temple Sect is raided in West Texas, the authorities suspect that older men had sex with under-age girls and practiced polygamy at Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the ranch in Eldorado, Texas. During the raid 416 children were placed in temporary state custody on suspicion of being abused or under the threat of abuse or neglect.
10 Apr, 2008 - E.U. Parliament has called for a boycott of the Olympic opening ceremony
2008 : The International Olympic Committee (I.O.C.) had urged China to fulfill its promises to respect human rights in Tibet, when the E.U. Parliament passed a non-binding resolution in favor of boycotting of the opening ceremonies in Beijing. In today's vote, the E.U. Parliament has expressed its support for a boycott of the August 8 opening ceremonies unless Beijing engages in dialogue with the Dalai Lama. The Parliament has also appealed to the individual E.U. states to consider not participating in the ceremonies. The E.U. resolution does not bind the bloc's twenty-seven members into any form of compliance.
10 Apr, 2009 - Fiji President Josefa Iloilo Takes Absolute Power
2009 : Following the Court of Appeal ruling that the government of Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama is illegal President Josefa Iloilo suspends the nation's Constitution and dismisses all judges assuming control. Following protests he orders security forces and the military to take "all reasonable steps" to maintain law and order and supports Prime Minister Bainimarama.
10 Apr, 2010 - Polish Air Force Tu-154 crashes in Smolensk Oblast, Russia
2010 : A Polish Air Force Tu-154 crashes in Smolensk Oblast, Russia carrying the Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife, army chief, central bank governor, MPs, leading historians, and many top Polish government officials to their deaths. The cause of the crash was believed to be pilot error.
10 Apr, 2011 - Bob Dylan Plays First Concert in Vietnam
2011 : Legendary folk singer and songwriter, Bob Dylan, who had become a voice for the anti-Vietnam war movement in the 1960s and 1970s in America, played his first concert in the Communist country of Vietnam. The sixty-nine year old musician held the concert in Ho Chi Minh City. Only about half of the seats at the venue were sold for the concert, this was largely attributed to the fact that nearly half of the population of Vietnam was under thirty years old and had no memories of the war with the United States.
10 Apr, 2012 - US Rick Santorum Ends White House Bid
2012 : Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum announced the end of his run for the White House effectively leaving the Republican nomination to Mitt Romney. Santorum was behind Romney in funding and the polls and had been taking time off of the campaign after his daughter was admitted to the hospital.
10 Apr, 2012 - Norway Mass Killer Breivik Declared Sane
2012 : Anders Breivik, the accused mass killer that orchestrated a bomb attack and shooting spree that left seventy-seven people dead in July of 2011, was declared sane preceding his impending trial. The declaration was made so that he would be allowed to face trial and a jail term, he had been previously declared insane after an evaluation in November of 2011.
10 Apr, 2013 - France Louvre Closes Over Pickpockets
2013 : The Louvre in Paris did not open on this day because workers were protesting against pickpockets at the museum. Workers had stated that the pickpockets were becoming increasingly aggressive and organized and they had been coming to work afraid of being targeted. The management at the museum stated that they would try to come up with a solution to the problem, even though they had already asked the police for more assistance.
10 Apr, 2014 - Child Bride Poisons Husband in Nigeria
2014 : Police confirmed that a fourteen year old child bride confessed to killing her thirty-five year old husband who she was forced to marry. She had said that she put rat poison in his food, another three people died as a result and ten others were hospitalized.

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Omar Sharif
Born: Michael Demitri Shalhoub 10th April 1932 Alexandria, Egypt
Died: 10th July 2015 Cairo, Egypt
Known For : Omar Sharif is an Egyptian born actor who has starred in a number of highly acclaimed movies including The Jewel of the Nile, The Tamarind Seed, Funny Girl, Doctor Zhivago, Genghis Khan, Lawrence of Arabia. He is fluent in four languages Arabic, English, Greek, and French. For most of his life he was a renowned gambler and Tournament Bridge player and would bet on any thing from horses to Roulette but since his move back to Cairo with his family he has stated he wishes to concentrate on his family not on old pastimes.