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Vintage 1980's Appliances with Prices, Descriptions and Images

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Remember or Imagine you could go shopping for electrical goods and appliances in the 1980s

  • 1980 Portable Color TV

    1980 Portable Color TV

    Price: $589.95

    Attractive wood grain high-impact plastic cabinet has rounded corners for a modern look. Television has a 19-inch screen. Room light sensor automatically monitors and adjusts your picture brightness according to light conditions. Big LED channel display. Cable TV connector.

  • 1980 Under Counter Dishwasher

    1980 Under Counter Dishwasher

    Price: $249.95

    This under the counter model has a white porcelain-enameled steel tub, a scratch-resistant door liner, energy saving options and much more. Also has a rinse and hold cycle that pre-washes dishes. The wood grain-look plastic control panel has all of the settings. Colors are white, golden wheat, avocado, coffee or almond.

  • 1981 Compact Refrigerator-Freezer

    1981 Compact Refrigerator-Freezer

    Price: $379.95

    Side-by-side compact refrigerator-freezer. Has handy, leather-look counter top and freezer section that maintains true zero temperature... ideal for a family room or efficiency apartment. Has interior light and adjustable cold control.

  • 1981 Solar Power Lamp

    1981 Solar Power Lamp

    Price: $29.99

    Solar powered lamp with solar cell that can be clipped to the wire frame of the shade. Different types of lamps include a windmill, locomotive, oil pumper and bi-plane.

  • 1982 Fruit and Vegetable Peeler

    1982 Fruit and Vegetable Peel

    Price: $28.99

    Peels and juliennes fruits and vegetables. Almond-color unit with cord and blade storage. Adjustable food support. Dust cover. Includes recipes and instructions.

  • 1982 Outdoor Gas Grill

    1982 Outdoor Gas Grill

    Price: $199.95

    Enjoy barbecued meals without the barbecue mess with this gas grill outfit. Features a 373 square inch grilling area, a handy 87 square inch warming rack, hassle-free permanent lava rock briquettes to give food an outdoor, smoky flavor and the convenience of matchless ignition and twin controls.

  • 1983 Space Saver Microwave

    1983 Space Saver Microwave

    Price: $579.99

    Set time and power for up to three separate cooking operations with the computer-type electronic memory and oven will to another automatically. Has convenient 12-hour Delay Start. Large 1.3 cubic foot capacity oven and removable shelf permit versatile "whole-meal" cooking.

  • 1983 Stereo Sound Television

    1983 Stereo Sound Television

    Price: $659.99

    This picture tube has corners that standard tubes lose. It's stereo-ready for future stereo TV (with adapter). Control panel pops out for remote use, commanding even a video accessory. Brings in cable TV up to 133 channels. LED channel readout.

  • 1983 Timex Sinclair Color Computer

    1983 Timex Sinclair Color Computer

    Price: $179.99

    It's got 48K of memory power with built-in BASIC programming language, eight vivid high-resolution color and four simultaneous sounds. It has special features to set it above the competitors. One-Touch Keyword lets you program an entire computer word with a single key. This saves typing time and computer memory as well. Includes AC power adapter.

  • 1984 Counter Craft Toaster

    1984 Counter Craft Toaster

    Price: $19.99

    CounterCraft Two-Slice toaster has front-mount controls and a pastry setting. The toaster has almond-colored body with brown end panels. Variable light to dark setting.

  • 1984 Oven Range

    1984 Oven Range

    Price: $899.98

    Create a custom-designed cooking center that will handle all of your cooking needs by adding a Kenmore 1.4 cubic foot capacity Microwave Oven to a Micro-Classic II Insertable Range. Choose from gas or electric range.

  • 1985 Mr. Coffee Machine

    1985 Mr. Coffee Machine

    Price: $34.99

    These units feature crisp, modular design with high gloss finish plus a restyled hood for easier access to the carafe. System automatically switches from brew to warm-cycle. Brews up to twelve cups and has an analog clock and timer.

  • 1985 Projection Screen TV

    1985 Projection Screen TV

    Price: $1279.00

    This fifty-inch diagonal measure picture is handsomely styled in a cabinet that takes less than nine square feet of floor space. Lens system rejects dust and comb filter delivers a twenty-percent sharper picture than TVs without it. One-button color adjusts picture instantly. Touch remote tunes in up to 105 cable-compatible channels.

  • 1986 Commodore Computer System

    1986 Commodore Computer System

    Price: $399.98

    RGB composite color monitor has a sharp 13-inch diagonal measure picture. The Commodore 64 computer has 64K RAM. The 16-color selection reproduces games with close to arcade quality. 66-character keyboard includes upper and lower case letters along with four programmable function keys.

  • 1986 Portable Camcorder

    1986 Portable Camcorder

    Price: $699.99

    The finest camera boasts F1.4, 8X, 2-speed power zoom lens plus unidirectional boom microphone. Character generator delivers title, date recording, time and stop watch in two letter sizes. Shoulder-mount; earphone included.

  • 1987 Audio Video Rack System

    1987 Audio Video Rack System

    Price: $577.95

    Nineteen-inch color TV has adaptability for audio/video built right into the rear panel. Audio section features gyro-tuning and built-in Automatic Frequency Control, AM/FM stereo receiver, and 3-band equalizer. Semi-automatic turntable with cue/pause control. Dual cassette tape deck for automatic continuous play and dubbing. Remote control.

  • 1987 Clock Radio TV

    1987 Clock Radio TV

    Price: $79.95

    AM/FM Clock/Radio with four and a half inch black and white TV. Red LED digital time display with AM indicator. High/low dimmer control. Snooze bar. Battery backup system. Earphone jack. Telescopic FM antenna. White plastic cabinet.

  • 1988 CD Cassette Boom Box

    1988 CD Cassette Boom Box

    Price: $288.88

    You can listen to up to 16 tracks in any order, or repeat your favorite song with the CD play on this boom box. Automatic music sensor moves forward or back to the next selection. Five-band graphic equalizer.

  • 1988 Jukebox Cassette Player

    1988 Jukebox Cassette Player

    Price: $79.99

    Nostalgic juke box for the person who remembers the "good ole days". Selection buttons are clever cover-ups for the pause, record play, rewind, stop/eject, and fast forward functions of cassette deck. Built-in condenser mike for recording. Stereo sound comes from each side.

  • 1989 Refrigerator with Ice Dispenser

    1989 Refrigerator with Ice Dispenser

    Price: $1060.00

    Convenient ice dispenser helps keep refreshments cool. Lighted 15.2 cubic foot refrigerator section has three glass interior shelves and 3 door shelves to hold full loads of food with finesse. Includes butter storage with dish on door. 9.8 cubic foot freezer section has four Dyna-White shelves and five door shelves.

  • 1989 Two-Inch LCD TV

    1989 Two-Inch LCD TV

    Price: $249.99

    This innovative take-along color TV from Casio has high resolution color liquid crystal display and a high quality matrix system for picture sharpness. VHF/UHF telescoping antenna.

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