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Checked Sport Coat and Polyester Slacks, Cashmere Tartan Sport Coat, Double Knit Wool Suit, Hawaiian Print Shirtdress, Happy Plaid Rain Coat, Lace Shirt with Tapestry Skirt, Ladies Pants Suit, Ruffle Fantasy Shirt,

Vintage 1973 Fashion including Shirts, Dresses, Suits and Coats

Fashion Clothing From the year 1973 including prices, descriptions and pictures inc. Shamrock and White Stripe Outfit, Polka Dot Sport Shirt, Wool Dress, Two Piece Ban-Lon Dress The prices shown for these Fashion Clothing are the price they were sold for in 1973 not today

  • Argyle Pullover 1973 Argyle Pullover
    Price: $18.00
    Description Argyle pullover by Ram in Orlon acrylic. Choose from predominantly green, red or black.

  • Cashmere Tartan Sport Coat 1973 Cashmere Tartan Sport Coat
    Price: $170.00
    Description This cashmere tartan sport coat is great for holiday get-togethers and goes well with slacks.

  • Checked Sport Coat and Polyester Slacks 1973 Checked Sport Coat and Polyester Slacks
    Price: $22.00 (slacks) - $100.00 (sport coat)
    Description Jaunty checked sport coat of polyester and nylon is a two button style with center vent and white polyester slacks.

  • Double Breasted Wool Coat 1973 Double Breasted Wool Coat
    Price: $100.00
    Description Dashing double breasted coat by Zero King cuts a fine figure in brown plaid wool with epaulets and warm alpaca wool collar. Wool/polyester lining.

  • Double Knit Wool Suit 1973 Double Knit Wool Suit
    Price: $145.00
    Description Stitched tucks distinguish a double-knit wool suit by Kimberly. With it, a long-sleeve polyester jacquard shirt, tie belted. Azure heather or beige.

  • Hadley Cardigan and Skirt 1973 Hadley Cardigan and Skirt
    Price: $36.00 - $60.00
    Description This Hadley cashmere cable knit cardigan ($60.00) and shell ($44.00) in a light blue color go well with the Hadley tweed wrap-around skirt of wool/rayon/acetate for $36.00.

  • Happy Plaid Rain Coat 1973 Happy Plaid Rain Coat
    Price: $65.00
    Description Happy plaid multicolor raincoat and kerchief. Rayon/acetate with Zepel finish sheds rain and stain.

  • Hawaiian Print Shirtdress 1973 Hawaiian Print Shirtdress
    Price: $60.00
    Description From Hawaii, ankle-length shirtdress is an impressionistic print inspired by the Far East. Polyester crepe has subtle satin luster. Self buttons to hemline. Pocket, tie belt.

  • Houndstooth Cardigan 1973 Houndstooth Cardigan
    Price: $30.00
    Description This houndstooth acrylic cardigan by Damon comes in black, burgundy or brown all with natural color accents.

  • Lace Shirt with Tapestry Skirt 1973 Lace Shirt with Tapestry Skirt
    Price: $32.00 - $58.00
    Description Ecru polyester lace shirt paired with long tapestry skirt of rayon/cotton. Skirt comes with a patchwork-like pattern in shades of pink and complementing colors.

  • Ladies Pants Suit 1973 Ladies Pants Suit
    Price: $145.00
    Description Classic pants suit by Kimberly in wool double knit, with leather belt. Soft-toned beige or aqua.

  • Paisley Slacks and Sport Coat 1973 Paisley Slacks and Sport Coat
    Price: $23.50 - $90.00
    Description Sport coat by Izod Ltd. of easy upkeep textured polyester with brass buttons in white. Slacks by Izod Ltd. in neat paisley print on navy, made of Avril rayon/cotton.

  • Polka Dot Sport Shirt 1973 Polka Dot Sport Shirt
    Price: $17.00
    Description By Burma Bibas, a polka dot sport shirt in Arnel triacetate, a crisp, smooth knit. Colors include navy with white dots, red with white dots, white with navy dots or white with red dots.

  • Polyester Jacket and Checked Pants 1973 Polyester Jacket and Checked Pants
    Price: $28.00 - $32.00
    Description Blouson polyester jacket comes in navy or white ($32.00), checked pants made of polyester in navy and white ($28.00).
  • Red Posies Feminine Shirt 1973 Red Posies Feminine Shirt
    Price: $27.00
    Description Little red posies captured in gray trellises on a beguilingly feminine shirt from France. Soft and washable in acrylic.

  • Wool Dress 1973 Wool Dress
    Price: $85.00
    Description Sweater-knit topping for a fully lined wool dress by Ciao. It has a built-in belt and pockets. Colors come in green or French beige.

  • Ruffle Fantasy Shirt 1973 Ruffle Fantasy Shirt
    Price: $28.00
    Description Ruffle fantasy shirt made of polyester organza on an opaque white polyester crepe blouse.

  • Sequin Dinner Suit 1973 Sequin Dinner Suit
    Price: $1,195.00
    Description Sequined brilliance in the night: brown three-piece rayon matte jersey dinner suit by Bill Blass, trimmed in brown-dyed Canadian fox.

  • Shamrock and White Stripe Outfit 1973 Shamrock and White Stripe Outfit
    Price: $$78.00
    Description Shamrock and white stripes add zing to a wool/rayon sweater set, teamed with a green rayon skirt. All from Jones New York. Long sleeved cardigan and short sleeved pullover sweater are edged in white. Front box pleats distinguish the A-line skirt.

  • Step-In Shirtdress 1973 Step-In Shirtdress
    Price: $50.00
    Description Step-in shirtdress from Hawaii is polyester dull luster satin-finish crepe with an exotic windflower design. Cuffs on long sleeves are self-buttoned and it has a self-tie belt. Choose from a green or blue color combination.

  • Striped Shirt and Sweater 1973 Striped Shirt and Sweater
    Price: $23.50
    Description Striped button-down shirt in Dacron polyester/cotton oxford cloth. It is durably pressed and comes in brown, blue or red. The sleeveless Orlon acrylic sweater is by Burma and it comes in brown, navy or wine colors.

  • Two Piece Ban-Lon Dress 1973 Two Piece Ban-Lon Dress
    Price: $38.00 - $70.00
    Description This two piece Ban-Lon dress is made of nylon and achieves the one-piece look with self sash. The sparkly-buttoned blouse and long gored skirt are packable and suave year around. Comes in Emerald green, oyster or black. Prices range from $38.00 for the blouse and $70.00 for the skirt.