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Vintage 1970s Children's Fashion Clothes with Prices, Descriptions and Images denim jeans and corduroy slacks

Children's Fashion Clothing From the 1970s including prices, descriptions and pictures

Popular Childrens Fashion in the Seventies

  • 1970 Boys Clothes 1970 Boys Clothes
    Price: $4.99 - $16.99
    Description A variety of boy's and young men's clothing from 1970 shows a vest suit with flair that features an all-over Herringbone, with a vest and flared slacks that have wide belt loops. There is also the Rocky Raccoon Look vest that is made of a deep plush pile with colorful embroidery. Other styles include the Indian patterned fringed vest, a v-neck pullover and a u-neck, long pullover with a buckled belt.

  • 1970 Girls Clothes 1970 Girls Clothes
    Price: $3.99 - $13.90
    Description Fashion for girls in 1970 included fun dresses and separates to mix and match. The mini-dresses featured a variety of looks like the Victorian accented dress, a double knit with buttons and tie, a layered dress with matching vest or a long and lean look with a pleated skirt and low slung belt. Separates in bright plaids and solids featured tunics, gauchos, blouses, flared pants, skirts and ruffled shirts to match.

  • 1971 Boys Clothes 1971 Boys Clothes
    Price: $3.99 - $12.99
    Description The fashions for boys in 1971 included sets of mix and match separates that had pullovers, flared slacks, and belted vests with shirts in a variety of colors and geometric patterns. Sleeveless and sleeved pullover sweaters were also very popular as well as shirts and vests that featured western styles and patterns.

  • 1971 Girls Clothes 1971 Girls Clothes
    Price: $4.99 - $14.99
    Description Some of the 1971 styles for girls showcased evolving trends reminiscent of the sixties and yet very much a part of the seventies. A three-piece pants set featured short-shorts with a matching jacket in a purple crushed velvet look with a white blouse. Another style had a pastel pattern over a suspender skirt that accompanied a rib-knit sweater. Other styles included long quilted dresses with cameo pin details, perfect for hosting parties and a cotton candy pink, lace-look short party dress with fashionable puffy sleeves and a long satin bow detail.

  • 1972 Boys Clothes 1972 Boys Clothes
    Price: $2.99 - $13.94
    Description Many styles for boys in 1972 involve three piece knit sets modeled after the fashions for men at the time. Other separates that were popular were sweater vests with fun colors and patterns as well as other pullover sweaters with stripes or buttons. Flared pants were a popular style as well and would often feature colorful plaids, stripes or solid colors.

  • 1972 Girls Clothes 1972 Girls Clothes
    Price: $4.88 - $10.00
    Description For girls, pant sets, plaids and bright colors with fun bow accents and buttons were the style. Longer flared and pleated skirts became popular when paired with pullover vests and detailed blouses. Tunics and pants or jumpers that could be used as dresses as well as tops were featured heavily and most showcased bold color combinations like orange and blue or gold and green. Paisley and multi-colored prints were also popular.

  • 1973 Boys Clothes 1973 Boys Clothes
    Price: $4.00 - $22.00
    Description 1973 offers a look at more upscale fashions for children. The boys outfits include a toddlers' overall set with shirt that comes in a blue and white striped cotton denim with hammer and scissors appliques and a red turtleneck shirt. There is also a shortall set with an original hand-screened print on the knit in orange, green, yellow and white by Lilly Pulitzer. There is also a Lacoste cardigan to match Dad's.

  • 1973 Girls Clothes 1973 Girls Clothes
    Price: $18.00 - $35.00
    Description The 1973 girls selection of fashion feature more expensive fashions like a girl's tennis dress by Lacoste. There are also girls' dresses by Florence Eiseman that feature a blue cotton denim long skirt with red polka dot fish applique and a red polka dot halter top or a blue denim frock with appliqued fish for younger girls. Fashions also included a knit shirt dress and playset by Lilly Pulitzer that show off pink and red prints and a watercolor print.

  • 1974 Boys Clothes 1974 Boys Clothes
    Price: $8.00 - $28.00
    Description 1974's boyish fashions included the Imp Originals leisure suit and a sharp two-piece suit. The leisure suit featured a side-vented shirt-jac and slacks, both made of polyester. There was also a long sleeve polka dot shirt in white on brown. The sharp two-piece suit is made for toddler and kindergarten boys with a fresh windowpane plaid print in green and white.

  • 1974 Girls Clothes 1974 Girls Clothes
    Price: $12.00 - $25.00
    Description Girls fashions for 1974 feature a Piccolino's knit dress that has a white cable knit top and a camel-tan ribbed knit skirt. There were also dresses designed by Little World that included a bold blazer-striped skirt with a long-sleeved zipped white top with a bright green braid trim or a nautical dress for toddler girls that is white with a green braid outlining the sailor collar and sleeves. Playwear designed by Helen Tanous included red and white polka dot prints in a slack set or sandbox set that show off sailor collars.

  • 1975 Boys Clothes 1975 Boys Clothes
    Price: $3.99 - $23.99
    Description For boys in 1975, all cotton pullover knits that featured novel screen prints and colorful three-quarter length raglan sleeves. Fashionable leisure suits were also popular and were made in polyester knit with a solid color jacket that could reverse to a houndstooth pattern and flared solid color slacks. There were also corduroy western jeans with printed shirts and corduroy jackets.

  • 1975 Girls Clothes 1975 Girls Clothes
    Price: $5.99 - $11.99
    Description Fashion for girls in 1975 featured pale pastels with prints and bold, rich colors with patchwork pieces and other prints. There were ombre blue coordinates that included overalls with a screen print bib as well as flared slacks and matching jackets and shirts. Another style included a multi-colored patchwork smock shirt with flared sleeves and a flared bottom with white flared pants. A variety of overalls styles were in vogue as showcased by the ruffle bibbed overall set made of corduroy with a multicolor floral print. Velour tops with corduroy jeans let girls show off a multi-textured look.

  • 1976 Boys Clothes 1976 Boys Clothes
    Price: $2.99 - $16.99
    Description In 1976, denim coordinates and sets seemed to be all the rage in fashion for boys. Outfits came in a patchwork look with matching jeans and jackets and even a patchwork hat. Western style jean jackets came in a few different colors and sizes to fit the smallest boy to a young man in high school. There were also colorful leisure suits that became complete with the Hawaiian printed shirt to match. Flared pants in solids and plaids were still popular when paired with excitingly patterned shirts or plain shirts with stripe and collar details.

  • 1976 Girls Clothes 1976 Girls Clothes
    Price: $3.99 - $15.99
    Description Coordinates and pantsets remained popular for girls in 1976 with a variety of colors, styles and patterns available. Some came in brightly colored orange with red accents and others came in green with gold accents. Heavier materials were featured in others that showed off jackets and matching pullovers. Another set featuring cute appliques and flared sleeve tops came in denim and white.

  • 1977 Boys Clothes 1977 Boys Clothes
    Price: $16.99 - $24.99
    Description 1977 features jumpsuits and suit sets for formal occasions. The denim jumpsuits come in long or short sleeves and look smart with a turtleneck pullover underneath. The three piece polyester-knit suits come with a jacket, reversible vest and pants and are shown in pastel green or blue.

  • 1977 Girls Clothes 1977 Girls Clothes
    Price: $8.99 - $12.00
    Description For girls in 1977, dresses, overalls, pant sets and pullover sweaters and vests are heavily popular. One set features bright yellow jersey knit separates with rainbow accents. Other dresses for younger girls feature a pleated skirt with embroidered details and accent and another shows off a patchwork pattern featuring none other than Winnie the Pooh. Pullover sweaters and vests for girls featured fun patterns that showcased stripes, argyle, plaids and even a lake scene print. The overalls for girls featured fun shapes for the bibs as well as large pockets, button details or embroidery.

  • 1978 Boys Clothes 1978 Boys Clothes
    Price: $3.99 - $6.99
    Description Fashions for boys in 1978 featured a lot more casual styles and other popular styles similar to what was popular in 1976 and 1977. Mix and match separates came in a variety of colors and patterns but most often were solid colored flared pants matched with a striped pullover shirt. A variety of popular culture related t-shirts began to show up more as well and some included images from popular movies like Star Wars, while others like the zodiac t-shirts reflected changes in pop culture.

  • 1978 Girls Clothes 1978 Girls Clothes
    Price: $5.99 - $19.99
    Description Pastel knit coordinates were still popular in 1978, especially for little girls. Frilly blouses paired with flared pants were also a popular look for teenage girls and character prints like those of the Sunny Bunch showed up in several fashionable pieces. Dresses were long and featured detailing like embroidery, lace and ties.

  • 1979 Boys Clothes 1979 Boys Clothes
    Price: $7.99 - $21.99
    Description Boys in 1979 still got vest and pants sets as well as bold patterned shirts and plaid pants that were popular throughout most of the decade. While some other styles, for teenage boys especially, began to reflect trends that would become popular in the next decade like a preppy looking shirt paired with simple pants and a pullover sweater.

  • 1979 Girls Clothes 1979 Girls Clothes
    Price: $7.99 - $29.99
    Description Rounding out the end of the decade you can start to see the upcoming fashion trends that will feature heavily in the next decade, especially in girls' fashions. The pants in many outfits have legs that are less flared and the jackets and vest feature bolder, more squared off shapes. Dresses and skirts become slightly more frilly and settle at a mid-length rather than long or mini. Pinks and burgundy were featured heavily as popular colors of the year in 1979.