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Vintage 1950 Fashion Accessories inc. Ladies Hats, Shoes, Boots, Jewelry and Bags

Fashion Accessories From the year 1950 including prices, descriptions and pictures for Ladies and Gentlemens hats, jewelry, scarves etc. The prices shown for these Ladies Clothing Accessories are the price they were sold for in 1950 not today

  • Bustle Bow Calot Womans Bustle Bow Calot Hat
    Price $3.69
    Bustle-Bow Calot has gleaming sequins and a rayon veil. Fine wool felt. Colors include dark brown or dark green with gold color sequins, gray with silver color sequins or all black.
  • Box Bag Ladies Box Bag
    Price $9.00
    Set in durable tortoise color plastic squares, the bag is an attractively shaped roomy zip-top pouch. Rich alligator is combined with plastic to create this eye-catching bag that goes well with everything.
  • Ankle Tie Shoe Ladies Ankle Tie Shoe
    Price $4.98
    Smartly styled ankle tie. Rolled leather thong crosses instep, through back loop, ties around ankle. Pliable leather upper. Thick, springy ribbed wrapped crepe rubber sole and heel. Sewed construction. Choose from brown or red leather.
  • Ladies Alligator Bag Ladies Alligator Bag
    Price $9.00
    Set in durable tortoise color plastic squares, the bag is an attractively shaped roomy zip-top pouch. Rich alligator is combined with plastic to create this eye-catching bag that goes well with everything.

  • Calfskin Sling Pump Calfskin Sling Pump
    Price $5.98
    Low cut sling pump, makes your foot look slender and shorter. Has an adjustable strap and a leather sole. Comes in brown calfskin, black calfskin, red calfskin or green calfskin.
  • Dressy Helmet Ladies Dressy Helmet
    Price $2.29
    Dressy helmet of rich rayon velvet smartly places fluffy feathers to one side. Sure to fit... grosgrain covered plastic clip hugs head securely. Glamorous and so easy to wear. Colors come in black, dark brown, wine red, dark green or navy blue.
  • Double Roll Calot Double Roll Calot
    Price $3.59
    The double-roll calot adds a detachable, rayon-lined scarf to drape as you wish--a glamour "extra." Made of fine quality rayon velvet in black, dark brown, dark green or wine red.
  • Curved Frame Pouch Curved Frame Pouch
    Price $6.00
    Curved frame pouch in butter-soft lambskin or rich velvety suede. Has a striking polished gold-color metal curved frame and the tear-drop folds give a soft rounded shape to the bag. Has a roomy interior with rear wall and zipper pockets. Colors include black suede, brown suede, red lambskin, black lambskin or brown lambskin.
  • Dazzle Beret Dazzle Beret
    Price $1.98
    Shining metallic threads mingle with wool and cotton felt. Colors with gold-color threads are black, dark brown, bright red, white, dark green. Medium gray comes with silver-color threads.
  • Dramatic Profile Hat Dramatic Profile Hat
    Price $4.98
    Dramatic profile hat of extra fine quality. A great value in luxurious fur felt. Beautifully dressmaker-draped. Soaring self-leaf in black, dark brown, medium gray or dark green.
  • Dressy Homburg Ladies Dressy Homburg
    Price $3.88
    Dressy homburg made with a lustrous rayon satin ribbon band and lavishly gathered rosettes. Novelty plastic ornament. Fine wool felt. Very flattering and easy to wear. Colors include black, cocoa brown, navy blue, dark green, wine red or medium gray.
  • Fancy Embossed Shoe Fancy Embossed Shoe
    Price $7.85
    Bright as a new coin... loaded with eye-catching appeal. Fancy embossed design on toe adds beauty to smooth leather upper. Roomy moc-type toe. Striking new zebra trim on sole edge. Rubber sole, hard heel. Goodyear welt.
  • Feather Tip Quills Hat Feather Tip Quills Hat
    Price $2.98
    Feather-tip quills on a stunning off-face hat. Clever curl-cuff. Rayon velvet, rayon lined. Colors include black, dark brown, dark green, medium gray or wine red.
  • Leather Pump 1950 Leather Pump
    Price: $6.98
    We predict sensational success for this lovely pump with its new tapered vamp, pointed throat, and its knowing way of slimming your foot. Has a leather sole and one and three-quarter inch curved heel. Choose from black calfskin or black suede.
  • Maidenform Bras 1950 Maidenform Bras
    Price: $1.50 - $2.00
    Maidenform bras round, uplift and accentuate. There's a Maidenform to mold you just that way, cleverly designed for figure-perfect fit. A wardrobe of these fine bras will bring women new bosom beauty.
  • Mink Dyed Coney Glamour Stole 1950 Mink Dyed Coney Glamour Stole
    Price: $23.95
    Super value... all the high style of a fabulous mink. Full-furred mink-dyed Coney with deep-swirling cape back, long stole front ending a flurry of mink-dyed squirrel tails. Rayon satin lined. Secure hook and eye closing.
  • Pilgrim Men's Ties 1950 Pilgrim Men's Ties
    Price: 97 cents each
    Expensive looking rayon foulards to add dash to your shirts and suits. Select yours from a wide variety of colors and patterns. All have neat, white rayon faced ends. Wool lined to hold shape, shed wrinkles and make smart knots.
  • Playtex Girdles 1950 Playtex Girdles
    Price: $3.95
    Playtex combines tremendous figure-slimming power with super comfort and dynamic all-way stretch that gives with every motion of your body. Made of natural tree-grown latex that fits like a second skin, Playtex is invisible under clothes. Colors include blossom pink or gardenia white.
  • Three in One Scarf 1950 Three in One Scarf
    Price: 58 cents
    Three colorful silk ties stitched at back. Each is about twenty-seven inches long and one inch wide. Choose from different color combinations including orange, kelly green and yellow, brown, orange and kelly green, navy blue, red and yellow, or royal blue, kelly green and chartreuse.
  • Visor Brim Hat 1950 Visor Brim Hat
    Price: $3.98
    Visor brim has rising side-slant crown, harmonizing iridescent feathers to catch the eye and a rayon veil. Made of fine wool felt in black, dark brown, dark green or medium gray.
  • Wing Tipped Square 1950 Wing Tipped Square
    Price: 98 cents
    Add spice to your wardrobe with this colorful pure silk square. Attractive geometric pattern. Slit from one corner to the center, it spreads wide to give you more quick tricks for added glamour. Rolled hems. Colors come in red, green or blue.
  • Four Leaf Clover Square Four Leaf Clover Square
    Price 98 cents
    Colorful pure silk floral square. Scalloped in a four-leaf clover pattern. This versatile 23-inch square gives unlimited possibilities for costume accents. Twist it at your throat, spread wide as a collar or tuck in your suits and v-neck dresses. Hand washable. Comes in red with medium blue, royal blue with red or brown with green.
  • Head Hugging Helmet 1950 Head Hugging Helmet
    Price: $3.94
    Head-hugging helmet with richly stitched crown. Exquisite feather brushes angled smartly. Flattering rayon veiling. Fine wool felt. Choose from black, dark brown, medium gray, dark green or white with black trim.
  • Jeepers Athletic Shoes 1950 Jeepers Athletic Shoes
    Price: $3.79
    Built over professional last to follow natural foot lines. Non-binding peg top. Molded non-skid rubber sole. Bumper toe guard. Scuff-resistant rubber foxing. Colors are black uppers with white trim or white uppers with red trim.
  • Police Type Wearmasters 1950 Police Type Wearmasters
    Price: $9.98
    For policemen, mailmen, men who walk all day. Cork grid in heel and shank "gives" with every step. Choice calfskin uppers. Double leather sole; outsole oil-treated to resist water. Barbour storm welt helps keep out mud and moisture. "Wear-proof" drill vamp lining. Rubber heel. Colors include black or brown.
  • Ribbon Bounded Edge Brim Hat 1950 Ribbon Bounded Edge Brim Hat
    Price: $4.88
    Hat has medium wide binding and a wide band. The crown is pre-shaped at the factory to stay correctly creased. There is smooth, lustrous rayon lining and pliofilm tip in crown to resist perspiration stains. The genuine roan leather sweatband will not crack or peel. Comes in medium gray, medium dark gray, or medium blue.
  • Saddle Softie 1950 Saddle Softie
    Price: $3.98
    Saddle "softie" with the exciting "natural" toe silhouette... the toe that's made to follow the actual foot outline. What comfort! What style! Ever-so-soft leather upper, unlined for even greater flexibility. Sewed construction. Comes in white with brown or white with black.
  • Sequin Brim Half Hat 1950 Sequin Brim Half Hat
    Price: $1.98
    Half-hat of fine wool felt. Gleaming sequin-covered brim rayon face veil. Rayon satin loops at side. Fits all sizes. Colors include black or dark brown with gold-color sequins, all black or all brown.
  • Sequin Crown Bumper 1950 Sequin Crown Bumper
    Price: $3.98
    Fine quality wool felt; rayon veiling. Choose from all black, all dark brown, white with gold-color sequins and black trims or all winter pink with black trim.
  • Side Draped Beret 1950 Side Draped Beret
    Price: $3.89
    Side-draped beret pleats rayon satin ribbon across profile cuff in front, draws it into beautiful loops at side. Wool felt. Colors include black, dark brown, dark green, wine red, or medium gray with black ribbon.
  • Side Swing Hat 1950 Side Swing Hat
    Price: $2.98
    Side-swing hat is made of wool felt. Clever fashion touch--loop through feathers follow new profile lines. Colors come in black, dark brown, navy blue, dark green or medium gray. All have colorful feathers.
  • Sleek Helmet 1950 Sleek Helmet
    Price: $3.98
    Sleek helmet has self leaves curving down each side for fashionable, head-hugging look. Comes with four-section crown and rayon lining. Made of beautiful rayon velvet. Choose from black, dark brown, navy blue, dark green or wine red.

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