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Vintage 1924 Fashion Accessories Hats, Shoes, Boots, Stockings, Jewelry and Bags

Twenties Fashion Accessories From the year 1924 including prices, descriptions and pictures for Ladies and Gentlemens hats, jewelry, scarves etc.

  • Army Pattern Shoe 1924 Army Pattern Shoe
    Price: $2.98

    Regulation U.S. Army pattern shoe. Has medium heavy oak tanned leather soles that will give lots of service and full grained leather uppers. Springy rubber heel. One of the most comfortable shoes that you can wear and they certainly are low priced. The uppers are made of sturdy tan leather.

  • Calfskin Shoe 1924 Calfskin Shoe
    Price: $3.95

    The lady of fashion will have at least one pair of tan calfskin shoes in a three-eyelet style like this pair. They come in the new French last with a one and three-quarter inch military heel with rubber top lift. Very smart and swagger.

  • Draped Crown Hat 1924 Draped Crown Hat
    Price: $1.49

    Easily becoming style with draped crown of visca straw cloth. Narrow drooping brim of good quality taffeta, flares slightly at either side, then cuts off to short snug fitting back. Bright fruit cluster forms the simple but neat trimming. A special value.

  • Dress Bag 1924 Dress Bag
    Price: $3.25

    Stunning dress bag. Of rich black slipper satin with front center of heavy silk moire. Daintily set off with trim of narrow gold color piping. Gorgeous silk lining. Change purse on gold color frame. Attached beveled mirror. Special patented safety lock.

  • Embroidered Hat 1924 Embroidered Hat
    Price: $3.98

    One of this season's niftiest little shapes. Tiny poke brim with smart turn-up across back of lustrous visca straw cloth. Six-piece visca crown entirely covered with very rich looking Rayon and metallic thread embroidery.

  • Fancy Stitch Patent Leather Shoe 1924 Fancy Stitch Patent Leather Shoe
    Price: $4.45

    With its fancily stitched tip and the three-eyelet tie, this is one of the most attractive of the newer styles. It comes in patent leather, made on the new French last. Has a military, one and three quarter inch heel, with rubber top.

  • Fancy Weave Hat 1924 Fancy Weave Hat
    Price: $1.95

    Here is value that is most extraordinary. Stunning large picture hat of good quality fancy weave hemp straw braid. Stylish shape turns up at back. Four attractive flowers between circles of narrow metallic ribbon. Colors come in orchid, golden wheat, pink coral, or black with bright blue flowers.

  • Fur Felt Hat 1924 Fur Felt Hat
    Price: $3.89

    Moderate in cost and high in quality is this well proportioned Big Four style fur felt hat for men. Crown, about six inches high. Raw edge brim, about four inches wide. Colors come in black or nutria tan.

  • Green Turban Hat 1924 Green Turban Hat
    Price: $2.95

    Smart turban, featuring this season's popular corded brim. Crown is good quality visca straw cloth. Lustrous Rayon taffeta brim is neatly corded and draped to becoming fullness at either side. Crown fits head snugly at back. Novel raisin-like appliques.

  • Kid Leather Hat 1924 Kid Leather Hat
    Price: $1.88

    One of the smartest of the new imported sport styles brought forth this season. Comfortably fitting, bobbed hair hat. Made of good quality genuine kid leather. Odd, cut out brim (same across back), with self trim at side. Snug fitting, six piece crown. Lined. A practical, all around hat.

  • Nacre Feather Trim Hat 1923 Leather Oxfords 1924 Leather Oxfords
    Price: $3.48

    We think these brown or black full grain leather Oxfords are mighty neat and good looking. They will give lots of wear and comfort. Has genuine Goodyear welt and "Compo-Soles". The uppers are high grade soft leather, either black or the new shade of brown. Rubber heels.

  • Munson Last Oxford 1924 Munson Last Oxford
    Price: $2.98

    Genuine Goodyear welt, made from fine, black kidskin with medium heavy oak tanned outersole and live, springy rubber heel. Made over the regulation army Munson last with plenty of broad roomy comfort. A very special and very attractive bargain.

  • Novelty Flower Hat 1924 Novelty Flower Hat
    Price: $2.95

    Adorable style--you'll love it. Very fine quality imported Swiss Milan hemp straw braid crown. Narrow crepe de chine drape. Snug fitting, crepe de chine brim turns up smartly across back. Novelty flower of sheer crisp organdy. Colors come in jade green with sand color flower, beige tan with delicate pink, black with white, or solid bright red.

  • Pan Tourist Hat 1924 Pan Tourist Hat
    Price: $3.39

    Men's Pan Tourist style good quality fur felt hat. Crown is about five and one-quarter inches high. Raw edge brim is about two and three-quarter inches wide. A semi-staple shape that is very popular. Colors come in black, gray, or seal brown.

  • Patent Leather Pump 1924 Patent Leather Pump
    Price: $3.95

    Every woman who likes pretty things to wear will want a pair of these patent leather step-in pumps. Made on the new French last. The one and three-quarter inch military wood heel is patent covered and has Goodyear wingfoot top lift. Elastic goring under the buckle to make it fit snugly around the ankle. A wonderful value at this low price.

  • Pendant Trim Hat 1924 Pendant Trim Hat
    Price: $2.85

    Pendant trims of flowers are among the newer modes this season. Especially charming on this transparent shape of imported azure braid. Pendant of four handsome taffeta roses on taffeta covered stems. Shaded taffeta and Rayon (artificial silk) plush foliage. Narrow ribbon crown band. Snug fitting, brimless back. Colors come in crab apple, Copenhagen blue, black with American beauty red roses or white with rose color roses.

  • Satin Step-In Pumps 1924 Satin Step-In Pumps
    Price: $4.45

    Fashion dictates that rich satin step-in pumps be worn again this season. So we are offering this style in either lustrous black satin or in blond satin. Made on the new French last, with a one and a half inch satin covered wood military heel. Goodyear Wingfoot top lift. Elastic goring under the neat buckle.

  • Swagger Style Bag 1924 Swagger Style Bag
    Price: $3.39

    Swagger style bag of excellent quality leather in beautiful hand tooled effect. Has three wide opening, roomy pockets. Mirror and change purse in long separate compartments. Leather gussets. High grade moire lining. Made to give long wear. Colors come in rich dark russet brown or black.

  • Taffeta Applique Hat 1924 Taffeta Applique Hat
    Price: $2.95

    Attractive gay color Rayon (artificial silk) braiding and shaded plush and taffeta appliques lend a rich tone to the front of this new deep brim turban. Made of visca straw cloth. Brim is cut away at back, allowing crown to fit head snugly. Ribbon crown finish. Colors come in black, Copenhagen blue, or sand color (all with bright colored trimming).

  • Two-Eyelet Tie Shoe 1924 Two-Eyelet Tie Shoe
    Price: $2.98

    These black leather or patent leather slippers are made with the dainty, graceful two-eyelet tie. They are made on a medium round toe last and have low one inch walking heels with rubber top lifts. Choose from plain black leather or patent leather.