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Vintage 1921 Fashion Accessories inc. Hats, Gloves, Shoes, Boots, Bags and Purses

Fashion Accessories From the year 1921 including prices, descriptions and pictures Fashion Accessories From the year 1921 including prices, descriptions and pictures Examples include Caps and Ladies Hats and Hair Pieces, Accessories 1920's Automobile Cap, 1920's Drape Hat, Front Gore Oxford Shoe, Hat Trimmer, 20's High Side Rolling Hat, 20s Men's Fedora, Men's Golf Cap, 1920's Tam o' Shanter Shoes, Boots, Undergarments 1920's Brogue Pattern Men's Shoe, High Toe Men's Shoe, Juliet Rubber Heel Shoe, 1920s Low Bust Corsets, 20s Maternity Corsets, Men's HandkerchiefsThe prices shown for these Ladies Clothing Accessories are the price they were sold for in 1921 not today

  • 1920's Automobile Cap

    1920s Automobile Cap Automobile Cap
    Price: $1.29

    Unusual value and splendid quality in this smart automobile cap, cut very full and made of a good quality tussah silk. Veil loops at side. Dainty shirring and tucks. Elastic in headband insures comfortable fit and holds hair securely. Choose from sand color or navy blue.

  • Front Gore Oxford Shoe

    Front Gore Oxford Shoes 1921 Front Gore Oxford Shoe
    Price: $2.65

    Front Gore Oxford - no buttons or laces to bother with. Made of genuine black kid leather with soft cushion innersole and live rubber heel. Lots of women like it best of all our comfort shoes.

  • Brogue Pattern Men's Shoe

    Brogue Pattern Mens Shoe 1921 Brogue Pattern Men's Shoe
    Price: $4.98

    This popular "Brogue" pattern is long wearing and stylish in appearance. Made of full grain dark brown side leather with comfortable full toe, first quality rubber heel and good weight single sole. It is of Goodyear welt construction and affords lots of service, style and comfort.

  • Drape Hat

    Drape Hat 1921 Drape Hat
    Price: $5.48

    A Paris style welcomed by smart New York. Hat of glossy allover straw braid, a shape drooping at the sides. Twelve and one half inches wide, ten inches front to back. Stylish black veil drape of dainty pattern, combined with cluster of large cherries make the trimming. Braid in crown has interwoven metallic colored thread for novel touch. Choose between black or henna for color.

Dresses, Skirts and Blouses From 1921

Women's Fashion Clothing Examples From this Year

  • Hat Trimmer

    Hat Trimmer 1921 Hat Trimmer
    Price: 63 cents

    Big value wreath, contains two medium size double petal satin daisies with velvet centers. Branched with satin buds and natural imported grass with shaded satin faced leaves. Covered stems. Choose from old rose, gold color, or white.

  • High Side Rolling Hat

    High Side Rolling Hat 1921 High Side Rolling Hat
    Price: $3.95

    Young women as well as matrons will be delighted with this most becoming high side rolling hat, of a good quality Milan hemp braid with facing of lustrous "Candy" cloth and a ruffled edge of transparent braid. Two good quality, nicely curled ostrich plumes caught with dainty rosette of braid. Colors are a black hat with peacock blue facing or solid black.

  • High Toe Men's Shoe

    High Toe Men's Shoe 1921 High Toe Men's Shoe
    Price: $4.75

    This highly popular shoe was made of rich brown leather with high toe and brass eyelets. Has medium high heel with springy rubber top lift and the sole is Goodyear welt sewed.

  • Juliet Rubber Heel Shoe

    Juliet Rubber Heel Shoe 1921 Juliet Rubber Heel Shoe
    Price: $2.75

    This popular "Juliet" comes in black genuine kid leather, with a soft cushion innersole, low heel and rubber top lift. Has a sewed sole and a long patent leather tip.

  • 1920's Low Bust Corsets

    Low Bust Corsets 1921 Low Bust Corsets
    Price: $3.25

    Improved construction with low bust, two and a half inches above waistline. Has front clasp with three hooks below and is very well boned for all average figures. Has a boned tongue behind lacing.

  • Maternity Corsets

    Maternity Corsets 1921 Maternity Corsets
    Price: $2.98 - $3.49

    Expectant mothers will take pride in their appearance and comfort when wearing our Maternity and Nursing corsets, which give the support so necessary at this time. They can be worn the full period as there are either front or side lacings or stitched down back plaits which can be easily and conveniently let out as desired during the latter months of pregnancy.

  • Twenties Men's Fedora

    Men's Fedora 1921 1920's Men's Fedora
    Price: $2.98

    The Canyon. Men's Alpine or Fedora style fur felt hat. Raw edge brim. Colors include olive, dark brown, or black.

  • Men's Golf Cap

    Men's Golf Cap 1921 1920's Men's Golf Cap
    Price: $1.29

    Men's one-piece top plaited golf style cap. Made of good quality herringbone pattern wool and cotton mixed cloth. Good grade twill cap lining. Leather shield protector. An extremely stylish cap that will give satisfaction. Choose from gray mixture or brown mixture.

  • Men's Handkerchiefs

    Men's Handkerchiefs 1921 Men's Handkerchiefs
    Price: 3 for 48 cents

    Cotton handkerchiefs. Bordered and initialed. An essential part of any man's outfit.

  • Men's Neck Ties

    Men's Neck Ties 1921 Men's Neck Ties
    Price: 39 cents, 85 cents, $1.19

    Silk ties in a variety of patterns and colors. Slip easy band. Up to date medium width.

  • Multiple Strap Brown Shoe

    Multiple Strap Brown Shoe 1921 Multiple Strap Brown Shoe
    Price: $4.75

    The very last word in style. This stylish model is made of beautiful dark brown genuine kid leather with the new four-strap cut-out effect. The French heel and the absence of perforations add to the graceful appearance of this pattern. Has sewed sole.

  • Pandora Square Vanity

    Pandora Square Vanity 1921 Pandora Square Vanity
    Price: $2.37

    Made of good quality soft leather in stylish hand tooled effect. Opens wide. Neatly lined. Mirror, coin purse and toilet fittings. Comes in rich dark brown color.

  • Round Top Bag

    Round Top Bag 1921 Ladies 20s Round Top Bag
    Price: $1.48

    Stylish bag with novel round top, which opens, disclosing mirror. Bag and handle of good velveteen. Nicely lined. With attached coin purse to match. Trimmed with extra good quality tassel.

  • Rubber Heel Bow Shoe

    Rubber Heel Bow Shoe 1921 Rubber Heel Bow Shoe
    Price: $1.98

    Neat one-strap slipper with neat ribbon bow. Made of soft black genuine kid leather. Has sewed sole, cushion innersole and "springy" rubber heel, suitable for either house or street wear.

  • Women's Leather Boots

    Women's Leather Boots 1921 1920's Women's Leather Boots
    Price: $3.75

    Lots of snap and style is reflected in this boot. It is made of soft genuine kid in a lustrous black or beautiful dark brown. Notice there are no perforations, except on the toes. The heel is of the popular military type and the sole is sewed.

  • 1920s Tam o' Shanter

    20s Tam o' Shanter Hat 1921 Tam o' Shanter
    Price: $1.49

    Exceptional value in a daintily embroidered 1920's Tam o' Shanter, made entirely of soft suede finish cloth. Embroidered attractively in artificial silk. Elastic insert in band makes it adjustable to all head sizes. Colors include red with black stitching, medium brown, sand color, orange, or navy blue. All embroidered in contrasting colors.

  • Turban Hat

    20s Turban Hat 1921 Turban Hat
    Price: $4.38

    Sensationally low price on quite the smartest turban you ever saw. Cleverly designed of fine quality all silk taffeta combined with fine imported Cellophane, the glossy beadlike braid so much in demand. A lustrous long tassel finishes the hat in dashing fashion. Colors are all black or all henna.

  • Twenties Vanity Purse

    Vanity Purse 1921 1920's Vanity Purse
    Price: $4.98

    Stunning new style Vanity Box of splendid quality calf leather. Decorated with a beautiful oriental (artificial) ivory design of dainty shadings. Large beveled mirror on inner flap. Hand painted, gold washed toilet fittings. Very attractively lined. Coin purse to match. Comes in rich dark brown color.

  • Wing Tip Work Shoe

    Wing Tip Work Shoe 1921 Wing Tip Work Shoe
    Price: $4.45

    A high grade Wing Tip Work Shoe in putty color. Made of heavy grain leather, with half bellows tongue, full vamp (not cut off under tip) leather innersole and two fully heavy nailed shoes of which the outer is Cromax leather. Soles are invisibly nailed and stitched. This is a high grade shoe, attractive in pattern and sure to give remarkable wear and general satisfaction.