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U.S. 1989 U.S.A. Hurricane Hugo 13th Sept. 1989 : Hurricane Hugo approaches the Leeward Islands and over the next 12 days, Hugo would kill 75 people from the island of Guadeloupe to South Carolina.

Turkey 1922 Turkey Constantinople Wednesday, 13th Sept. 1922 : Following the Turkish Victory in Constantinople, crowds have taken to the streets and are attacking Greek churches and homes and destroying them . The Turkish troops have been dispatched to keep order. The spread of Typhus and the Plague are now reaching epidemic proportions but authorities are insisting they do no not wish aid in the form of medical assistance from neighboring countries.
Siege of Constantinople Public Domain Photo

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U.S. 1926 U.S.A. Bandits Robbing Mail Trains 13th September 1926 : The Post Office Department sent a memo to it's army of 25,000 railway mail clerks an order to shoot to kill any bandits attempting to rob the mail, this follows an ever increasing number of robberies by bandits on the mail service which carries millions of dollars worth of mail every day. They also issued a statement saying that if the robberies continue the marines will be bought in again to protect the mail.

Belize 1931 British Honduras Hurricane 13th Sept. 1931 : A major hurricane has devastated Belize in British Honduras with at least 700 dead, and they are requesting assistance in the form of medical supplies. The first ships from Great Britain and America are starting to arrive and reports are coming in that very little is left standing in the city with bodies laying in the streets.

Egypt 1940 Egypt Mussolini 13th Sept. 1940 : Mussolini's forces cross the Libyan border into Egypt where British troops were waiting garrisoned to protect the Suez Canal and Royal Navy bases at Alexandria and Port Said.
Mussolini Public Domain Photo

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Czechoslovakia 1949 Czechoslovakia Roman Catholic Priests Arrested 13th Sept. 1949 : The communist government in Czechoslovakia has now arrested 15 roman catholic priests on charges of running a secret communications ring, the government believes the priests are planning political unrest but the priests maintain it is just a means of keeping in contact with fellow members.

South Korea 1951 South Korea Communist Attack 13th Sept. 1951 : Communist troops are massing in large numbers with as many as 250,000 troops plus a large number of tanks massed on the western battle front possibly for a full scale attack on Seoul later this week possibly to coincide with the next full moon.

U.S. 1956 USA First Hard Disc 13th Sept. 1956 : IBM Introduces the worlds first production hard disk the "IBM 305" which stored five megabytes of data. To put this in perspective a modern USB drive stores 2 gig or more ( 400 times more than the first hard drive just 50 years ago ) and fits on a keychain , the first IBM weighed over a ton and needed a fork lift to move it.

U.S. 1961 U.S.A. Nuclear Bomb Testing 13th September 1961 : Following more nuclear tests by the Russians the United States will resume underground testing of Nuclear weapons within the next ten days. The Soviet bomb tests showed they are currently testing in the range of superbomb status and America believes it needs to have at least equal or greater capability. A superbomb would be about 200 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Nagasaki which was equivalent to 20,000 tons of TNT. This would make a superbomb in excess of 2,000,000 tons of TNT.
Nuclear weapons underground test site Nevada  Public Domain Photo

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U.S. 1970 U.S.A. First New York Marathon 13th Sept. 1970 : The First New York Marathon is run attracting 127 competitors runners who paid $1.00 to compete and competed several loops around the Park Drive of Central Park.
New York Marathon Runners  Public Domain Photo

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U.S. More News and Events From 1971 U.S.A. Attica Prison Riots 13th Sept. 1971 : Riots in Attica Prison have finally ended after four days with the loss of life of 33 inmates and 11 prison employees, the cause of the riots by inmates is thought to have been due to 3 correction officers and a trooper committing unprovoked attacks on prisoners which were not reprimanded or punished.

U.S. 1978 U.S.A. School Immunization Crackdown 13th Sept. 1978 : In a crackdown on immunization policy many thousands of children have been sent home from school for failure to have proof of proper immunization, state laws require immunization for Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Rubella prior to starting school, and the numbers who have not been immunized prior to starting school has been increasing each year.

Scotland 1978 Scotland Hercules Captured 13th Sept. 1978 : In a bizarre case of back to the wild, a tame 1/2 ton grizzly bear being used in a TV commercial for Kleenex ( Hercules ) has been recaptured after staying free for more than 3 weeks on the Island of Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides. The Grizzly was spotted taking a swim and was quickly darted and captured.
Grizzly Bear  Public Domain Photo

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U.S. 1991 U.S.A. Flagging Economy 13th Sept. 1991 : The Fed has cut the discount bank lending rate by 0.5% from 5.5% to 5.0% making the lowest level in 18 years in an effort to bolster the flagging economy. This follows the 0.7% fall in retail sales which is an indicator that the economy is flagging. This will be the forth decline in interest rates this year

U.S. 1993 U.S.A. Peace Plan Agreed Israel / Palestine 13th September 1993 : Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin, and the PLO leader, Yasser Arafat sign a framework for peace on the South Lawn of the White House
Bill Clinton, Yitzhak Rabin, and Yasser Arafat Public Domain Photo

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Russia 1999 Russia Terrorist Bombs Moscow 13th Sept. 1999 : The terrorist bombing campaign has continued with as many as 100 deaths including women and children in the latest bombing of an apartment block in the city. This is the forth major bombing in the last two weeks bringing the death toll to 300. No group has yet claimed responsibility but many are blaming Islamic guerrilla groups for the murders.

U.S. 2001 U.S.A. Air Travel Restarts 13th Sept. 2001 : Commercial air traffic restarts from most airports in the U.S. after all air traffic had been grounded following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. After another night of firefighters and rescue workers digging through the rubble of the twin towers hopes are fading to find any further live survivors of the bombing, the current toll is an estimated 20,000 missing.

U.S. 2001 U.S.A. Osama bin Laden Named As Prime Suspect 13th Sept. 2001 : Osama bin Laden has been named As Prime Suspect behind the terrorist attacks on the United States two days ago by the Secretary of State Colin Powell.
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Rhodesia / Zimbabwe 2003 Zimbabwe Last Independent Newspaper Closed Down 13th Sept. 2003 : The Last Independent Newspaper in Zimabwe ( the Daily News ) has been closed down by Police on orders from the the ruling Mugabe government, countries and media around the world are condemning the closure as "a major attack on the freedom of the press".

UK 2004 UK Batman Taken Down 13th September 2004 : A protestor representing the "Fathers 4 Justice campaign" dressed as Batman who broke into the grounds of Buckingham Palace and was protesting on a ledge by the Buckingham Palace balcony has been bought down by police after 5 hours, the protest has raised a number of questions concerning Buckingham Palace Security.

UK 2007 UK Northern Rock 13th Sept. 2007 : Northern Rock the bank that has failed to gain additional funding to continue trading has been bailed out for the short term by the Bank of England to become the "lender of last resort". Northern Rock got into financial difficulties following it's investment in US so-called sub-prime loans which are being written down due to the US housing market crisis, which has seen some areas of the country property values decrease by up to 30%.

Venezuela 2009 Venezuela Earthquake 13th Sept. 2009 : An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 hit 65 miles outside of Caracas, Venezuela. The quake left some areas without power, but there were minimal injuries and only some damage to buildings.

Japan 2011 Japan North Korean Refugees Sail to Japan 13th September, 2011 : Nine North Korean refugees were found sailing to Japan by the Japanese coast guard. The group stated that they had been sailing for five days trying to make their way to South Korea.

UK 2011 UK News International phone hacking scandal 13th September, 2011 : The British House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee announces its intention to recall James Murdoch as its probe into the News International phone hacking scandal ( Employees of the News of the World accused of engaging in phone hacking, police bribery, and exercising improper influence in the pursuit of publishing stories. Investigations conducted from 2005–2007 concluded that the paper's phone hacking activities were limited to celebrities, politicians and members of the British Royal Family. )continues

Algeria 2011 Algeria Algeria Announces End to State Media Control 13th September, 2011 : The Algerian government announced it would allow the creation of private television and radio stations for the first time since its independence in 1962. The proposed reforms come in the wake of protests throughout the country demanding more freedoms. The reforms were part of a pledge by President Bouteflika to strengthen democracy in the country.

United States 2012 United States New York City Bans Big Sodas
13th September, 2012 : Mayor Bloomberg's appointed health board approved a ban of large sized soft drinks in the city of New York. Bloomberg called for the action as a way to reduce obesity and other health problems but opponents are vowing to fight the decision in court, stating that it should be up to companies and individuals whether they sell large drinks or choose to purchase large drinks.

2013 Mexico Teachers Protest In Mexico City

13th September, 2013 : Riot police in Mexico City used tear gas and water canons to clear out a square being occupied by protesting teachers. The teachers had been on strike for weeks and camped out in Zocalo square. The protesting teachers had wanted changes made to new education reforms, but authorities wanted to clear them out before the country's upcoming independence celebrations.