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What happened This day in History on April 22nd

1964 U.S.A. World's Fair 22nd April 1964 : The third major World's Fair to be held in New York City opens ( 1853 / 1854 ) ( 1939 / 1940 ). It was the largest World's Fair ever held in the United States, occupying nearly a square mile (2.6 kmĀ²) of land. and more fifty million people attended the Fair.

1889 U.S.A. Oklahoma Land Rush 22nd April 1889 : The Oklahoma Land run begins with an estimated 50,000 people lined up at noon hoping to stake a claim for a homestead ( the claim could be up to 160 acres in size ), it included most of the following Oklahoma Counties, Canadian, Cleveland, Kingfisher, Logan, Oklahoma, and Payne ( in total about 2 million acres ). This land had previously been occupied by Indians but the Indian Appropriations Bill approved the transfer of two million acres for settlement.

2000 U.S.A. Elian Gonzalez 22nd April 2000 : The six year old little boy Elian Gonzalez who survived a shipwreck in which his mother who was trying to enter the US as an illegal immigrant drowned, is taken by a swat team from other Cuban relatives in Miami. Following a number of court battles the little boy is returned to his father in Cuba.

1983 Germany Hitler Diaries 22nd April 1983 : The West German news magazine Stern publish the first of the Hitler Diaries they had discovered which included 60 volumes of personal diaries purportedly written by Adolf Hitler. However soon after publication, they were revealed by scientific testing to be forged.

1915 Belgium Poison Gas 22nd April 1915 : Poison gas is used by the Germans for the first time in World War I with devastating effect.

1928 Greece Major Earthquake 22nd April 1928 : Central Greece is in the grip of a major earthquake the town of Corinth has been virtually destroyed and a number of tremors have been felt in Athens

1938 China Japan Launches Offensive 22nd April 1938 : Japan has launched a second offensive against china in the Shantung offensive

1943 U.S.A. Japanese Prisoners of War 22nd April 1943 : The US War Department has stated publicly that Japanese Prisoners of War will be treated decently

1952 U.S.A. Live Atomic bomb Test 22nd April 1952 : For the first time in history, viewers witnessed live the detonation of an atomic bomb at the U.S. testing site in Yucca Flat, Nevada on Television, The Atomic bomb tested was larger than those dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II.

1961 Cuba Bay Of Pigs 22nd April 1961 : President Fidel Castro of Cuba will make his first public announcements since the insurgent forces invasion on the bay of Pigs last week on TV and Radio nationwide, also the Russian leader Khrushchev has denounced the invasion and has stated publicly that he holds the United States directly responsible for this gangsterism against Cuba.

1970 U.S.A. Earth Day 22nd April 1970 : Earth Day was observed yesterday for the first time co-ordinated by "Denis Hayes" and 20 million Americans took to the streets, parks, and auditoriums to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment. To understand the significance of this achievement we must remember that in the 60's cars were getting larger and one of the least important things looked at when buying a car was the MPG, and prior to More News and Events From 1970 Environmental issues were discussed very little if at all by most people. But a U.S. Senator "Gaylord Nelson" stated that in the spring of 1970 there would be a nationwide grassroots demonstration on the environment. TV and Newspapers including the influential New York Times started discussing environmental issues and over the next few years from 1971 a realization dawned on ordinary people that what we did affected the Earth environment.

1971 Haiti Papa Doc 22nd April 1971 : Haiti's dictator, Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier, has died after 14 years in power.

1972 U.S.A. Anti-War Demonstrations 22nd April 1972 : Antiwar demonstrations draw 100,000 demonstrators in cities across America including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago.

1980 Liberia Military Coup 22nd April 1980 : Following a military coup a number of leading officials including former cabinet ministers of the ousted government in Liberia are publicly executed on the orders of the new military regime.

1988 U.S.A. Basketball 22nd April 1988 : Two new Florida basketball teams are announced the Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic Find out more on our History of Basketball Page

1992 Mexico Guadalajara Sewer Explosions 22nd April 1992 : A series of sewer explosions in Guadalajara, Mexico caused by a build up of gas after an earlier gas leak, kill more than 200 people and damage 1,000 buildings.

1993 U.S.A. Holocaust Memorial Museum 22nd April 1993 : Holocaust Memorial Museum opens in Washington D.C. The Museum is dedicated to documenting, studying, and interpreting the history of the Holocaust and serves as the US official memorial to the millions of Jews and others killed during the Holocaust under directives of Nazi Germany.

1997 Peru Japanese Embassy Siege 22nd April 1997 : After a 126-day siege of the Japanese embassy in Peru, troops storm the embassy and free all but one of 72 hostages held inside, ending a four-month siege of the building by Tupac Amaru rebels.

2005 U.S.A. Terrorist Pleads Guilty 22nd April 2005 : Zacarias Moussaoui ( a French citizen of Moroccan descent ) pleads guilty to conspiring with other al-Qaeda members as part of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. (He was later sentenced to life in prison and is serving a life sentence at the Federal ADX Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado..)

2006 Saudi Arabia Chinese President Hu Jintao Visits Saudi Arabia 22nd April 2006 : The Chinese President Hu Jintao has begun a three-day trip to Saudi Arabia. Aimed at strengthening ties between China and its main oil supplier, he was following this from his visit to the United States. China's need for oil has pushed crude prices to above $75 a barrel in New York for the first time. Saudi Arabia has started to open its economy to the outside world, and is looking at its export opportunities in Asia. The kingdom had joined the World Trade Organization in December , 2005.

2009 United States Financial Banking Crisis Differing Results 22nd April 2009 : Morgan Stanley has reported a net loss for the first quarter of 2009 of $177 million, or $0.57 per diluted share, compared with their net income of $1,413 million, or $1.26 per diluted share, the previous year. Net revenues were $3.0 billion, 62% below 2008's first quarter. Non-interest expenses of $3.9 billion have decreased 33% from that year. Compensation expenses of $2.1 billion have decreased to 46%, and non-compensation expenses decreased 9%, reflecting the lower levels of business activity and firm-wide initiatives to reduce costs. The results for the current quarter have been compared with the results of the first quarter of 2008.
Wells Fargo has confirmed that it has made a record profit of $3.05 billion in the first quarter of 2009. The bank had announced that it would be making $3 billion because of the better-than-expected results at newly-acquired lender Wachovia. Revenue for the period has totalled $21 billion. These profits have reflected the business momentum that came from the newly combined Wells Fargo-Wachovia.

2010 United States The Holy See is sued from Milwaukee 22nd April 2010 : The Vatican has defended its decision not to defrock the Wisconsin priest that was accused of sexually assaulting as many as two hundred deaf boys from the 1950's to the 1970's. Wisconsin advocates for victims of clergy sex abuse have suggested that the Vatican's handling of the case, involving Father Lawrence Murphy, provide evidence of an institutional coverup that spanned decades. Murphy is believed to have molested the boys in his twenty-five years at St. John's School for the Deaf, and had lured many of his victims through the confessional. Police and Milwaukee bishops have known of the allegations since the mid-1970's, and the newspapers have been reporting on them for years. Criminal charges were never filed, and the Archdiocese did not attempt to defrock Murphy until 1996. He died in 1998.

2010 United States Deepwater Horizon sinks into the Gulf of Mexico 22nd April 2010 : The Transocean oil platform Deepwater Horizon sinks into the Gulf of Mexico 2 days after the explosion and fire on the April 20th, early estimates indicate leaking 8,000 barrels of crude oil per day ( 300,000 gallons per day )

China 2012 China China and Russia Begin Naval Exercises in Yellow Sea
22nd April, 2012 : Chinese and Russian naval forces began six days of joint exercises that took place in the Yellow Sea near China's eastern coast. The forces were to work on anti-submarine operations and simulated rescues of hijacked vessels. The occasion marked the first time the two navies participated in these drills, while the two countries had been conducting joint military drills since 2005.

2013 Burma European Union Lifts Burma Sanctions

22nd April, 2013 : The European Union lifted its sanctions against Burma as a response to the country's recent political reform program. Despite lifting sanctions against the country, the EU stated that an embargo would still be in place.

United States
2014 United States Supreme Court Upholds Affirmative Action Ban

22nd April, 2014 : The United States Supreme Court ruled in favor, 6 to 2, of a Michigan ban on affirmative action. The voter-approved ban did not allow public universities to use race as a factor when making admissions decisions. Opponents of the banned stated that it allowed majority white voters to take institutionalized opportunities away from minority students, only furthering the disparities that affirmative action sought to equalize.