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April 26th Major News Events

  1. 1927 Flooding in Mississippi leaves 150,000 homeless
  2. 1962 Ranger IV crash lands on the Moon
  3. 1977 Nightclub Studio 54 opens in New York City
  4. 1986 Ukraine Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster
  5. 2000 Vermont becomes first state to allow same-sex civil unions
  6. 2009 US declares Swine Flu public emergency

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1986 Ukraine Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

1986: An explosion and fire at the No. 4 reactor of Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine resulted in a nuclear meltdown sending radioactivity into the atmosphere. The Radiation fallout spread throughout Europe The Chernobyl disaster is considered the largest nuclear accident in history. Find More What happened in 1986

1986 United States Schwartzenegger/Shriver Wedding

1986: Schwarzenegger marries television journalist Maria Shriver, niece of President John F. Kennedy, in Hyannis, Massachusetts. On May 9, 2011, Shriver and Schwarzenegger ended their relationship after 25 years of marriage.

1927 Mississippi Flooding

1927: The Mississippi has now made over 150,000 homeless in 1927 due to flooding and in states as far away as Illinois the Government are to blow up dykes to relieve the flooding in New Orleans, this will mean some areas of farmland will be under water and the state troopers are to stop protests by local farmers and enforce the law.

1927 China Attacking Foreign Shipping

1927: Following a series of attacks by China on foreign ships approaching Chinese waters, 3 British warships have attacked and disabled a number of Chinese gun batteries thought to be attacking both British and American shipping in the area.

1928 United States Yo-Yo Factory

1928: Pedro Flores, a Filipino immigrant to the United States, opened the Yo-yo Manufacturing Company in Santa Barbara, California. by November 1929, Flores was operating two additional factories in Los Angeles and Hollywood, which altogether employed 600 workers and produced 300,000 Yo Yo's daily.

1936 U.S.A. Unemployment

1936: 5000 to 7000 unemployed joined in a mass demonstration to pressure legislators to provide a relief program for the many jobless around the country, meanwhile states around the country are blocking entry from those looking for work by placing police patrols on main roads, states including Colorado and California are just two of those pursuing this policy.

1949 Germany Berlin Blockade

1949: Talks were underway to end the blockade imposed by Russia on Berlin with a meeting of Foreign Council Ministers and diplomats , and all are hoping some relief will come for the East-West cold war currently gripping Berlin and the rest of the world.

1954 USA Polio Vaccine

1954: The New Polio Vaccine is given for the first time in a nation-wide polio vaccine test.

1962 Ranger IV Crash Lands On Moon

1962: The first US rocket lands on the moon Ranger IV three years after the first Russian landing of Lunik II in 1959.

1972 USA Anti Vietnam War Protest

1972: Students protesting the continued war in Vietnam protested and caused some damage at Columbia University in New York and the University of Pennsylvania , In many other parts of the country protests were at military installations protesting the War in Vietnam.

1975 Great Britain Vote To Leave The EEC

1975: In the run up to the national referendum on June 5th, the British Labour Party votes by almost 2-1 to leave the European Economic Community. In the national referendum in June British voters back the UK's continued membership of the European Economic Community with just over 67% of voters supporting the campaign to stay in the EEC, or Common Market.

1977 United States Studio 54 Opens

1977: Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager open Studio 54 the world famous New York nightclub, it was renowned for being extremely difficult to get in unless you were famous / well known or considered one of the beautiful people over the years Frequent regulars at Studio 54 included Andy Warhol, Liza Minnelli, Bianca Jagger, Elizabeth Taylor, Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall, Debbie Harry, Grace Jones, Michael Jackson, Calvin Klein, Elton John, Tina Turner, Truman Capote, Freddie Mercury, Tommy Hilfiger, Diana Ross, Al Pacino, Cher, Bruce Jenner, David Bowie, Salvador Dali, John Travolta, Lauren Hutton, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Geraldo Rivera, Brooke Shields, Ilie Nastase, Cheryl Tiegs. Studio 54 closed with a final party on February 4, 1980.

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Jessica Lynch

Born: 26th April 1983, Palestine, West Virginia, United States

Known For: Jessica Lynch is best known for capture in Iraq by Iraq forces on March 23, 2003. On April 1, she was rescued by U.S. special operations forces. Releases to the press by government sources spoke of an American Girl Rambo who fought to her last breath and following capture was tortured and raped by Iraq forces with the story gaining additional embellishments each time it was repeated including gun shot and knife wounds. The reality was following the ambush by Iraq forces Jessica Lynch received multiple injuries and did not fire her gun, she was taken by Iraq forces to a hospital where doctors working with what they had available tried to help her be comfortable and did what they could for pain relief. Jessica Lynch is an American hero because she joined the US forces and went to Iraq together with 100,000's of other young men and women to fight for their country. Webmasters Opinion: she is even more of a hero because it would have been so easy following her return to the U.S. to say all those great things written and talked about in the media were true and just bathe in the glory ---- but she did not, she talked about fellow soldiers who did perform heroic deeds but because they were not the ideal American Hero were not chosen for a propaganda hoax by authorities.

1984 China Ronald Reagan

1984: Ronald Reagan, has arrived in China for a six-day visit the first visit by an American president since Richard Nixon in 1972.

1989 Bangladesh Deadly Tornado Kills 1,300

1989: A deadly tornado destroys all structures in an area of 2.3 sq mi in Saturia, Bangladesh leaving 80,000 homeless and a reported death toll of 1,300 making it one of the most deadly tornadoes in modern times.

1991 Tornado Andover, Kansas

1991: A series of strong tornadoes struck parts of Kansas , with the most devastating hitting the town of Andover with wind speeds of over 260 mph. Hundreds of homes were destroyed with more than 30 twisters ripping through Kansas and 18 through Oklahoma.

1996 USA Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Auction

1996: The auction for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis with 5000 items ranging from a presidential rocking chair to a BMW raised 34.5 million at Sothebys Auctioneers over 4 days.

1997 USA Woolworths

1997: Woolworths announces losses for the first quarter of the new fiscal year of $24 million, this followed $37 million in losses during the previous fiscal year. These losses forced the Woolworths chain to close its remaining discount stores before the end of the year ending over 130 years of history.

2000 USA Same Sex Couples Civil Unions

2000: Vermont Gov. Howard Dean signed the nation's first bill allowing same-sex couples to form civil unions.

2000 UK Illegal Immigration

2000: As new measures to curb illegal immigration are implemented at ports on the South Coast the British Home Secretary, Jack Straw on a visit to view new tougher checking witnessed nine people being caught attempting to illegally enter the UK as he inspected immigration procedures in Dover.

2002 Germany Student Shooting Rampage

2002: An expelled student (Robert Steinhäuser) went on a shooting rampage at the Johann Gutenberg Gymnasium in Erfurt, Germany, killing 13 teachers, two students and a police officer before taking his own life. Robert Steinhäuser dressed in a black ninja-style outfit moved from classroom to classroom, shooting the teachers. According to students, he ignored them and aimed only for the teachers.

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2005 Syrian Troops Leave Lebanon

2005: Following pressure from the United Nations since the assassination of the Lebanese Prime minister earlier in the year. Syria has announced that all of its military forces have left Lebanon in line with United Nations demands. This ends nearly 30 years of Syrian Troops deployed in Lebanon.

2009 USA Declares Swine Flu Public Health Emergency

2009: Responding to what health officials are fearing is the beginning of a global pandemic, American health officials have declared a public health emergency from the twenty cases of swine flu have been confirmed. Other nations have imposed travel bans or made plans to quarantine air travelers if more cases are confirmed in Mexico. Top flu experts have struggled to predict how dangerous the new A (H1N1) flu strain will be as it is becoming clear that they have received too little information on the Mexico outbreak. They cannot tell whether the virus has mutating into a more lethal strain, or is weakening.

2010 Mexico Upset by Arizona Immigration Law

2010: The President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, has condemned Arizona's new immigration law, and described it as being discriminatory. The legislation will require Arizona police to question people about their immigration status if they suspect that they are there illegally. Calderón has warned that relations with the border state would suffer as a result. He has said he that would use all means at his disposal to defend the rights of Mexican nationals.

2011 Ukraine Remembers Chernobyl Anniversary

2011: Ukraine held a memorial ceremony to remember the 25th anniversary of the world's worst nuclear accident, the explosion of the Chernobyl power plant. The Ukrainian and Russian presidents attended the ceremony at the site of the incident. The 1986 explosion and resulting radioactive gas sent across Europe made many people ill as well as causing thousands of injuries and deaths. The area is still uninhabitable by humans and there is nearly a twenty mile exclusion zone around the site.

2012 Syria Explosion in Hama Kills 70

2012: Syrian activists declared that over seventy people were killed after several houses were destroyed by a large explosion in Hama. The official state media said that only sixteen people had been killed and that the blast was in a house that had been used as a bomb factory by terrorist groups. Activists believed the explosion was a result of government shelling or a Scud missile attack.

2013 United States Singer George Jones Dies

2013: Country singer George Jones died at the age of eighty-one. Jones had several hit songs between the 1950s and 1990s and was known for being married to Tammy Wynette and struggling with drugs and alcohol.

2014 US President Obama Visits Malaysia

2014: US President Barack Obama began his visit to Malaysia, becoming the first US leader to do so since 1966. Malaysia was the third stop on the president's four-nation tour of Asia, following Japan and South Korea and preceding the Philippines. The United States had been seeking closer trade ties with the formerly hostile country in order to weaken China's influence on the region.

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Vintage Nintendo Game Boy Compact Video Game System

Vintage Nintendo Game Boy Compact Video Game System

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Tickle Me Elmo

Tickle Me Elmo
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Tickle his tummy once to make him giggle, twice to make him laugh longer. Tickle him a third time and he shakes with laughter. This was one of the most popular toys for the 1996 Christmas season, with many stores running out of stock and battling crowds trying to get their hands on one.
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