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Vintage 1961 Fashion Accessories Ladies and Gentlemens Cloches, shoes, bags and Petticoat

Fashion Accessories From the year 1961 including prices, descriptions and pictures for Ladies and Gentlemens hats, jewelry, scarves etc. The prices shown for these Ladies Clothing Accessories are the price they were sold for in 1961 not today

  • 1961 Barrel Pouch Bag

    Barrel Pouch Bag

    Price: $5.99

    Barrel pouch has deep-down carrying space. Inside pocket, rayon lining. Comes in mulberry red, black or otter (taupe brown).

  • 1961 Beehive Cloche

    Beehive Cloche

    Price: $3.33

    Beehive cloche is made of rayon velvet. Colors are black, cocoa medium brown, white, purple, or moss medium green.

  • 1961 Bouffant Petticoat

    Bouffant Petticoat

    Price: $5.74

    Bouffant petticoat with its own underskirt for soft wearing comfort. Outer layer of nylon and acetate lace is gathered to ribbon banding, sweeps to extravagant fullness. Second skirt of stand-out parchment nylon taffeta. Inner tricot sheath has lace ruffle. Elastic waist.

  • 1961 Brow Dipping Pillbox

    Brow Dipping Pillbox

    Price: $3.99

    Brow-dipping pillbox is made with wool felt and has a rayon satin cuff. Colors are black, beige, navy, medium gray or medium blue.

  • 1961 Crushed Turban

    Crushed Turban

    Price: $2.99

    Crushed Turban of great sophistication. Acrilan acrylic jersey, artfully shirred all around. Comes in black, red, white, sapphire medium blue, beige heather or medium gray heather.

  • 1961 Dashing Cloche

    Dashing Cloche

    Price: $3.33

    Dashing cloche has a worldly air all its own. Made with wool felt and feather quill. Has a veil. Comes in black, purple, dark brown, navy, or medium gray with black.

  • 1961 Deerskin Casual Slip Ons

    Deerskin Casual Slip Ons

    Price: $11.70, $12.70

    Luxurious deerskin slip-on ($11.70) or two-eyelet ($12.70) style. Designed to give a deep down comfortable feeling. Soft cushioned insole. Full leather lining. Leather sole and heel. Comes in golden or black colors.

  • 1961 Elasticized Dress Boot

    Elasticized Dress Boot

    Price: $9.77

    Maximum comfort plus adventurous style. Bold masculine top in gleaming leather. Sleek tapered toe. Snug fitting side gores. Leather sole, high hard heel. Easy pull-on strap.

  • 1961 Fashion Saddle Shoes

    Fashion Saddle Shoes

    Price: $4.77

    Have a fashion fling in saddles sparked with daring, young patches. Smooth leather is contrasted with leather patches. Good news: sole and heel are of lightweight, floaty and durable ribbed Searofoam. Comes in white with black and gray patches.

  • 1961 Fiesta Hat

    Fiesta Hat

    Price: $3.77

    The fiesta hat is made with an all wool felt body and has a durable synthetic sweatband. Color choices are lava (cream) with matching band, charcoal gray with contrasting band, black with contrasting band or white with matching band.

  • 1961 French Silhouette Shoe

    French Silhouette Shoe

    Price: $6.77

    Direct from Paris comes this newest of ideas in shoe shapes.. the subtly squared and flattened toe that gives your foot the poise and grace of a prima ballerina's. Kitten-soft glove leather. Jet heel.

  • 1961 Fringed Flats

    Fringed Flats

    Price: $4.77

    High-riding fringed flat with hidden elastic gore for fine fit. Has Guardtex sole and a half-inch heel. Colors to choose from are brown (honey-tone) brushed leather, black smooth leather, or loden (dark) green brushed leather.

  • 1961 Jacquard Knit Hat

    Jacquard Knit Hat

    Price: $3.86

    Lightweight sport style with continental center crease tapered grown. Smart allover jacquard knit Orlon acrylic fabric with polyurethane foam backing for shape retention. Closely stitched, shape-retaining snap brim. Narrow self-fabric band. Laminated cotton milnet lining. Plastic-backed rayon sweatband.

  • 1961 Kensian Shields

    Kenisan Shields

    Price: $1.87

    Kenisan shields restrict growth of odor-causing bacteria. Easy slip-on type... elastic bands slip over bra and hook at back. White cotton-covered moisture-proof liner.

  • 1961 Legionnaire Cap

    Legionnaire Cap

    Price: $2.86

    Legionnaire style, in soft, supple, yet long-wearing sheepskin leather. Fancy quilted acetate, rayon lining. Cotton fleece-lined turn-down inband. Multicolor band; metal ornament, brush feather. Cotton corduroy undervisor, inband. Comes in olive green, medium gray, black or brown.

  • 1961 Love Knot Tie Shoe

    Love Knot Tie Shoe

    Price: $4.77

    Love-knot tie in supple glove leather. Stunning boot. Note the new mood in its squared flap on high-rising vamp... the soft, flirty way it ties at center. Handsome middle seaming from toe to tip. So light and soft on foot, you'll hardly know you're wearing it. Comes in black or brown.

  • 1961 Men's Belts

    Men's Belts

    Price: $1.44 - $4.80

    Men's leather belts, various styles and colors to fit any wardrobe. Some are thinner with plain detailing and others have braided leather or tooled accents. All with differing stylish buckles.

  • 1961 Mulberry Tone Pump

    Mulberry Tone Pump

    Price: $6.77

    Beautifully detailed pump of smooth leather elegantly frames you foot with pretty shirring... delightfully feminine. Durable Guardtex sole and slender two and seven-eighths inch heel. Comes in mulberry or black.

  • 1961 Official Police Shoe

    Official Police Shoe

    Price: $9.97

    Great for policemen, firemen, all men who need both dress shoe appearance and sturdy protection. Cowhide uppers. Double soles: water-resistant, oil-treated leather outsoles; full leather midsoles. Rubber heels. Leather storm welt helps seal out moisture. Good-year welt eliminates underfoot seams and nails.

  • 1961 Petal Pillbox

    Petal Pillbox

    Price: $3.99

    Petal pillbox of satin on velvet is all rayon. Has a veil. Choose from beige on medium brown, all black, all lilac, all sapphire medium blue or all white.

  • 1961 Playtex Zip Controller

    Playtex Zip Controller

    Price: $10.95

    Absorbent cotton flocking inside. Panels smooth your tummy and won't puncture or tear. Slides on and off easily. You can pat it dry. Fabric garters are adjustable. Mold 'n' Hold zipper.

  • 1961 Rayon Velvet Pixie

    Rayon Velvet Pixie

    Price: $3.33

    Rayon velvet pixie is one size fits all. Color choices include beige with cocoa medium brown, fuchsia with pink, sapphire blue with light blue, moss green with light green or all white.

  • 1961 Rosette Demi Cap

    Rosette Demi Cap

    Price: $3.33

    Rosette demi-cap is made with enchanting rayon satin. Colors are black, beige, mauve pink, sapphire medium blue or white.

  • 1961 Shear Seemless Nylon

    Shear Seamless Nylon

    Price: $1.45

    All the glamour and twice the wear. Reinforced at heels and toes. Fancy afterwelt. Comes in royal sand, royal beige, royal taupette, or royal tealeaf.

  • 1961 Spotted Beret

    Spotted Beret

    Price: $3.33

    Spotted beret made with a soft pile fabric that looks like a well-known jungle beastie with its black spots on beige.

  • 1961 Tall Tricot Color Cloche

    Tall Tricot Color Cloche

    Price: $5.99

    Tall tri-color cloche made with rayon velvet. Color combinations include black with light and medium gray, navy with light and medium blue, copper with beige and medium brown, or purple with light pink and lilac.

  • 1961 Tapestry Bag

    Tapestry Bag

    Price: $7.99

    Snap-open satchel... renaissance-inspired tapestry woven of cotton and rayon. Leather-look plastic handles and trim. Attached center swing purse inside; zip pocket. Rayon lined.

  • 1961 The Shag Hat

    The Shag Hat

    Price: $3.99

    The shag in a kitten-soft pile fabric, lined in gay cotton print. Coax it into a half-a-dozen different shapes... or for a real kookie look, wear it print side out. Colors are black, white, burnished gold, or beige tones.