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Vintage 1960s Children's Fashion Clothes with Prices, Descriptions and Images denim jeans and corduroy slacks

Children's Fashion Clothing From the 1960s including prices, descriptions and pictures

Popular Childrens Fashion in the Sixties

  • 1960 Boys Clothes 1960 Boys Clothes
    Price: $2.34 - $8.90
    Description For boys in 1960, denim jeans and corduroy slacks were popular. Wear the trousers paired with a sweater, jean jacket or matching blazer and plaid vest and it was the height of fashion.

  • 1960 Girls Clothes 1960 Girls Clothes
    Price: $1.37 - $11.90
    Description Girls of 1960 were all about earth tone plaids and darker green shades, especially for fall fashion. Tapered plaid trousers paired with tunics or button down shirts were popular as were pleated skirts and bib-front and collared dresses.

  • 1961 Boys Clothes 1961 Boys Clothes
    Price: $1.94 - $18.95
    Description Popular clothing for boys in 1961 included athletic jackets and sporty pullover shirts, as well as Roy Rogers denim outfits, crested blazers for formal occasions and flannel dress shirts and slacks.

  • 1961 Girls Clothes 1961 Girls Clothes
    Price: $2.28 - $22.67
    Description Girls' fashion in 1961 featured stretchy tapered pants paired with patterned sweaters, oriental shirts, and tops with cute embroidery. Dresses that could be worn several ways with aprons and jumpers were also popular. As were slim skirts with tab details.

  • 1962 Boys Clothes 1962 Boys Clothes
    Price: $1.57 - $6.98
    Description Stripes and sailor style fashion were popular for boys in 1962, especially during the springtime. Blazers and slacks with bow ties were perfect for formal occasions, while cuffed jeans were great for casual wear and playtime. Nautical stripes, sailor suits and ship flag signal shirts were popular as well.

  • 1962 Girls Clothes 1962 Girls Clothes
    Price: $1.79 - $14.97
    Description Pastels, pinks and checks were all popular for girls in 1962. Dresses and tops with special collar detailing, along with pleated skirts and button accents demonstrated playful spring fashions for girls. The sailor look and brightly striped dresses were also fashionable.

  • 1963 Boys Clothes 1963 Boys Clothes
    Price: $2.87 - $16.80
    Description Bold plaids and slim trousers were popular for boys in 1963. Pullover hooded tops became a popular athletic look as well as striped and checked pullovers for casual wear.

  • 1963 Girls Clothes 1963 Girls Clothes
    Price: $1.94 - $8.97
    Description In 1963, girls liked tapered trousers and stylish pullovers along with jumpers to go over shirts with Peter Pan or ruffled collars. Fashionable skirts had a slightly slimmer line. Bow accents were also a popular look.

  • 1964 Boys Clothes 1964 Boys Clothes
    Price: $3.88 - $8.99
    Description For boys in 1964, formal wear called for themed blazer and slack sets for any season or occasion. Casual wear featured pullover sweaters, button down shirts, jeans, and plain slacks.

  • 1964 Girls Clothes 1964 Girls Clothes
    Price: $2.94 - $7.99
    Description For girls in 1964, drop-waist style dresses and two piece dresses proved popular fashion pieces. Stripes, bright and bold colors, and floral prints were fashionable. Tapered slacks and pullovers were great for casual wear, while dresses with bows and floral detail were good for formal wear.

  • 1965 Boys Clothes 1965 Boys Clothes
    Price: $1.37 - $10.90
    Description Blazers with crests and matching slacks with contrasting vests were great for boys going out for a formal time in 1965. Turtleneck pullovers, plaid button-downs, striped cardigans and plain-front trousers were perfect for casual outings.

  • 1965 Girls Clothes 1965 Girls Clothes
    Price: $1.97 - $8.90
    Description Pleated tent dresses, bold plaids, ruffle shirts, and bow collars were all prominent in 1965 fashion for girls. Jumpers and tops with matching leggings and pleated skirts with sweaters were fun for casual occasions. Button details, bows, and ruffles all adorned the dresses a girl might wear for a more formal occasion.

  • 1966 Boys Clothes 1966 Boys Clothes
    Price: $1.99 - $12.99
    Description Natural toned denim along with athletic letter jackets, mock turtle neck zip-ups, blazers and laced pullovers were all popular for the boys of 1965. Red and lighter natural tones proved popular as well.

  • 1966 Girls Clothes 1966 Girls Clothes
    Price: $2.39 - $22.50
    Description Sailor dresses remain popular in 1966, along with jumpers and bold plaids with bow accents. Drop-waist dresses proved popular for juniors and teens as well as houndstooth and tapered pants with patterns. Knee-high socks and stirrup pants were popular with younger girls.

  • 1967 Boys Clothes 1967 Boys Clothes
    Price: $2.49 - $9.99
    Description Oranges and gold-tones were popular colors for boys in 1967. Plain pullovers or sweaters with stripes and embroidered detail were amongst the most fashionable and trousers with a single pleat ranked as well.

  • 1967 Girls Clothes 1967 Girls Clothes
    Price: $1.99 - $7.00
    Description Bold flower prints and brightly contrasting stripes or plaids were the focus of girls fashion in 1967. Slim line jumpers and dresses were popular as well as pants-dresses and turtleneck tops.

  • 1968 Boys Clothes 1968 Boys Clothes
    Price: $2.39 - $7.99
    Description Pale yellows and navy blues were the focus of fashion in 1968 for boys. Simple understated plaids and plain stripes adorned the most casual looks while sports jackets that showed off your favorite teams were also popular.

  • 1968 Girls Clothes 1968 Girls Clothes
    Price: $2.99 - $10.99
    Description Girls of 1968 showed their fashionable side with bright pinks and yellows along with dramatic pleats in their dresses and bold florals, stripes and polka-dots. Puffy sleeves, long bow collars, and tent dresses were popular, too.

  • 1969 Boys Clothes 1969 Boys Clothes
    Price: $2.97 - $13.99
    Description Darker tones of blue, gold and green were fashionable for boys in 1969. Striped pants and striped shirts were popular for casual wear along with v-neck and turtleneck pullovers. Double breasted blazers and suit sets with contrasting pieces were great for formal wear.

  • 1969 Girls Clothes 1969 Girls Clothes
    Price: $1.99 - $7.99
    Description Large plaids in reds, oranges, greens and blues were fun fashion fare for girls in 1969. Pants-dresses, double-breasted jackets with flared slacks, and overall-jumpers were fun fashion statements along with ruffled shirts and turtlenecks.