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Popular Vintage Toys from the Forties

Vintage 1940s 98 Cents Toys
Price: 98 cents
Description A selection costing 98 cents including Anti-Aircraft Gun on back of Army Truck, Tractor and Trailer, Dump Truck and Car Transporter Wagon, they are all between 12 and 18 inches long and made of steel.

Toys costing less than a $1.00 from 1941

1940s Blackbird Crystal Set
Price: $2.98
Description Blackbird Crystal Set, picks up stations up to 75 miles away, use an earphone to listen to, comes with a 75ft aerial and 25ft ground wire.

 Vintage Crystal Radio From The 1940s

Vintage Gilbert Electric Train Set
Price: $29.95 + $5.98 for 150 Watt Transformer
Description 3/16 inch scale model Gilbert American Flyer Electric AC Train Set, the train and all the carriages are over 5ft long. Gilbert Company was an American toy company was best known for Erector Construction sets. Gilbert expanded from the 1930s to the late 1950s to become one of the largest toy companies in the world but following the death of it's founder A.C. Gilbert in the early 60's the company lost it's way with the American Flyer products sold to Lionel.

Gilbert Electric Train Set From the 40s

Gilbert Erector Sets
Price: From $2.98 to $11.98
Description Shown models made using the Gilbert Model 9 Erector Set which included wheels, AC Motor, Gearbox, base plates, girders etc.

Vintage Gilbert Erector Set

Portable Electric Phonograph
Price: $5.75
Description Portable Electric Phonograph with 6 records of nursery rhymes included.

 Vintage Portable Electric Phonograph

Walnut Finished Piano in Spinet Style Toy
Price: $8.85
Description Child's Walnut Finished Piano in Spinet Style 22 inches high, 19 inches wide and 13 inches deep.

Walnut Finished Piano

Brightly Enameled Steel Truck
Price: $1.59
Description Nearly 2 ft long brightly enameled rugged steel truck from 1941.

Brightly Enameled Steel Truck

Selection of Steel Cars, Trucks and Bus for 98 cents
Price: 98 cents
Description Selection of steel cars, trucks and bus for 98 cents.

Selection of cars 1941

Table Style Zellophone - Old Toy Xylophone
Price: $1.98 cents
Description Table Style Zellophone (Xylophone) includes Song Book, each note is numbered 1 to 12 and the song book instructs the child on the number note to strike with small mallet.

Zellophone - Old Toy Xylophone

Army Doctor/Nurses Kit
Price: $1.98
Description Army Doctor/Nurses Kit, These type of doctors nurses kits have been sold for decades what struck me about this was this quote "Every Little Boy Can Play a Doctor and every little girl can play a Nurse"

Army Doctor / Nurses Kit

World War II Model Plane Kits
Price: $1.00 for all five
Description Five World War II model plane kits, cut them out and put them together, models include Curtiss Warhawk P-40, North American Mustang P-51 and the Bell Airacobra P-39 from the U.S. Air Force and the Hawker Typhoon and the Supermarine Spitfire from the British Airforce.

World War 2 Model Plane Kits

Pull Along Walking Dog
Price: $1.29
Description Pull along Walking Dog who waggles along behind you like a real puppy with fascinating leg action.

Walking Dog

Farm Yard Set
Price: $2.98
Description 56 piece Farm Yard Set From 1945 during World War II includes barn, animals, tractor, fences, farm house and much more.

56 piece Farm Yard Set From 1945 during World War II

World War II Rose O'Neill Kewpie Doll
Price: $2.59
Description Kewpie dolls were based on illustrations by Rose O'Neill that appeared in Ladies' Home Journal in 1909, they were extremely popular from 1912 to the mid 1930's. They are still sold today based on her original illustrations.

World War II Rose O'Neill Kewpie Doll

Parcheesi Board Game
Price: 89 cents
Description Parcheesi Board Game from World War II, I had never heard of this game so I did some research, the game was an American adaptation of the Indian Cross and Circle game Pachisi and other adaptations included Ludo sold in the United Kingdom and the game of Uckers played by Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, Royal New Zealand Navy and Royal Australian Navy. Other versions include Parchís (Spain) and Parqués (Colombia).

Parcheesi Board Game

World War II Plane Models
Price: From 23 cents
Description World War II Aircraft Models including P-38, Mustang, Thunderbolt, Typhoon, Corsair, Flying Fortress, Wildcat, Tiger Shark, Hellcat, Spitfire.

World War II Plane Models

Tiddledy Winks/Tiddlywinks
Price: 62 cents
Description Tiddledy Winks/Tiddlywinks

Tiddlywinks / Tiddledy Winks Board Game

Sidewalk Pedal Plane
Price: $17.81
Description Sidewalk Pedal Plane, This was sold in Christmas 1946 following the end of World War II, as soon as the war was finished steel became available again.

 Vintage Sidewalk Pedal Plane

Wind Up Plastic Speedboat
Price: $1.98
Description Spring Motor Wind Up Plastic Speedboat over 14 inches long.

Wind Up Plastic Speedboat

Steel Jeep (1946)
Price: $1.98
Description Steel Jeep based on the Willys Jeep used during the war.

Steel Jeep

Chain Driven Tricycle
Price: $23.79
Description Chain Driven Tricycle from 1949, In todays money this would be about $200.00, so quite expensive for a small child's present.

Chain Driven Tricycle

1949 Pedal Car
Price: $18.95
Description 1949 Pedal Car, what I love about this car is how it reflects changing car design, when you look at this you realize that the car design we associate with the 50's started in 1949 and children's play reflect the change quickly.

1949 Vintage Pedal Car

Steel Radio Flyer Wagon
Price: $8.98
Description This is from 1949, what is interesting is that many of those popular before the war are quickly back in production and this is a great example.

Steel Radio Flyer Wagon
You can still buy a new Radio Flyer Wagon Today 98 years after first production Buy A New Radio Flyer Wagon

Velocipede 3 Wheel Bike
Price: $15.65
Description Velocipede 3 wheel bike. The Words Velocipede and Phonograph which were both still in use in the late forties but have all but disappeared from use today with Velocipede being replaced by the word trike and Phonograph replaced by record player before it's demise all together as traditional records replaced by CD and digital media.

Velocipede 3 wheel Bike