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1954 Popular Vintage Toys Part Of The 1950s

Aluminumware Cooking Set
Price: $1.85
Description Little girls can cook and bake with real ready-mixed foods or "make-believe". Aluminum set includes pie plate, tube cake pan, measuring cup, 6-cup muffin pan, biscuit pan, skillet with enameled handle, cookie cutters in 4 animal shapes, cookie sheet, mixing bowl, 2 round layer cake pans, mixing spoon, cake turner, double boiler, colander, canister, scoop and 2 measuring spoons.

Aluminumware Cooking Set From The 1950s

Betsy McCall Doll
Manufacturer: Ideal
Price: $7.59
Description A true replica of the popular Betsy McCall doll to sew for. Her head is soft vinyl plastic; almost life-like. Delicate plastic body; fully jointed arms and legs, movable head. Sparkling glassene eyes close; edged with thick lashes. Saran hair to set, comb, and brush. Wears a perky cotton dress, panties, and shoes. Easy-to-sew apron pattern included.

Betsy McCall Doll From The 1950s

Buck Rogers Sonic Ray Light Gun
Manufacturer: Norton-Honer
Price: $1.85
Description It lights! It buzzes! It signals! Press trigger and a ray of light shoots out as red side fins light up and a piercing buzz sounds. Use as flashlight or send signals by sight or sound. Secret Sonic Control turns off buzz if desired.

Buck Rogers Sonic Light Ray Gun From The 1950s

Buzz Corry Space Patrol Flashlight
Manufacturer: Ray-O-Vac
Price: $2.98
Description Chrome-plated solid brass flashlight throws a powerful clear light beam through red plastic sonic tip. Has flasher button. Cardboard rocket can be blown through the plastic jet tubes.

Buzz Corry Space Patrol Flashlight From The 1950s

Dick Tracy Siren Squad Car
Manufacturer: Marx
Price: $1.89
Description Siren wails, red light flashes as Dick Tracy speeds to the scene of the crime. Lithographed steel depicts Dick, Pat and Sam Catchem at windows. Front wheels adjust for circles or straightaway. Clockspring motor activates siren. Uses standard flashlight battery. Dick Tracey was every little boys hero and our 1950s Toys selection reflects the trends and culture from the time including boyhood heroes

Dick Tracy Siren Squad Car From The 1950s

Electronic Receiving Station
Manufacturer: Remco
Price: $5.89
Description Send messages in code by blinker, buzzer, clicker; use spoken word. Two-way phones transmit and receive long distances. You get automatic Morse code selector dial, turn to any letter in the alphabet for key. Plug in for telegraph click or buzz, transmit through phones, use buzzer for return secrecy. Large center dial registers transmitted electrical impulses. Professional-like "feather touch" telegraph key for "fast" transmissions.

Electronic Receiving Station From The 1950s

Flip Flop Gogo
Price: 89 cents
Description Mystery! Action! Wind up Gogo and look him straight in the eye. He jumps, somersaults in mid-air, and lands upright. Action is repeated many times.

Flip Flop Gogo From The 1950s

German Motorcycle Toy
Price: $3.29
Description Four actions: 1) runs in circles, stops, driver dismounts, mounts, drives on; 2) driver on cycle goes in circles; 3) standing, driver mounts, dismounts; 4) stands, motor in neutral.

German Motorcycle Toy From The 1950s

Happi-Time Sweeper Set
Manufacturer: Happi-Time
Price: $2.15
Description It's fun to clean with this realistically designed set. A little girl's dream; it works just like Mother's cleaning tools. Your little "home-maker" will learn to keep her home clean while she plays. Includes yarn mop, metal dust pan, broom, sweeper, and plastic printed apron.

Happi-Time Sweeper Set From The 1950s

Little Girls Perfume Kit
Price: $2.85
Description Now every girl can make her own personal perfume with this fascinating kit. Includes everything necessary to create glamorous fragrances for herself and her friends. Large flask of perfume base for delicate charm of lavender and lace; 8 miniature perfume bottles, 5 vials filled with delightful bouquets and fresh garden aromas; funnel and perfume dropper; 96 clever bottle labels and simple instructions.

Little Girls Perfume Kit From The 1950s

Musical Timmie Turtle
Price: $2.29
Description His legs swing back and forth, tail wags as Timmie waddles happily along. Gay musical notes tinkle from his acetate shell back.

Musical Timmie Turtle From The 1950s

Party Pluto
Price: $2.89
Description Mickey Mouse's comical pal sits up on his haunches in a festive mood. Wind clockspring motor and Pluto bounces back and forth, bells on paws jingle.

Party Pluto From The 1950s

Porsche Car
Price: $3.85
Description Automatic 4-position door handle is your control for fast, slow, stop, or eccentric drive which automatically turns auto to left or right. Car picks up speed on straight stretches. Car can be steered while in motion, if desired, by turning front steering knob.

Porsche Car From The 1950s

Snowy White Lamb
Price: $1.95
Description A snuggly bundle of snow white fluff. Coat is rich, deep cotton-backed rayon plush. Soft vinyl plastic face is accented by jet black button eyes, securely anchored. Cotton stuffed with black hooves and a ribbon that has a bell that tinkles.

Snowy White Lamb From The 1950s

Super Market Check-Out
Price: $6.59
Description Lithographed steel. Check-out simulates those in super markets. Cash register rings bell after sale, has two-section money drawer. Package slider draws items to checker.

Super Market Checkout From The 1950s

Take Apart Cars Garage
Price: $4.89
Description Sturdy all-steel garage has over-head door, cutout windows, is brightly lithographed inside and out. Hard top convertible and hot rod may be taken completely apart with miniature tools.

Take Apart Cars Garage From The 1950s

Washable Plastic Pup
Price: 99 cents
Description Eager little face begs for a playmate. Plastic fabric covers soft cotton stuffed body. Well trained, he sits up when you snap his heels together. Soft plastic mask face, comical floppy ears, bell on cap.

Washable Plastic Pup From The 1950s

Winky Blinky Fire Truck
Price: $1.79
Description Eyes roll up and down, nickel-plated bell rings "clang-clang", revolving rear firemen bounce up and down as fire truck is pulled. Roomy truck body for tot's fire equipment.

Winky Blinky Fire Truck From The 1950s