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1950 was the start of the fast changes that would be seen in the next 2 decades , the great depression was becoming a faint memory and families were moving out to the suburbs, kids watched howdy doody on 12 inch black and white TV sets and spent Saturday afternoons watching cartoons at Cinema matinees , times were gentler with little violence and the consumer revolution was about to start in a big way, and the man of the household became the sole breadwinner. The median family income was $3,300 a year and milk was still delivered to the doorstep.

Cost of Living 1950

How Much things cost in 1950 Yearly Inflation Rate USA 1.09% Yearly Inflation Rate UK 2.8% Average Cost of new house $8,450.00 Average wages per year $3,210.00 Cost of a gallon of Gas 18 cents Average Cost of a new car $1,510.00 Stromburg Black and White Television $249.95 Ball Point Pen 25 cents Samsonite Case $25.00 Clock Radio $59.95
Below are some Prices for UK guides in Pounds Sterling
Average House Price 1,940

Popular Culture 1950

  • James Dean gets his break when he appears in a Pepsi Commercial

Popular Films

  • Cinderella
  • Samson and Delilah
  • Sunset Blvd
  • Father of The Bride
  • King Solomon's Mines
  • Annie Get Your Gun

Born This Year

Loyd Grossman September 16th
Tom Petty October 20th
Stevie Wonder May 13th
Jay Leno April 28th


  • First TV remote control, Zenith Radio's Lazy Bones is marketed
  • Diners Club Issues First Credit Cards
  • President Truman authorizes production of hydrogen bomb
  • 8 million homes in the US now own Televisions

Inventions Invented by Inventors and Country ( or attributed to First Use )
Credit Card USA by Ralph Schneider
Transistor USA by William Shockley ( Bell Telephone )

What Events Happened in 1950

North Korea
  • Communist China provides additional military forces to Communist North Korea
North Korea
  • North Korea invades South Korea capturing Seoul
U.S. U.S.
  • President Truman approved U.S. construction of the hydrogen bomb
  • US Defense Production Act starts wage and price controls.
South Korea
  • US leads UN in Korean War
  • Persecution of Communists is initiated by Senator McCarthy
  • The Eastern United States suffers 7 days of Blizzard Conditions and strong winds leaving more than 1 million homes without power.
  • Chinese invasion of Tibet
  • 12 nations agree to the creation of North Atlantic Treaty Organization / NATO for the defense of the United States and Europe.
  • Formation of the Warsaw Pact in answer to the wests NATO
Papua New Guinea
  • Volcanic cloud kills 5000 in Mount Lamington, New Guinea
  • Albert Einstein warns that nuclear war could lead to mutual destruction
South Africa
  • In South Africa, the Group Areas Act is passed formally segregating races
  • Violent storms and a tornado devastate southern England
  • Earthquake and floods in Assam, India - 574 deaths, 5,000,000 believed homeless
  • President Harry Truman sends United States military personnel to Vietnam to aid French forces
  • President Harry S. Truman places America’s railroads under the control of the U.S. Army
  • Two Long Island commuter trains collide in the Richmond Hills section of Queens killing 79 people
  • The British Labour party wins the 1950 general election
  • Petrol Rationing Ends in Great Britain after 11 years
  • Uruguay wins the 1950 World Cup in Brazil
  • Fangio wins the Monaco Grand Prix his first Grand Prix of a total of 24 Grand Prix victories

1950 Calendar

Major World Political Leaders

Australia Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies Brazil President Gaspar Dutra Canada Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent

China Chairman of the People's Republic of China Mao Zedong

France President Vincent Auriol

Germany Chancellor Konrad Adenauer
India Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru

Italy Prime Minister Alcide De Gasperi

Japan Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida Mexico President Miguel Alemán Valdés Russia / Soviet Union
Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars Joseph Stalin South Africa Prime Minister Daniel François Malan United States President Harry S. Truman United Kingdom Prime Minister Clement Attlee

Political Elections

British General Election 1950 Clement Attlee ( Labour ) defeats Winston Churchill ( Conservative ) and Clement Davies ( Liberal )