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20 New Cars Made in the U.S.A. You Could Buy in 1980 including photographs, prices and descriptions

Listed below are new autos on sale from American Auto Manufacturers, they were still recovering from the problems caused to the American auto industry during the Oil Crisis in the 70's where consumers were looking for better gas mileage and turned to Japanese and European makers who traditionally had cars with smaller engines giving much better fuel consumption. A few cars stand out because of the longevity of the model including the Ford Fiesta ( Still in production with the latest model proving popular both here and in Europe ) and the Ford Escort which was the top selling car worldwide for a number of years through the 1980s and 1990s. The other car which caught my eye while doing the research was the Pontiac Trans-AM it still epitomized everything I love about the muscle car era including it's looks and it's sheer engine power under the hood. In many areas the US market has suffered over the decades but to my mind they still produce the best trucks available today so it was nice to include the Ford F150 from 1980 in my listings.

  • 1980 Pontiac Trans-AM Pontiac Trans-AM
    Price: From $9,890
    EPA : 18 MPG

    With its V8 Turbo Charged 4.7 Litre Engine this is one of the few V8 turbo charged cars you can still buy today with most other manufacturers moving to the V6 route for better fuel economy.

  • 1980 American Motors AMC Spirit Hatchback American Motors Spirit
    Price: From $4,320
    EPA : 23 MPG

    Introduced in 1979 this versatile hatchback from AMC offers large cargo space and 30 MPG highway, One of the few cars available today with 5 year Ziebart Factory Rust Protection as standard, also available in DL and Limited versions which offer higher levels of trim and more standard equipment.

  • 1980 Buick Regal Buick Regal
    Price: From $8,300
    EPA : 20 MPG

    3.8 Litre V6 Engine, 18.1 MPG EPA,

  • 1980 Cadillac El-Dorado Cadillac El-Dorado
    Price: From $18,199
    EPA : 15 MPG
    Description Pure luxury with a V8 engine, full leather interior, AM/FM Radio and 8 Track Cassette Player offering one of the quietest and most comfortable rides of any car in it's class

From our Imported Cars Page

VW Rabbit VW Rabbit
Price: From $4,285
Country Of Origin: Germany
EPA : 27 MPG

The VW Rabbit was Volkswagon answer to the Hatchback revolution caused by the increase in the price of Gasoline in the 1970's , Volkswagon had a large following of Beetle Owners and the Rabbit offered a family car providing good mileage and safety features combined with quality German Engineering .

  • 1980 Chevrolet Chevette Chevrolet Chevette
    Price: From $4,089
    EPA : 26 MPG
    Description The cheapest car available from Chevrolet offering good mileage with a OHC 4 cylinder ( 70 HP ) with a 4 speed manual transmission

  • 1980 Chevrolet Citation Chevrolet Citation
    Price: From $5,289
    EPA : 14 MPG

    The Chevrolet Citation is a compact car for the 80s offering a level of comfort above the standard expected in this model range of cars. While doing the research for this 1980 auto section looking at the EPA figures it is easy to see why the Citation was not a big hit, consumers were looking for improved mileage and 14 MPG was the worst I found for a compact car.

  • 1980 Chevrolet El-Camino Chevrolet El-Camino
    Price: From $6,895
    EPA : 20 MPG
    Description 1/2 ton pickup truck with 6 1/2 feet cargo box carrying payloads up to 1250 Lbs with a 229 cubic inches V6 engine with a three speed floor shift manual transmission

  • 1980 Ford Bronco Ford Bronco
    Price: From $8,885
    EPA : 14 MPG
    Description A four wheel drive family truck with a V8 engine and like all Ford Trucks "Ford Built Tough" technology through out.

  • 1980 Ford Crown Victoria Ford LTD Crown Victoria
    Price: From $8,656
    EPA : 17 MPG
    Description The V8 Ltd Crown Victoria offering the best in quality, comfort, engineering and style from Ford

  • 1980 Ford Escort Ford Escort
    Price: From $5,158
    EPA : 29 MPG

    Introduced for the first time in late 1980 the 1981 Ford Escorts offered a 3 door hatchback sedan and a 5 door lift gate using the new 1.3 and 1.6 engines offering some of the best EPA mileage figures for this range of mid sized cars. The car specifications included front wheel drive, Halogen Quartz Head lamps, Overhead Cam Compound Valve Engine, Front Disc Brakes, Four Wheel Fully Independent Suspension, Rack and Pinion Steering System, Fold Down Rear Seats for extra cargo capacity when needed. ( Ford Escorts went on to being the most popular selling car in the world for a number of years ) ( this was also marketed under the Lincoln Mercury Brand as the Lynx which included a higher level of comfort and standard features.

  • 1980 Ford F150 Truck Ford F150 Truck
    Price: From $7,595
    EPA : 19 MPG
    Description This offers a great example of auto manufacturer changing engines and designs to meet the fuel efficiency Americans were looking for following the fuel crisis with the new F150 providing 19 MPG EPA with a 4.9L 300 CID six cylinder engine.

  • 1980 Ford Fairmont Ford Fairmont
    Price: From $4,890
    EPA : 23 MPG
    Description new 4 cylinder engine with option to include turbo with floor mounted automatic transmission

  • 1980 Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta
    Price: From $4,105
    EPA : 28 MPG

    The Fiesta is a European Ford Built Car Imported into the US, it is expected to end sales in the United States from the end of the year as the Home Built and Designed New Ford Escort will replace it.

  • 1980 Ford Mustang Ford Mustang
    Price: From $5,413
    EPA : 23 MPG

    America's Most Popular Sports Car, sleek, aerodynamic, The current Ford Mustang is vastly different than the original Mustang introduced more than 15 years ago but includes a V8 Engine, Improved Handling, Better Fuel Consumption and Improved Ride and comfort from it's 4.2 Litre Engine.

  • 1980 Ford Pinto Pony Ford Pinto Pony
    Price: $3,910
    EPA : 24 MPG
    Description Fords Cheapest to operate car in 1980 a 3 door hatchback fitted with a 4 cylinder engine producing 88 HP with the 4-speed manual transmission, rear seats fold down to provide a large cargo area offering 29.00 Cubic feet cargo space.

  • 1980 Jeep CJ Renegade Jeep CJ
    Price: From $6,270
    EPA : 21 MPG

    4 cylinder engine, 4 speed manual transmission, four wheel drive with the best gas mileage for any American 4 wheel drive auto,

  • 1980 Lincoln / Mercury Lynx Station Wagon Lincoln / Mercury Lynx
    Price: From $6,563
    EPA : 15 MPG

    Based on the same running gear and engine as the Ford Escort/ Lincoln Mercury Lynx this Lynx station wagon offers not only the latest in technology advance in engine and drive train but more room and comfort for the modern family.

  • 1980 Plymouth Champ Plymouth Champ
    Price: From $4,430
    EPA : 35 MPG

    The Plymouth Champ and the Dodge Colt are the same car and are built in Japan by Mitsubishi Motors and marketed as the Plymouth Champ and the Dodge Colt in the United States, the Champ is a 3 door hatchback offering an EPA 47 MPG highway and EPA city of 37 MPG from it's 4 cylinder 80 Horsepower Engine.

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