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Vintage 1966 Fashion including Dresses, Coats, Suits, Skirts and Jackets

Fashion Clothing From the year 1966 including prices, descriptions and pictures for Ladies and Gentlemens outfits, shirts, dresses etc. The prices shown for these Ladies Clothing Accessories are the price they were sold for in 1966 not today

  • 1966 Bengaline Single Pleat Slacks Bengaline Single Pleat Slacks
    Price: $7.77
    Description Bengaline single-pleat style in a long-wearing blend of sixty-five percent Dacron polyester, thirty-five percent Orlon acrylic. Slacks are carefully tailored with cuffs, separate waistband, straight side pocket, brass zipper and French tab to keep your trouser front smooth. They have harmonizing nylon and cotton pocketing trim. Colors are medium blue, dark gray or brown.

  • 1966 Brocade Dress Brocade Dress
    Price: $19.90
    Description There's a regal air about this sumptuous acetate brocade dress, and a delectable femininity as well. Bodice lined with acetate; skirt lined with cotton and rayon to keep its pretty belled shape. Colors are white or pale blue.

  • 1966 Burgundy Plaid Sport Coat Burgundy Plaid Sport Coat
    Price: $32.95
    Description Burgundy plaid on a background of black. Eye-catching, high-style sport coat is a fine fabric blend of eighty-percent wool and twenty-percent mohair. Lustrous two-button model is precisely tailored with side vents and popular hacking-flap pockets.

  • 1966 Coordinated Stretch Pants and Maternity Top Coordinated Stretch Pants and Maternity Top
    Price: $5.94, $6.94
    Description Top ($5.94) is bright, bold and beautiful in a multicolor floral print of cotton duck. It has self-covered back buttons. Capri pants ($6.94) are made with double-knit two-way stretch nylon and have an elasticized waist. Colors are royal blue, dark green, or black.

  • 1966 Cotton Suede Bush Coat Cotton Suede Bush Coat
    Price: $24.70
    Description Bush coat with removable belt. The Mod look popular in London modernizes the British Colonial coat (of India and the Australian bush) and now it's blazing a new fashion trail to America. Finely napped, cotton suede fabric from West Germany has water-repellent finish. Styling includes front and back yoke, roll button-down collar, four big patch pockets with button-down flaps, and adjustable cuffs. Striped acetate lining. Colors are British tan or medium blue.

  • 1966 Dressy Maternity Wear Dressy Maternity Wear
    Price: $12.90
    Description Dressy black bow and scalloped braid trim this smock style. Shaker-knit top and woven textured skirt... the entire dress is of Orlon acrylic bonded to acetate tricot. Has a back zipper closing and comes in bright red with cream-white top or bright sky blue with cream-white top.

  • 1966 Empire Dress with Lace Empire Dress with Lace
    Price: $12.90
    Description Empire dress with striking contrast of white and black. Scoop-necked lace bodice of acetate and rayon has pretty ruffled sleeves; crepe skirt of acetate and rayon has front bow trim. Long back zipper closing. Dress is lined with acetate.

  • 1966 Four Piece Coordinated Suit Four Piece Coordinated Suit
    Price: $69.95
    Description The Quadrobe is a great new way to add fashion plus versatility to your wardrobe. Here in one color-coordinated outfit--a suit, separate slacks and vest-- is practically a whole wardrobe in itself. During leisure hours or for dress you'll find the suit mirrors you as a man who knows what fashion is all about. Tailored to the trim, authentic, traditional look in 100% wool fabric. Three-button coat has natural shoulders, stitched edges, center vent, patch-flap pockets and fancy, all-rayon lining. Plain front trousers. Suit trousers feature rayon-lined knee to help hold shape and crease, give a more comfortable fit.
  • 1966 Giant Zip Coat Giant Zip Coat
    Price: $28.50
    Description Giant-zip corduroy surcoat. The big news is the off-center closure with the oversize zipper. Forms a wide inner flap for extra warmth; also lets you set the pile-lined lapels rakishly long... or close fitting at the neck. Thick'n thin, high-low rib cotton corduroy has a velvety soft feel that stands up under tough wear. Water-repellent finish. Pile lining of 100% Orlon acrylic extends from collar to bottom.

  • 1966 Glittery Knit Sheath Dress Glittery Knit Sheath Dress
    Price: $12.90
    Description Glittery knit sheath of rayon and Mylar metallic bonded to acetate tricot for smooth drape, shape retention and comfort. Dramatic collar frames the face. Long sleeves and long back zipper. Colors are silver gray or light gold.

  • 1966 Velvet Bodice Dress Velvet Bodice Dress
    Price: $18.90
    Description The velvet touch. Bodice of Lyons-type rayon velvet has a graceful neckline that dips into a "V" in back... tops a sash and skirt of gleaming acetate satin. Dress is fully lined with acetate. Color combinations include deep forest green bodice, aqua sash and white skirt or burgundy red bodice, pink sash and white skirt.

  • 1966 Sunny Mood Shirt Sunny Mood Shirt
    Price: $6.97
    Description The sunny mood... a cotton sateen shirt in the gayest of prints. There's plum, pink, light blue, red... and a bevy of other bold colors. Ruffly-edged sleeves carry out the happy theme. Back Zephyr zipper closing.

  • 1966 Sunset Swirl Shirt Sunset Swirl Shirt
    Price: $6.97
    Description A sunset of color swirls across this cotton sateen screen print. Hot pink, purple, gold and orange are but a few of its vivid shadings. Note how the design lines up so beautifully on either side of the shirt... a special printing process is the reason.

  • 1966 Granny Print Long Sleeve Shirt Granny Print Long Sleeve Shirt
    Price: $3.92
    Description "Granny Prints" make a comeback in a most unusual way. High-band collar has short points, buttons front and back. Box pleat. Colors are honey maize or red.

  • 1966 Lantern Sleeve Dress Lantern Sleeve Dress
    Price: $18.90
    Description Dramatic lantern sleeves add excitement to this elegant skimmer gracefully fashioned of soft, Lyons-type rayon velvet. Back zipper. Choose from burgundy red or black.

  • 1966 Lean Knit Shift Dress Lean Knit Shift Dress
    Price: $8.97
    Description Knit of soft Orlon acrylic. Narrow ribbing highlighted by a Jacquard-stitch on yoke and sleeves. Back zipper. Tie-belt included. Machine washable, medium. Colors are deep turquoise blue, purple grape, or gold.

  • 1966 Leather Lace Neck Shirt Leather Lace Neck Shirt
    Price: $9.92
    Description Leather-laced neck closure for the rugged look. Welted front yoke, hemmed bottom, deep side vents. Long sleeves. Colors are tan, olive or cranberry.

  • 1966 Loopy Yarn Two Piece Dress Loopy Yarn Two Piece Dress
    Price: $17.90
    Description Sophisticated sorcery created by loopy bands of wool yarn circling the neckline and cuffs of this two-piece dress. The chic fabric; textured double-knit acetate. Top zips in back, skirt has elasticized waist. Colors are vivid green and black.

  • 1966 Loopy Yarn Two Piece Dress Mandarin Collar Fashion Suit
    Price: $21.97
    Description Mandarin-collared and marked for glamour with loop-closing, mock-belt, scallops. Heather-tone tweed of wool, acrylic and rayon. Lined jacket; seat-lined skirt, zip. Choose from heather green or heather blue.

  • 1966 Zip Convertible Shirt Zip Convertible Shirt
    Price: $14.92
    Description The zip convertible can be worn with collar open or zipped to a turtleneck. Narrow ribbed trim on the two waist pockets. Raglan shoulders. Choose from fawn or carbon blue colors.

  • 1966 Zipper Neck Velour Shirt Zipper Neck Velour Shirt
    Price: $8.92
    Description Big zipper at neck and broad chest stripe mark this shirt as a real style leader. Wide spread double fabric collar, ribbed cuffs, bottom. Colors are blue with brass stripe and cranberry with a navy stripe.

  • 1966 Stroller Jacket Suit Stroller Jacket Suit
    Price: $29.90
    Description Stroller-Jacket suit features nubby-textured wool and nylon basketweave, a look that's new. Shaped jacket (lined) has fly-front... three buttons atop, two beneath; mock pockets; harmonizing vinyl to belt or not. Seat-lined skirt and zipper. Colors are orange or royal blue.

  • 1966 Men's Casual Jeans Men's Casual Jeans
    Price: $4.77
    Description The finest, strongest, longest-wearing casual jeans. Heavyweight fine-line twill blended of sixty-five percent Dacron polyester and thirty-five percent combed cotton. Scotchgard stain repeller repels water and resists even oil-borne stains. Choose from a belt-loop style or a beltless style. Colors are willow green, light blue, white (light tan), or black.

  • 1966 Olive Herringbone Sport Coat Olive Herringbone Sport Coat
    Price: $32.95
    Description Olive-brown herringbone coat. Masculine fabric of eighty percent wool and twenty percent mohair is luxurious and long-wearing. Traditionally styled two-button model for the man with a trim figure. Coat has natural shoulders, hooked vent, welt seams and flap pockets.

  • 1966 Pindot Sharkskin Suit Pin-dot Sharkskin Suit
    Price: $39.50
    Description Sharkskin look in a lustrous pin-dot fabric. Year-round blend of sixty percent Orlon acrylic, thirty percent worsted wool and ten percent polyester, holds its shape so you look neat. Two button model is carefully tailored with side vents, hacking-flap pockets, and stitched edges. Plain front trousers are cut for a man with a youthful, athletic build. Colors are dark bottle-green or medium dark blue.

  • 1966 Plaid Wool Coat Plaid Wool Coat
    Price: $27.90
    Description Bonny plaid of gray, dark olive and oyster-white heather... prettier still because the fabric's softly brushed. Deep back-pleat swings from yoke. Wool, reused wool, unknown reused fibers and other fibers.

  • 1966 Plush Parka Plush Parka
    Price: $19.97
    Description Plush parka in frosty-tipped, iridescent pile of acrylic and modacrylic on acrylic back. Jacket lined in nylon taffeta quilted to polyester batting. Drawstring hood; two slash pockets; concealed zipper. Comes in gold, deep blue-green or white.

  • 1966 Rabbit Fur Coat Rabbit Fur Coat
    Price: $99.90
    Description Dazzling dyed rabbit coats (fur origin: France). Young, fun and done in casual fashion ala convertible notched collar, double-breasted details with loop closing, hand-warming pockets. The full-length coat is the warm way to enliven winter. Comes fully lined.

  • 1966 Shell and Skirt Outfit Shell and Skirt Outfit
    Price: $10.97
    Description Ribbed knit of Orlon acrylic. Pullover-style shell with pocket; skirt with elasticized waist. Colors are medium heather gray with red and medium heather gray with teal blue.

  • 1966 Smock with Borders Smock with Borders
    Price: $4.97
    Description Smock with exciting gold-color borders. Gold-color buttons down front and on cuffs of full-length sleeves. Classic, tailored style at its smartest with vivid red, blue or jet black backgrounds. Two large patch pockets also bordered in gold-color stripe. Colors are blue, red or black.

  • 1966 Snappy Two Piece Outfit Snappy Two Piece Outfit
    Price: $13.90
    Description Snappy two-piece outfit: dress and jacket with a three-piece look. Short-sleeved bodice of the dress is celery green, has button trim (extra button included); skirt portion (fully lined) is woven stripes of celery green and black... matches the short, collarless jacket. Dress has a long back zipper closing and striped belt with buckle.

  • 1966 Strapped Jacket Strapped Jacket
    Price: $19.97
    Description Melton cloth of ninety percent reprocessed wool and ten percent other fibers... water repellent. Light beige lining of acrylic pile on cotton back. Oyster-white cotton poplin strap trim. Helmet-style hood. Two slit pockets. Comes in loden green, dark brown or burgundy red.

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