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As technology boomed and advanced by great strides in the 1980s, computerized toys became more advanced and simple robots became highly popular. Marketing geared towards children became more and more common too, as companies developed new cartoons in order to specifically market towards the young viewers (Transformers, Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, and more). Video games also became more popular and more advanced as the decade progressed and more manufacturers threw their hats into the ring like Nintendo and Sega. Many popular toys were also very expensive as the economy boomed during the decade and excess became the name of the game.Picking only a few was a hard task as I could easily have included 100 +,

Popular Vintage Toys From The Eighties

1980s My Little Pony
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Price: $4.99 each
Description My Little Pony. Choose from Belle, Blossom, Cotton Candy, Snuzzle, Butterscotch, and Minty.
From the Year 1983
Vintage 1980s My Little Pony

Vintage CHiPs Moped
Price: $11.99
Description ChiPs was a popular TV show featuring Erik Estrada as macho, rambunctious Officer Francis ("Frank") "Ponch" Poncherello and Larry Wilcox as his straight-laced partner.
From the Year 1980
Eighties CHiPs Moped Bike

Cosmic Combat Electronic Game
Manufacturer: Tomy
Price: $28.99
Description Electronic games increased in popularity and sophistication each year, this is from 1980 so compared with those sold later in the decade very basic, but still fun for kids to play.

Early Vintage Cosmic Combat Electronic Game

Transformers Autobot Radio Communicator
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Price: $19.99
Description Transformers: More than meets the eye. This Autobot transforms into a radio communicator. For ages five and up.
From the Year 1985
Classic 1980's Transformers Autobot Radio Communicator

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Price: $4.77
Description Some toys are ageless and this must be one of the most popular.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

Vintage 1980s Star Wars Figure Set
Price: $29.99
Description Star Wars anything was popular and this fifteen piece collector's set which includes all the main characters from Star Wars is no exception. This fifteen piece collector's set includes Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi, C-3PO, R2-D2, Chewbacca, Stormtrooper, Death Star Droid, Death Squad Commander, Hammerhead, Luke Skywalker, Princess Lei Organa, X-Wing Pilot, Greedo, Snaggletooth, Walrus Man, and R5-D4.

Vintage 1980's Star Wars Figure Set

Pound Puppies
Manufacturer: Tonka
Price: $17.99 each
Description Huggable 16-in. puppy comes in carrier. Has collar, care sheet, and mail-in ownership certificate offer. Machine-washable polyester velour. Choose a puppy with long or short ears.
From the Year 1987
Vintage Pound Puppies from the late 80s

Lego Airport
Manufacturer: Lego
Price: $39.99
Description Children will stretch their imagination and explore the world around them with these plastic building blocks. Legoland airport set has runaway, two planes, and control tower.
From the Year 1986
Lego Airport

Barbie TV Game Show Set
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $11.99
Description Who'll win the grand prize? The Barbie TV Game Show playset lets Barbie and all her fashion doll friends compete for glamorous prizes! Set includes TV camera, spinning game wheel, changeable prize categories and score-keeping, three-player contestant stand. Dolls not included. For ages three and up.
From the Year 1988
Barbie TV Game Show Set

Dial A Teacher
Manufacturer: VTech
Price: $39.99
Description A good example of electronics being used as education helping children to learn without them even realizing it.

1980s VTech Dial A Teacher early example of Computers in use for childrens education

Weebles House at Pooh Corners
Price: $13.99
Description What child does not want to play with plastic Weebles in the form of (Pooh, Tigger, and Christopher Robin). Pooh, Tigger and Christopher Robin can swim, rock, drive, picnic, sleep, see-saw or swing at this house. Has carrying handle, swing, see-saw, slide, pool, car, rocking chair, bed, picnic table, and three plastic Weebles.

Classic 1980s Vinatage Weebles House at Pooh Corners

Dukes of Hazzard Set
Price: $5.99
Description Another toy developed following a popular TV show in this case "Dukes Of Hazzard" with the Duke Boys and the General Lee.

Vintage Dukes of Hazzard Figure Set from the early Eighties

Talking Alf, the Storytelling Alien
Manufacturer: Coleco
Price: $69.99
Description America's favorite alien life form tells funny stories! Built-in cassette player inside figure plays Alf tape (included), plus any standard cassette. See his mouth move in sync with cassette, while his ears and eyebrows move intermittently. Has detailed facial and body features.

1980s Talking Alf

Manufacturer: Hasbro
Price: $9.99
Description Huggable Glo-Worm glimmers with happiness every time toddlers lovingly squeeze his cuddly tummy. Children never need be afraid of the dark... smiling Glo-Worm makes the perfect night light or carry-around companion.

80s Glo-Worm

Rainbow Brite Color Kids
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $9.99 each
Description The Color Kids are here to help Rainbow Brite spread the cheer. 9-in. soft-sculptured fabric dolls have vinyl faces and yarn hair. Each has color Sprite to match. Choose from Rainbow Brite, LaLa Orange, Buddy Blue, Canary Yellow, Shy Violet, Red Butler, and Patty O'Green.

Rainbow Brite Color Kids

Lego Airport
Manufacturer: Milton Bradley
Price: $12.99
Description You'll go hog wild over Pig Pong. Squeeze the little porkers belly to blow the puff ball over the net and onto your opponents side to score. Every time you score, slide your score keeping pig on the net up one notch. First to reach eleven points wins. Includes four plastic pigs, net, ball, and rules. For two to four players.

Pig Pong Game

Transformers Optimus Prime
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Price: $26.99
Description Standing ten inches tall, Optimus Prime returns as Powermaster! Use the engine key to transform cab of truck into Optimus Prime, and change trailer into battle station with four powerful weapons. Then combine the trailer and cab into the ultimate transformation: Super Optimus Prime! Includes TechSpecs decoder, label sheet, and instructions.

Classic 80s Transformers Optimus Prime

Barbie's Dancetime Shop
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $24.98
Description Mattel has the knack of quickly adapting Barbie each year to suit changing tastes and because of this Barbie has been a popular market leader in toys for the last few decades.
From the Year 1989
Barbie's Dancetime Shop

Matchbox Car Sets
Manufacturer: Matchbox
Price: $9.99 each
Description Choose from the 8-piece Country Set or 8-piece City Set. Country set includes U.S. Mail Jeep, County Sheriff's car, Ford camper, steam locomotive, passenger coach, Jeep C.J., and Chevy van cattle truck. City set includes '57 Chevy, police car, car transporter, refuse truck, wrecker truck, Chevy Corvette, Maxi Taxi, and rescue helicopter.
From the Year 1981
Matchbox Car Sets

Karate Kid Action Figures
Manufacturer: Remco
Price: $11.99 per set
Description 5-in. poseable figures twist, chop, and kick. Includes breakaway accessories. Two figures per package, choose from Daniel and Miyagi, Choozen and Sato, or Johnny and Kreese.

1980s Karate Kid Action Figures

Car Bed
Price: $400.00
Description Every little boys dream of hopping into a sporty car and driving off to dreamland. All pieces are solidly built of durable molded plastic. Each has thick, floor-hugging urethane foam tires and includes mattress boards.

Car Bed

Manufacturer: Tomy
Price: $49.99
Description Verbot is a remote control, voice-activated robot. You can order him to move forward and backward, turn right or left, even tell him when to smile.


Omnibot 2000
Manufacturer: Tomy
Price: $499.99
Description Omnibot 2000 can be the life of your party. It can bring you things, pour and serve drinks or hors d'oeuvres from its detachable tray. The articulated arm and grasping hand serve everything smoothly. Cassette tape player adds the party music. 7 day/24 hour programmable timer/tape memory enables this robot to remember your every need. The remote control unit commands all functions. Omnibot 2000 can move at two speeds over almost any surface... even shag carpeting. Moving head and flashing eyes add "life".

Omnibot 2000 vintage mid 80s electronic

The Real Ghostbusters Table-top Pinball
Price: $19.85
Description With the huge popularity of the Ghostbusters Movie many are sold to fill the need of Ghostbusters Fans including this table-top electronic pinball with flippers, bumpers, exciting lights and sounds and automatic scoring.

The Real Ghostbusters Table-top Pinball

The A-Team Van
Price: $69.99
Description Cruise with the power of direct drive pedal action on the A-Team Van. 4x4 styling with high gloss finish and a full-color photo of the A-Team on the hood. Has plastic body with independent front suspension, steel steering rods, and rear "roll" bar.
From the Year 1984
The A-Team Pedal Car from the Eighties

My First Sony CD Player
Manufacturer: Sony
Price: $189.10
Description Sony compact disc player for kids! Plays 5-in. CD's or CD-3 software. Features Auto-Music Sensor, music search, 3 in. speaker, microphone, and line-out jack.

My First Sony CD Player

Dukes of Hazzard Pinball
Price: $8.99
Description Score up to 1100 points by knocking blocks into the tray behind Hazzard County court house. Each Dukes character is worth a different score. Includes two flippers and steel ball.
From the Year 1982
Dukes of Hazzard Pinball

Official Pac-Man and Frogger Tabletop Arcade Games
Manufacturer: Coleco
Price: $59.99 each
Description Plays like your favorite arcade game; the higher the score the harder the game. Records and displays best score. Each has two variations for one or two players. Choose from Pac-Man or Frogger.

Vintage Early 80s Official Pac-Man and Frogger Tabletop Arcade Games

Power Wheels Corvette
Manufacturer: Power Wheels
Price: $139.99
Description The realistic stylings of these sporty autos include such features as a floorboard, simulated shift console with plastic ignition key, doors and hood that open and close, dual racing mirrors, simulated cellular phone, glove box storage compartment and detailed dash and door panels. Tough, plastic body with molded-in colors. Power-Lock electric brake. Has maximum speed of three and a half miles per hour in forward or reverse. Choose from Barbie themed pink Corvette or classic Red Corvette.

Power Wheels Corvette

Barbie Perfume Maker
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $14.99
Description Create scents all your own. Even sachets for your closet and drawers. Pick perfume stick, place it in a flower petal mixer with water and watch the color change. Includes five scent concentrates, six fancy bottles, six gift boxes, labels, mixing jar, instructions, and plastic stand for your dresser.

Barbie Perfume Maker

Atari 5200 1980
Manufacturer: Atari
Price: $199.99
Description All the strength of a home computer already built in... 16K RAM recreates all the frantic fun, plus generates more colors, sharper resolution, plus bigger blasts, bangs, and booms. Comes with armchair controls that start, reset, and can pause in mid-game.

1980's Atari 5200 Computer

Cat in the Hat Rocker
Price: $24.99
Description This Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat rocker is made of brightly colored plastic with a cloth hat and bow tie.

Cat in the Hat Rocker

Sega Genesis 1989
Manufacturer: Sega
Price: $189.95
Description In just a few short years the games computers evolved from the Atari 5200 (1980) Sega Genesis (1989) with 16-bit technology lets you play games that look play and sound exactly like the arcade. Includes base, one controller for single-player play, Altered Beast game, and hook-up accessories.

Vintage Sega Genesis Game Computer