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1995 Popular Vintage Toys From The 1990s

It is fun to look back in time to the 1995 toys we played with when we were children. Included on this page are many popular examples plus many more from the 90's for other years. The popular toys included Teacher Barbie, VRT-X Virtual Experience, and Wall Tracker Racing Set

Virtual Boy Game System Kit
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Price: $179.99
Description Designed to create a 3-D experience that will throw you into the game! System includes 32-bit CPU, optics (red graphics on black background), advanced controller, system stand and Mario's Dream Tennis game pack. Eye advisory. For players 7 years or older.

Virtual Boy Gaming Console From The 1990s

Mech-Godzilla and Fighting Ship
Price: $24.99
Description This moveable Godzilla action figure has lights and sounds. The set includes a Garuda 1-man attack ship which has two spring-loaded missiles and attaches to Mech-Godzilla's back.

Mech-Godzilla and Fighting Ship From The 1990s

Teacher Barbie
Manufacturer: Barbie
Price: $27.99
Description The Teacher Barbie set comes with two students, a chalkboard, two desks, and Teacher Barbie herself.

Teacher Barbie From The 1990s

Max Force Razor Beast
Manufacturer: Nerf
Price: $25.99
Description The Max Force Razor Beast Nerf gun cranks out a barrage of suction cup darts and it includes fifteen darts.

Max Force Razor Beast Nerf Gun From The 1990s

Credit Card Playset
Price: $14.99
Description Go shopping with the Credit Card Playset. This set includes a credit card machine, charge slips, a shopping bag, and five credit cards with a wallet.

Credit Card Playset From The 1990s

Tea Cart and Accessories
Price: $19.99
Description A complete 38-piece service on four wheels for a special tea party.

Tea Cart and Accessories From The 1990s

Real Sound Workbench
Manufacturer: Stanley
Price: $19.99
Description This toy workbench comes with a plastic hammer, screwdriver, saw, and wrench that produce real sounds.

Stanley Real Sound Workbench From The 1990s

My First Chopper
Manufacturer: Harley Davidson
Price: $89.99
Description This battery-powered or foot-to-floor toy motorcycle has realistic looking chrome-colored hub caps and engine. With batteries, press the button on the "low-rider" styled handle bars to move forward at 1mph. It can hold one passenger up at a weight of up to 40 lbs.

My First Chopper From The 1990s

Jr. Trampoline
Manufacturer: Hedstrom
Price: $79.99
Description This smaller trampoline can be used indoors and outdoors. It is made with a steel frame, soft-touch padded edges, mesh mat for slip resistance, and a corner handle with a textured grip for stabilization. It can support up to 75 lbs.

Hedstrom Jr. Trampoline From The 1990s

Black Belt Shield and Jouster Set
Manufacturer: Sho-Dan
Price: $29.99
Description Martial Arts gear for kids! This set includes an inflatable body shield, foam-molded forearm blocker, and jouster. Designed to help kids develop quick and accurate martial arts moves.

Sho-Dan Black Belt Shield and Jouster Set From The 1990s

Super Jennie Gymnast Doll
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $45.99
Description This remote-controlled doll can be made to move like a real gymnast! Jennie comes with her own uneven parallel bars.

Super Jennie Gymnast From The 1990s

Talking Family Dollhouse
Manufacturer: Tyco
Price: $69.99
Description The four family members speak and the dog even barks when they are moved from room to room in this multi-story four room dollhouse. There are over 60 pieces of furniture and accessories included.

Talking Family Dollhouse From The 1990s

Toy Old-Fashioned Chainstitch Sewing Machine
Manufacturer: Singer
Price: $19.99
Description A traditionally styled old-fashioned Singer sewing machine. This toy makes a Chainstitch with foot-pedal or hand operation and includes thread, needles, and instructions.

Chainstitch Sewing Machine From The 1990s

Winnie the Pooh and Foamy Tree house
Price: $14.99
Description This bathset featuring Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet attaches to the side of the tub with suction cups. Pour bubble bath into the chimney and press the button to form foamy bubbles. This tree house has a slide, diving board, and boat for Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet.

Winnie the Pooh and Foamy Treehouse From The 1990s

Saved By The Bell: The New Class Game
Price: $14.99
Description This two to four player board game is a second edition with all new game play. Pull new pranks on other players as Zack and Kelly join in on the fun.

Saved By The Bell: The New Class Game From The 1990s

Super Projector Backpack
Price: $34.99
Description Use this adjustable image projector backpack to project a slide onto drawing paper for tracing or viewing. It comes with extra transparencies and colored pencils and it can be folded up into a backpack for easy transportation.

Super Projector Backpack From The 1990s

VRT-X The Virtual Experience
Manufacturer: Tiger
Price: $24.99
Description A small electronic game that has 3-dimensional holographic games project images onto a back lit LCD screen with sound effects. Games available include Daytona U.S.A. and Congo.

VRT-X Virtual Experience From The 1990s

Barracuda Boat
Manufacturer: Nikko
Price: $59.99
Description This radio-controlled toy boat can race through pools or ponds and is capable of moving forward, reversing, turning left or right, and stopping. It comes with an automatic bilge pump and display stand.

Nikko Barracuda Boat From The 1990s

Stretch and Grow Dancie
Price: $24.99
Description Slip shoe straps over your toes and dance together. Hands have clasp for piggy-back rides. Grows from 26" to 34". Face changes from sleeping face to smiling face.

Stretch and Grow Dancie From The 1990s

Bob Mackie Goddess of the Sun Barbie
Manufacturer: Barbie
Price: $199.00
Description Behold this goddess in her shimmering yellow/gold sequined and beaded sheath dress. Sequined and beaded sun rays engulf her torso and head. Her bright yellow, sun-drenched hair is styled into three large curls and accessorized with a unique turban-like headpiece. Includes sun-shaped earrings, doll stand, booklet, and copy of the original fashion illustration. Limited Edition.

Bob Mackie Goddess of the Sun Barbie From The 1990s

Sounds and Songs Activity Bus
Manufacturer: Fisher Price
Price: $24.99
Description Two modes help identification and cognition skills activated by three friendly characters and large, easy-push buttons. Teaches shapes, numbers, words, phrases, musical notes and tunes. Has easy-grip handle on top for pushing and carrying.

Sounds and Songs Activity Bus Fisher Price From The 1990s

Wall Tracker Racing Set
Price: $79.99
Description Hangs on the wall and can be played on the floor! Action-moving, poster-style background features spinning barricade with sound. Volcano "explodes" when cars pass under. Comes with two cars.

Wall Tracker Racing Set From The 1990s

Jr. Erector Set
Manufacturer: Meccano
Price: $64.99
Description Plastic construction set with 263 brightly colored large parts for little fingers. Comes with a "Tool Buddy," a plastic screwdriver with detachable Erector character. Includes full-color, step-by-step instructions to build 25 models including a train, tractor trailer, speed boat and more.

Jr. Erector Set From The 1990s

All-In-One Kitchen Play Center
Manufacturer: Fisher Price
Price: $66.99
Description Circular design has microwave with timer bell, oven, stove with burners, refrigerator with pretend drink dispenser, removable sink, built-in dishrack, fold-out table, portable telephone and kitchen accessories included.

All-In-One Kitchen Play Center From The 1990s

Talk 'N Play Zoe
Manufacturer: Playskool
Price: $66.99
Description A 16" tall Zoe doll from Sesame Street says one of seven phrases when her tummy is pressed. Includes attachable accessories (mirror, lipstick and necklace) that store in her purse.

Playskool Talk 'N Play Zoe From The 1990s