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1953 Popular Vintage Toys Part Of The 1950s

Acro Ball Game
Price: $1.49
Description A new sensationally designed ball game made of a combination of brightly lithographed metal base and transparent plastic top. Players try to snap the marbles into the scoring pockets. Each pocket scores differently with a challenge on each try for high scoring. Five brightly colored marbles are included.

Acro Ball Game From The 1950s

Bomber Exploding Ship
Price: $1.85
Description "Fly" airplane over target, press release, and a toy bomb drops. If target is hit, battleship (with wheels) explodes into 8 parts. Easy to put battleship together again.

Bomber Exploding Ship From The 1950s

Bounce Away Horse
Price: $11.98
Description Here's something really different in hobbyhorse construction... four steel springs thrill your youngsters with plenty of "riding" action. Large realistic white plastic head mounted on wood frame body with strong sides. Has an attractive white enamel finish with read and black trim.

Bounce Away Horse From The 1950s

Captain Space Solar Academy
Price: $5.89
Description Plenty of action! Over 100 play pieces... rocket ships, flying saucers that actually fly, radar guns, Solar Scouts, men from planets in space suits, and more.

Captain Space Solar Academy From The 1950s

Car of the Future
Price: $1.73
Description A real streamlined beauty with sleek, low lines... a true car of the future! Powerful friction motor drives car forward or backward. Harmless sparks shoot from the big exhaust... car motor roars with power noise. Driver sits beneath plastic bubble canopy designed for perfect vision.

Car of the Future From The 1950s

Deluxe Spinet
Price: $25.95
Description Designed and constructed like a full-size spinet. Made of hardwood, finished in highly polished simulated dark walnut. Has 30 plastic keys, including sharps and flats. Comes with stool.

Deluxe Spinet From The 1950s

Deluxe Toy Sewing Machine
Price: $5.98
Description Little seamstresses will quickly learn to turn out a fine seam. She'll spend many busy and happy hours making dresses for her dolls. Stitch and thread tension controls adjust to fabric thickness for tight, even chain stitch. Girls Toys From The 1950s reflected the role of women in society as home makers and little girls were encouraged to learn to cook, sew and clean like mummy.

Deluxe  Sewing Machine From The 1950s

Doctor and Nurse Kits
Price: $1.69 each
Description Each kit comes with all the accessories that a little doctor or nurse might need including Kleenex, bandages, tongue depressors, and much more.

Doctor and Nurse Kits From The 1950s

Doll Bath and Dressing Table
Price: $5.98
Description It's fun to bathe dolly in this white, leakproof, heavy vinyl plastic tub with hammock. Metal tray below holds bath accessories. White splash guard has pockets. Nursery pattern dressing table slides over tub; safety strap holds dolly. Has a rubber drain hose and the heavy chrome-plated frame folds easily. Baby powder, wash cloth, sponge, and soap are included.

Doll Bath and Dressing Table From The 1950s

Flexy Racer
Price: $17.25
Description Flexy Racer... a sled on wheels! More uses than a sled, and it is faster and easier to handle than a wagon. Safe because it has instant steering and positive two wheel brake, applied without removing hands from the steering bar. Heavy-gauge steel under-carriage provides firm, solid support for deck. Streamlined, sloping deck is steel reinforced; made of select hardwood sanded smooth and varnished.

Flexy Racer From The 1950s

Game of Assembly Line
Price: $2.79
Description Assemble cars like the motor makers. 2, 3, or 4 players have their own factories to assemble cars, step by step. Attractively colored playing board has 106 plastic parts including chasis, wheels, motors, steering posts and bodies in yellow, red, green, and blue. One die, 1 spinner, and full directions.

Game of Assembly Line From The 1950s

Giant Pan American Clipper
Price: $3.19
Description Authentic replica of the famous Clipper Planes. Heavy silver-color steel. Four dummy motors with free-spinning propellers; dual wheels with tricycle landing gear. Loading ramp for passengers rolls up to door of the plane. Has detailed markings on the body and wings.

Giant Pan American Clipper From The 1950s

Harriet Hubbard Ayer Make Up Doll
Manufacturer: Ideal
Price: $11.39
Description Her face and arms are delicately molded in soft, real-as-life vinyl plastic "Magic Flesh" that can be made up over and over again. Her "very own" make-up kit contains seven harmless cosmetics: lipstick, rouge, face powder, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, perfume stick, Cleanse-Ayer cream, and tissues.

Harriet Hubbard Ayer Make Up Doll From The 1950s

Honey Walker
Price: $9.59
Description As she walks, her lovely head turns with each step. Sits without support. All plastic body is beautifully detailed, eyes close for sleep. Saran wig can be waved and set, like any child's. Smartly costumed in cotton dress, panties, black patent snap shoes, and rayon socks.

Honey Walker From The 1950s

Little Kitchen Helper
Price: $2.85
Description A dish washing set like Mother's, scaled for youngsters so they can feel helpful at dish washing time. Set includes dish pan, dish drainer, drain board mat, sink strainer, plastic apron, plastic tea set, sponge, dish mop, dish towel, dish cloth, bottle brush, polishing cloth, miniature can of Ajax cleanser, and miniature packages of Vel and Brillo cleaning pads.

Little Kitchen Helper From The 1950s

Motor Scooter
Price: $21.95
Description The "Motor" scooter has a smooth-action roller chain drive. Just like the real thing from its chrome-plated bumper to authentic-looking exhaust. Enameled in red and white, has a plastic windshield.

Motor Scooter From The 1950s

Pet Shop Set
Price: $3.98
Description An attractive play set with all the appeal of a real pet shop. Completely equipped and stocked with all kinds and breeds of animals. Outdoor exercise runways, fence, and trees make it a complete, authentic replica. Animals and pets include monkeys, dogs, birds, rabbits, and parrot.

Pet Shop Set From The 1950s

Radio Phonograph
Price: $36.95
Description A child's very own radio, plus a 3-speed electronic phonograph. Radio tunes standard AM broadcast.

Radio Phonograph From The 1950s

Siren Jeep
Price: 99 cents
Description Authentic reproduction of army jeep realistically detailed even to spare gas container on rear end. Powerful friction motor on front wheels drives jeep forward or backward. Siren screams as jeep speeds along. Made of rugged high impact plastic in bright colors with contrasting trim. Windshield raises and lowers. Has four realistically treaded solid rubber wheels.

Siren Jeep From The 1950s

Smokey Bear
Price: $4.89
Description Smokey.. authentic fire prevention bear! Made of rayon plush and cotton stuffed. Wears blue twill pants, felt hat, metal Ranger Badge, belt, and carries a plastic shovel. Comes with two Smokey window stickers and an application for membership in Junior Forest Rangers.

Smokey Bear From The 1950s

The Toy
Price: $3.29
Description Builds a real "play-in" size house, airplane, canopy... almost anything a child's imagination can dream up. Take it apart, put it together... THE TOY lets children satisfy their desire for king-size structures with its colorful panels, connecting pieces. THE TOY consists of extra-heavy kraft paper panels in assorted bright colors, coated with water-resistant plastic.

The Toy From The 1950s

Tiny Tears
Price: $9.49
Description Big wet tears well up in her eyes and roll down her cheeks, and she'll need to be pacified, just as any baby does. Also sleeps, drinks her bottle when she's hungry, wets her diapers, blows bubbles at playtime with her bubble pipe, and bathes like a real infant. She wears a knit shirt and panties, but brings a layette that includes sheer organdy dress, bonnet, cotton slip, diaper, booties, soap, wash cloth, sponge, bottle, tiny bubble pipe and Kleenex.

Tiny Tears From The 1950s

Toy Barber Set
Price: 93 cents
Description Every little boy likes to "make believe" and this six piece plastic set will make him a first-class "barber" in one easy lesson. Set consists of 6-inch scissors, play razor, clippers, comb, brush, and mug.

 Barber Set From The 1950s

Toy Typewriter
Manufacturer: Tom Thumb
Price: $19.49
Description Looks and works just like a real typewriter... letters arranged on the keyboard exactly as on any standard typewriter. Types 82 characters including a complete alphabet of capital and small letters, plus numerals and punctuation marks. Has ball bearing space bar, paper release, shift keys and real bell action for the margin.

 Typewriter From The 1950s

Walkie Talkie
Price: $5.89
Description You can talk and listen at the same time. Press button on one phone, other phone buzzes for incoming call. Has 50 feet double wire. Two metal hangers included, can be screwed into a post or tree to hold head set.

Walkie Talkie From The 1950s