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1957 Vintage Toys Images, Prices and Descriptions inc. Captain Kangaroo, Juke Box, Camera Outfit and Mighty Mouse

Fifties Vintage Toys From The Year 1957 including The Most Happy Family Doll Set, Robert the Animated Robot, Patti Doll, Two-way electronic Marine-type field phones and more with prices and descriptionsThe prices shown for these Ladies Clothing are the price they were sold for in 1957 not today

  • Allstate Mechanical Freight Set From The 1950s Allstate Mechanical Freight Set
    Manufacturer: Allstate
    Price: $5.77
    The Allstate Mechanical Freight set comes with 28 scale-detailed, molded, durable, plastic accessories and 5 vinyl plastic people. Realistic steam-spring motor, built in on/off switch, and speed governor are all included also. Bell rings and harmless sparks shoot from the stack as it whizzes around its oval track. The train includes locomotive, lithographed-metal tender, gondola and caboose.
  • American Plastic Bricks From The 1950s American Plastic Bricks
    Manufacturer: Halsom
    Price: $13.44
    Design and build intricate modern structures in realistic scale miniature. Modern transparent plastic jalousie picture windows; doors and windows actually open and close. Pegs and sockets make red plastic bricks fit securely. Green cardboard simulated asphalt roof. Larger sets build more and bigger models. Set comes with 902 pieces and instruction plans for all models.
  • Atomic Missile Pedal Car From The 1950s Atomic Missile Pedal Car
    Price: $25.50
    Space-minded youngsters will really go for its realistic, dual, guided-missile controls, simulated gauges and instruments, and realistic motor-tone gear shift. Has a metallic gold color finish with white and vermilion trim.
  • Big Max Conveyor Belt From The 1950s Big Max Conveyor Belt
    Price: $8.17
    "Big Max" turns 360 degrees, bends over and picks up metal ingots from bins as a light on his head flashes, and places ingots on conveyor belt. Belt moves forward or in reverse, dumps ingots into truck. Operates by remote control.
  • Captain Kangaroo Tasket Basket From The 1950s Captain Kangaroo Tasket Basket
    Manufacturer: Holgate
    Price: $2.67
    A treasure box of different shaped blocks that fit in shaped holes... helps to develop hand-eye coordination.
  • Chemcraft Master Deluxe Lab From The 1950s Chemcraft Master Deluxe Lab
    Manufacturer: Chemcraft
    Price: $24.95
    Over 900 experiments in plastics, outers space, atomic energy, glass blowing, organic and inorganic chemistry. Big wooden cabinet contains precision balance, graduate, gas generator, chemicals, and other equipment.
  • Electric Toy Machine Gun From The 1950s Electric Toy Machine Gun
    Price: $4.77
    Giant-size high-impact plastic model of an air-cooled 50-caliber machine gun. Mounted on a detachable 18-inch tubular steel tripod, it swivels in a full circle for all-around fire power. Has realistic noises, light flashes, and a two-hand grip.

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  • Electric Juke Box From The 1950s Electric Juke Box
    Price: $29.25
    Perfect for the children's room or rumpus room! It's the tops with the "teen-age" set, as well as with younger children. It is built to take the steady grind that fun-loving youngsters will give it. Plays three speeds of records and has an electrically-driven turntable and an electric amplifier that produces sound that compares with adult-standard phonographs. Intermittently flashing lights at the front give it a realistic "juke-box" appearance. Toys reflect society and the culture of the period as this juke-box was a miniture copy of the real thing found in Fifties Diners
  • Field Phones From The 1950s Field Phones
    Price: $3.57
    Two-way electronic Marine-type field phones for fun adventures. Requires batteries.

  • Fisher Price Timber Toter From The 1950s Fisher Price Timber Toter
    Manufacturer: Fisher Price
    Price: $4.47
    Rolls on musical steel cylinder and wooden rattle cage. Fill up and dump again. Wood cart is strong enough to sit or kneel on. Very durable, instructive, and entertaining.
  • Freddie Fireplug From The 1950s Freddie Fireplug
    Price: $1.82
    Happy one minute, sad the next as his mouth and eye sections are turned upside down. Chains add realism and guard against loss of smaller pieces.
  • Golden Sonic From The 1950s Golden Sonic
    Manufacturer: Tigrett
    Price: $17.95
    Send this mysterious "space-ship" on any course by sound waves. The Sonic acts instantly as you blow the special whistle. Goes wherever you choose, responds indoors or outdoors up to 30 or 40 feet away under good acoustical conditions. The radar screen catches the sound and makes the Sonic go forward or reverse, turn left or right on a dime!
  • Happi-Time Walking Deb From The 1950s Happi-Time Walking Deb
    Manufacturer: Happi-Time
    Price: $10.97
    She walks as gracefully as a model to show off her rustling rayon taffeta formal with its net overskirt, decolletage and velvet streamers.
  • Hobo Mutt From The 1950s Hobo Mutt
    Price: $4.57
    This happy fellow's merry vinyl face sports a "5 o'clock shadow." His wired legs assume many funny poses. Coat of synthetic chamois fiber and shaggy rayon plush. Wears a polka dot kerchief, eye patch, tail splint and carries a pack.

  • Imperial Debonair Camera Outfit From The 1950s Imperial Debonair Camera Outfit
    Price: $6.97
    The best children's photo set! Includes camera, detachable flash unit with hot bulb ejector, 4 bulbs, 2 batteries, 12-picture roll of 620 film plus handsome plastic gadget bag with handy front pocket, and instructions.
  • Mighty Mouse From The 1950s Mighty Mouse
    Price: $3.67
    This cheerful "defender of mistreated mice" is costumed in rayon satin and has a vinyl face. 15 inches high.

  • Patti Doll From The 1950s Patti Doll
    Price: $1.94
    This 25-inch tall doll is a big, flippity-floppity teenager doll with candy-striped skirt to match her hands and feet. She has a yarn pony tail and a painted plastic face.
  • Play Dinette Set From The 1950s Play Dinette Set
    Price: $17.50
    This chrome-plated set has three pieces. The plastic top resists acids, stains, and chipping. Comes in a red and gray color combination.
  • Robert the Animated Robot From The 1950s Robert the Animated Robot
    Price: $5.67
    He walks, he talks, and with flashing eyes he obeys your every command. All his movements are directed by remote control from a crank and trigger mechanism you hold.
  • Sleepyhead Doll From The 1950s Sleepyhead Doll
    Price: $3.27
    This Sleepyhead doll is baby's bedtime pal. Made with soft cotton-backed rayon plush and stuffed with feather-foam. Has a tuft of Saran hair, vinyl face, and painted features. Comes in pastel colors.
  • Talent Show Set From The 1950s Talent Show Set
    Price: $8.97
    Talented tots can put on their own show with this realistic electronic microphone and loudspeaker set. Transmits and amplifies sound by means of 4 baby-size batteries. Aluminum mike stand adjusts from 10 inches high to 45 inches high and can be used on the floor or a table.
  • The Most Happy Family Doll Set From The 1950s The Most Happy Family Doll Set
    Price: $19.95
    Mama walks, turning her head from side to side; her knees are jointed so she can kneel, too. Children are all vinyl with jointed arms and legs and turning heads, but they do not walk. All have matching stylish outfits.
  • Toy Coca-Cola Dispenser From The 1950s Toy Coca-Cola Dispenser
    Price: $2.84
    Invite the gang over for a Coke party! Dispenser holds standard bottle, liquid pours out when handle is pulled down. Includes four small plastic glasses. Bottle is easily inserted and it was designed so cleanliness is assured. Made of bright red and white plastic.
  • Wiggly Fritz From The 1950s Wiggly Fritz
    Price: $1.86
    Tempered steel spring body with backed enamel finish. Has a soft vinyl head and solid rubber feet. Wiggly has a plastic leash and jingle bell. Overall length is 13 inches.