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1931 Australia Tasmanian Tigers 31st July 1931 : An expedition has left to find if any Tasmanian Tigers ( Tasmanian Marsupial Wolf ) are left, it is believed they have retreated to rugged western and south western parts of Australia as a last stand for the species but many believe they are already extinct.
This film was from later in the 1930's of A Tasmanian Tiger

1920 U.S.A. Illegal Booze Seized Saturday, Jul. 31st 1920 : A total of 2,000,000 quarts of Whisky have been seized in New York and Chicago this week in two raids on illegal drinking establishments.

1962 UK Sir Oswald Mosley Jul. 31st 1962 : A rally of supporters of Sir Oswald Mosley and his anti-Semitic Blackshirt group in London's east end ends when missiles including rotten fruit, pennies and stones are thrown at him and police are forced to end the rally when he knocked to the ground by protesters.

1964 U.S.A. Ranger 7 Jul. 31st 1964 : Ranger 7 an unmanned lunar probe is sent to the moon it's main purpose is to discover what the moons surface would be like for the planned moon landing later in the decade, it's cameras start filming the surface 17 minutes before impact and the photos are beamed back to earth. The pictures showed that the lunar surface was not excessively dusty or otherwise treacherous to a potential spacecraft landing.

1978 Rhodesia Attack Mozambique Jul. 31st 1978 : Rhodesian troops, Jet fighters and Bombers attacked Guerrilla bases in Mozambique after crossing the border as they believe they are bases used by terrorists entering Rhodesia

1982 Iraq Iran Invasion 31st July 1982 : Iran is continuing to make progress on it's push towards the capital of Iraq, Baghdad

1987 UK Peter Wright's Spycatcher Book Jul. 31st 1987 : The British Attorney General has filed charges against the Sunday Telegraph for publishing three articles repeating details from the Spycatcher book which is banned from publication in the UK. Spycatcher is banned in the UK because Peter Wright who worked for MI5 as a a Senior Intelligence Officer is in breach of his contract and could damage confidence in British security.

1991 Soviet Union Start Treaty Signed Jul. 31st 1991 : The worlds two superpowers the United States and the Soviet Union sign the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty ( START ) an historic agreement reducing their stockpiles of nuclear warheads by more than 30%.

1999 U.S.A. Linda Tripp Jul. 31st 1999 : The only person who was involved in the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton who is facing criminal charges Linda Tripp, has been charged for illegal phone tapping

1999 Great Britain Beef Export Ban Lifted Jul. 31st 1999 : The British Beef export ban that has now been in place for three years following the BSE Crisis and it's link to its human form CJD. Since the ban in 1996 strict new hygiene and registration measures have been put in place to ensure British Beef is the best in the market, and British farmers are now seeking a great future for beef exports.

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2001 U.S.A. Napster Closed Down 31st July 2001 : Napster is finally closed down by court order following an injunction on behalf of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) . Napster had grown in just two short years from just a few visitors and file swappers to multiple millions of visitors sharing music mostly in the form of MP3's depriving the music industry of millions of dollars. And in 2002 Napster was forced to file for Chapter 11 protection but an American bankruptcy judge forced Napster to liquidate its assets according to Chapter 7 of the U.S. bankruptcy laws.

2002 Uruguay Banking crisis Jul. 31st 2002 : Following a withdrawals hundreds of millions of dollars by locals and foreigners on the banks in Uruguay, the country's financial system cracks under the strain with the state bank branches and the countries ATM machines closed while the government decides what it can do. The government has applied to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for loans to keep the financial system afloat. ( The US stepped in on 5th August with a temporary loan of $1.5 billion ) .

Somalia 2006 Somalia Commercial Flights Restart After 10 Years Jul. 31st 2006 : The first commercial flight from Mogadishu in over ten years departed for the United Arab Emirates on this day. The advent of this flight demonstrated the steady control that Islamic courts and militia have over the capital. The flight took place during the same week that the official government’s cabinet resigned and the Prime Minister, Ali Mohamed Gedi faced a vote of no-confidence.

Northern Ireland 2007 Northern Ireland Operation Banner Ends Jul. 31st 2007 : England’s Operation Banner officially ends after 38 years. The operation was originally an emergency operation sent for peacekeeping in 1969 when Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland clashed. The operation was considered the longest uninterrupted campaign in the British army’s history.

China 2011 China Violence In Kashgar, China 31st July, 2011 : Violent unrest erupts in Kashgar, a city in the Xinjiang region of China. The violence began after two men drove a truck into pedestrians and attacked them with knives. Six people were killed, along with the truck driver and one of the attackers. An explosion also killed three others, while police shot and killed four people they labeled as suspects. The region of Xinjiang has a population of mostly ethnic Uighur, who are Muslim, but there is much ethnic tension in the area as Han Chinese move into the region. The Chinese government blamed the Uighur activists for the violence, while the Uighurs blamed security forces.

United Kingdom 2012 United Kingdom Michael Phelps Wins 19th Olympic Medal
Jul. 31st, 2012 : Michael Phelps won his record-breaking 19th Olympic medal after winning gold as a part of the 4x200m freestyle relay team for the USA. Phelps beat Russian gymnast Larisa Latynina, who had won a total of 18 medals during the 1950s and 1960s, for the title of most decorated Olympian in the history of the modern games.

United States
2013 United States Scientists Grow Artificial Ear

Jul. 31st, 2013 : Scientists in the United States have announced that they were able to grow an artificial human ear in a lab from animal tissue. They say this development brings them one step closer to being able to grow an ear from a patient's cells in order to help people who have deformed ears or lost them in an accident.

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