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24 Jan, 1989 - Ted Bundy
24th January, 1989 : The serial killer Ted Bundy was electrocuted for murdering a 12-year-old girl.
24 Jan, 1929 - Lindberg
24th January, 1929 : Colonial Charles Lindberg had planned to leave on a 3,500-mile flight from Detroit, Michigan. He planned to travel all the way to Cape Horn, which is the southernmost tip of the continent of South America. He would then return to the East Coast.

24 Jan, 1935 - First Canned Beer Sold
The first canned beer goes on sale "Krueger Cream Ale," sold by Krueger Brewing Co. of Richmond, the general public. Pabst was the second brewer in the same year to sell beer in cans and the cans came with a picture of a can opener on the side, with opening instructions.
24 Jan, 1939 - Chile Earthquake
30,000 people are killed by a magnitude 8.3 devastating earthquake in Chillan , Chile.
24 Jan, 1956 - Look Magazine
Two white men from Mississippi known as J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant admitted to the murder of Emmett Louis Till, A Chicago teen African-American native. A very detailed account of their confessions was printed in Look magazine, for which they were compensated.
24 Jan, 1956 - Rebuild Barbican
Plans are being submitted and there will be a public enquiry to build thousands of homes including residential tower blocks, offices and shops in one of the worst hit areas of London during the World War II bombing in the Barbican area of central London
24 Jan, 1958 - Hong Kong US Spies
Despite the plees of three American Mothers, Chou En-Lai, the Prime Minister of Red China would not let go of their sons. There was a promise that the government of Red China would be lenient towards each of the mothers' sons if they "behave" while imprisoned.
The Pleas made by the three American mothers was presented by the Health Minister of Red China and Red Cross president (Mrs. Li The Chaun). The mothers known by the names of Ruth Redman, Jessie Fecleau, and Mary Downy, were soon to return to their respected homes (back to the United States from their visit to Red China).
An outcome was hoped for as soon as possible. Unfortunately, as of this date it had not come yet. The sons were thrown in prison for 20 years to life sentence on charges of spying.
24 Jan, 1961 - Marilyn Monroe
The divorce of Marilyn Monroe to playwright Arthur Miller is granted in Mexico, where a judge signed the decree. The grounds of divorce were listed as "incompatibility". This was her third divorce 1st from childhood sweetheart Jimmy Dougherty, 2nd from legendary Baseball Star Joe DiMaggio.

24 Jan, 1965 - Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, died aged 90 years old he was best known as leading his country through World War II as a great speaker and raising morale of his countrymen.
24 Jan, 1966 - India Plane Crash
24th January, 1966 : An Air India Boeing 707 crashed into Mount Blanc, the highest peak of the Alps with the loss of life for 117 passengers.
24 Jan, 1968 Mayor
The role of the office of mayor has changed over the years. This change was noted in a feature printed in a local Oklahoma newspaper. It's not to take away from the importance of a mayor in years past-who was always their on the public scene, smiling, waving, and mingling.
One of the most important honorable tasks given to mayors in times past included the cutting of ribbons at dedication ceremonies. Mayors also used to push for the improvement of roads, as well as the establishment of adequate law enforcement.
The above-mentioned responsibilities were quite important. However, in more recent years mayors of cities also acted as an economist, mediator, and architect. Mayors become officers who have engaged themselves in very important decisions over the years.
24 Jan, 1972 - UN needs Money
As reported in a newspaper dated of this day and year, Nixon appeared to be cool towards efforts to raise money for the United Nations (UN), which was in debt at this time. At first, it did not seem this way, as Kurt Weldheim had told reporters that the government was responding positively to UN fundraising efforts.
However, it was too early at this point to determine what the U.S. government's decision would be. Apparently there was a very mixed reaction in the White House regarding the possible aid of the United Nations.
The majority of the debt created by the United Nations at this time was a result of countries such as France, the Soviet Union, and several Eastern European countries failing to adhere to peace agreements.

24 Jan, 1972 Guam 28 years later
28 years after the war ended local farmers found a Japanese sergeant who was unaware that World War II had ended, he had survived in the Jungle carving tools and hunting for all those years waiting for orders from the Japanese Army
24 Jan, 1980 US Sells to China
In reaction to the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, the United States had announced plans to sell military equipment to China. The sale of this equipment would not include the purchase of weapons.
The reason for the United State's decision to provide military merchandise to China was in part a precautionary measure-in case of Russian attack. At the same time that Russia had invaded Afghanistan, the United States had been named the most favored trading nation with China.

24 Jan, 1994 AT&T
24th January, 1994 : One United States telecommunications company had let go of over 16,000 employees as of this year. This was in effort to cut rising costs upon the deregulation of telephone communication services.

24 Jan, 1995 O.J. Simpson
The trial started of O.J. Simpson for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman
24 Jan, 2003 - Homeland Security
United States Department of Homeland Security officially began operating
24 Jan, 2008 - Rogue Trader
A rogue trader ( Mr Kerviel ) at "Societe Generale" has lost over 7 billion dollars , to put this in context the rougue trader ( Nick Leeson ) who was at the centre of collapse at Barings Bank in England in 1995 lost in the order of $1.28 billion dollars. Societe Generale, one of France's largest banks, has arranged a rights issue worth 5.5bn euros in new capital in order to offset the losses, but has stated it would still show a profit balance for 2007.
24 Jan, 2008 - Auction Radio Spectrum Licences Begin
24th January, 2008 : The auction for rights to radio spectrum licenses of begins and is expected to include multibillion-dollar bids from the nation's two biggest wireless phone companies, Verizon and AT&T, as well as Google as wireless broadband is expected to become the next big thing, the mobile Internet.
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24 Jan, 2011 - Suicide Bombing at Russian Airport
An explosion caused by a suicide bomber at the Domodedovo Airport in Moscow kills over thirty people and injures over one-hundred people.    
24 Jan, 2013 - US Ends Ban on Women in Combat
The US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced that the military would end its ban on women in combat roles in the US Armed Forces. The decision overturned a rule instated in 1994 that banned women from small ground combat units.

24 Jan, 2014 - Pinochet Era Officers Arrested
24th January, 2014 : Four former army officers that had been in service during Augusto Pinochet's government were arrested after being accused of poisoning prisoners during that era. They were accused of the murder of two prisoners and attempting to murder five others.

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January 22nd to January 28th
1901 Queen Victoria passed away in the Osborne House on the Isle of Wight
1920 New “Dry Bill” (Alcohol Prohibition) being Introduced to Congress
1922 Insulin First Used
1924 first Winter Olympics games took place in the French Alps
1926 John Logie Baird, gives the first public demonstration of a television system in London.
1933 New Hourly Wage Rate set at 35 cents per hour
1933 The 20th Amendment to the US Constitution Is Ratified
1935 First Canned Beer Sold
1938 Honeymoon Bridge across Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada collapses
1939 Nationalists enters Barcelona Spanish Civil War
1944 Siege of Leningrad Broken after 872 days
1945 Soviet troops enter Auschwitz, Poland,
1950 India Formally becomes a republic
1960 Payola Scandal Comes To Light
1961 Luxury Portuguese cruise liner Santa Maria is hijacked by terrorists
1964 The Beatles get their first number one with "I Want To Hold Your Hand" on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
1964 The 24th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is Ratified
1970 The Boeing 747 makes its first commercial passenger trip to London
1973 US president, Richard Nixon, appears on national television to announce "peace with honour" in Vietnam.
1974 The Brisbane River Floods causing much of the city to flood
1977 The Alex Haley book "Roots" is turned into a TV Mini Series
1978 First Episode of Fantasy Island Aired on Television
1984 New Apple Macintosh computer was first displayed during the Super Bowl.
1986 The space shuttle Challenger explodes just after liftoff
1989 The serial killer Ted Bundy was electrocuted
1998 President Bill Clinton appears on American Television and denies having "sexual relations" with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky
2002 Kmart Corp files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
2003 United States Department of Homeland Security officially began operating
2005 Condoleezza Rice appointed to the post of secretary of state
2005 Mandher Devi Temple Stampede
2008 President Bush and House leaders agree to a $150 billion stimulus package
2009 Iceland Banking System Collapses
2010 The stock market lost nearly 3.0% in 2 days and banking sector drops up to 5.0%