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27 Feb, 1964 - Italy Leaning Tower of Pisa
27th February, 1964 : The Italian government announces that the Leaning Tower of Pisa was in serious danger of collapsing in an earthquake or storm asking for suggestions on how to save one of Italy's top tourist attractions. The work to save the Tower did not begin until 1999 and was completed in December 2001.
27 Feb, 1922 - U.S.A. Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution
27th February, 1922 : On this day, the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution was passed on this day. The right of women to vote (as well as the right of women to engage in many other activities) was declared constitutional by all of the members of the U.S. Supreme Court. It took seventy years of fighting and petitioning to make this women's suffrage legislation a reality. Women and men both were advocating equal rights for women as far back as in the early 19th Century. Find More What happened in 1922.
27 Feb, 1918 - England Hospital Ship Sunk
27th February, 1918 : A report made from London indicated that hospital ship Glenart Castle sank into the waters of the Bristol Channel on the day before after being torpedoed. According to one source, only 38 of the people of approximately 200 people on board were reported alive. According to one source, it was figured that about 144 of the couple of hundred people on board were still unaccounted for. As of this date, there were discrepancies local newspapers as to the exact count of people actually on the ship before it sunk. That was yet to be determined at a later date. At this time, it was reported that no patients were on board, so the lives lost were mostly ship crew and hospital personnel.
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27 Feb, 1920 - U.S.A. Olives
27th February, 1920 : According to a word sent from the Kansas Federal Bureau of Food and Drug Inspection, poison olives were reported as being sent. This word was received by Dr. A.R. Lewis, the State Health Commissioner. The cities to which these olives were distributed included El Reno, Alva, Tulis, Henryetta, Mc Callister, Bartlesville, Lawton, Cushing, and Muskogee. These olives were sent to retail grocers, packed in a similar was as they are today. They were not sent to wholesale distributors.
27 Feb, 1920 - U.S.A. Lee Magee
27th February, 1920 : Lee Magee, a major league baseball player for teams such as the Cubs, Reds, and the Dodgers, decided to make a go of it in the business world. This decision was announced indirectly by way of a short biography of Magee printed in a local newspaper.
27 Feb, 1937 - U.S.A. Modern 30s Women
27th February, 1937 : A new modern type of woman was introduced during the 1920s and 1930s. These women spent more time with their hair and makeup than times past, according to one pastor. Willis warned that the 20th Century woman spends more time at the card table than she does "at the kitchen stove". Willis further explained that this type of woman may not know very well how to flip a "flapjack" (pancake) without the grease splattering all over the house. Bishop Willis also said that women want to leave "obey" out of the marriage ceremony. Likewise, he said the following: "Yes these giddy-headed shallow-brained twentieth century flappers go around wanting God's plan for the household changed…listen to me, my girl, if you do not want to obey that man, then stay single and get a job bossing a section gang, for you will never make the right kind of wife and mother." Bishop J. Willis strongly advocated the mother and father roles of times past, what was considered "traditional" before this time. He also commented that more people these days know more about the suggestive jazz songs of today than the words of the Psalms of King David.
27 Feb, 1937 - U.S.A. New Taxes
27th February, 1937 : New taxes, such as a two percent increase in general sales tax along with a local option whisky bill were written into the state laws of Alabama. The legislation for heavier taxes was decided after 14 weeks of debate.
27 Feb, 1938 - U.S.A. Pontiac Mascot
27th February, 1938 : A new design was created to use as Pontiac's mascot. This particular mascot design was created by Chris Klein and C. Karnstadt. It was of the theme of an Indian maiden, which was inspired by connections with the General Motors (GM) war chief who was employed in the GM manufacturing division.
27 Feb, 1938 - U.S.A. Los Angeles Flood
27th February, 1938 : An abnormally large amount of rain falls in Los Angeles starting on February 27th causing rivers to overflow with mud landslides in Los Angeles, killing approximately 120 people and destroying thousands of homes.
27 Feb, 1943 - U.S.A. Mine Explosion Montana
27th February, 1943 : An explosion at the Montana Coal and Iron Company mine trapped and killed 74 miners.
27 Feb, 1973 - U.S.A. American Indian Movement
27th February, 1973 : More than 200 members from the American Indian Movement moved in to take the reservation area of Wounded Knee by force beginning an occupation that lasted until May.
27 Feb, 1951 - 22nd Amendment to US Constitution
27th February, 1951 : The 22nd amendment to the Constitution is ratified which changes the law so no man or woman may serve more than ten years ( two terms ) of office as the president of the United States. Available as a downloadable image on our Public Domain Images Page.
27 Feb, 1991 - U.S.A. Video Used In Murder Trial
27th February, 1991 : A video that was made which re-created the events of a murder was admitted to the court on this day. However, it was not considered substantial enough evidence of the murder that it portrayed. Therefore, the person charged only was convicted of manslaughter, and not premeditated first degree murder, and only had received six years in prison. Sometimes courts still use these videos. However, they usually tend to mean more if used to record an event as it actually happened.
27 Feb, 1991 - Kuwait Liberated
27th February, 1991 : President George H.W. Bush declared that "Kuwait is liberated, and announced that the allies would suspend combat operations at midnight.
27 Feb, 1997 - Ireland Divorce
27th February, 1997 : Divorce becomes legal in the predominantly catholic country of Ireland.
27 Feb, 1997 - England Handgun Legislation
27th February, 1997 : New legislation banning most handguns in Britain went into effect helping to make the strictest gun legislation in the world with self-defence not considered a valid reason to own a gun.
27 Feb, 1998 - Great Britain Women in the House of Lords
27th February, 1998 : Queen Elizabeth II has agreed to a proposal to end male preference when determining succession which means that a monarch's first-born daughter could claim the throne even if a son was born later.
27 Feb, 1999 - Nigeria Election
27th February, 1999 : Voters in Nigeria have elected a civilian president ( Olusegun Obasanjo ) which ends 15 years of military rule.
27 Feb, 2002 - India Sabarmati Express
27th February, 2002 : A fire caused by a mob of Muslims on the Sabarmati Express, bound for Ahmedabad with pilgrims returning from the holy site of Ayodhya in the northern Indian state of Uttar P, claims the lives of 57 Hindu Pilgrims.
27 Feb, 2004 - Philippines Terrorist group blow up Superferry 14
27th February, 2004 : The Abu Sayyaf Terrorist group blow up Superferry 14 which had sailed from Manila with 900 passengers. The terrorist group had attempted to extort money for protection from the ferry company earlier in the year and failed.
27 Feb, 2006 - Ahmadinejad has called for the Middle East to be nuclear free
27th February, 2006 : The Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for the Middle-east to be nuclear weapons free. Following talks with Kuwaiti leaders, Ahmadinejad said that nuclear weapons were a threat to the area's stability. Having said that Iran was a good neighbor, he reiterated that his country's nuclear program was for peaceful purposes. The Gulf Arab states have said they want Iran to keep the region free of nuclear weapons. Ahmadinejad's visit to Kuwait has been the first by an Iranian head of state since the Islamic revolution of 1979.
27 Feb, 2006 - Da Vinci Code author is accused of plagiarism
27th February, 2006 : London's High Court is told that the author of The Da Vinci Code 'lifted the central theme' of his bestselling novel from a non-fiction book about Jesus and the Catholic Church. Writers Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh have claimed that Dan Brown appropriated the themes and ideas they explored in their 1982 book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail. They are suing their own publishers, Random House, which is also Mr Brown's publisher, for breach of copyright.
27 Feb, 2007 - United States Al Gore is accused of hypocrisy
27th February, 2007 : The former Vice-President Al Gore is accused of hypocrisy for 'guzzling energy' while he lectures the world on climate change. A Tennessee-based free market think-tank said that Gore's home used more than twenty times the national average of gas and electricity. A spokeswoman for Mr. Gore said he was trying to reduce his carbon emissions by using sustainable energy sources. His climate change documentary An Inconvenient Truth won an Oscar.
27 Feb, 2008 - England Earthquake
27th February, 2008 : The biggest earthquake ( 5.2 magnitude ) in the UK for nearly 25 years has shaken homes in Newcastle, Yorkshire, London, Cumbria, the Midlands, Norfolk and also parts of Wales. The epicentre of the quake was near Market Rasen in Lincolnshire.
27 Feb, 2010 - Chile 8.8 magnitude earthquake
27th February, 2010 : Earthquake measuring 8.8 magnitude strikes Chile with more than 70% of the country experiencing the earthquake, the worst hit cities are Arauco and Coronel. The death toll exceeds 600 with many more injuries. The quake left more than two million homeless as 500,000 houses are uninhabitable. The earthquake set off Tsunami warnings for 53 countries ranging from the United States to Japan.
27 Feb, 2011 - Bolivia Mudslides and Flooding in La Paz
27th February, 2011 : Torrential rains in the Bolivian city of La Paz caused the destruction of over three hundred houses through landslides and flooding. Continued rains in the city caused some of the worst landslides the mountainside city had seen in recent history and left over ten thousand people homeless.
27 Feb, 2012 - Bin Laden Compound Destroyed in Pakistan
27th February, 2012 : Pakistan has demolished the compound where Osama Bin Laden was killed by US forces in May of 2011. No reasons were given for the demolition but it is likely that the authorities did not want it to be turned into a shrine for the al-Queda leader.
27 Feb, 2013 - American Pianist Dies
27th February, 2013 : Classical pianist Van Cliburn died at the age of seventy-eight at his home in Fort Worth, Texas. Cliburn had been suffering from bone cancer for several years.
27 Feb, 2014 - Governor Vetoes Anti-Gay Bill
27th February, 2014 : Arizona governor Jan Brewer has vetoed a bill that would have let business owners in the state of Arizona turn away gay citizens if they cited it as conflicted with their religious beliefs. Opponents of the bill argued that it would have legalized discrimination against gay individuals.

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February 26th to March 4th
1902 Triple AAA Founded
1917 Czar Nicholas II Abdicates
1919 Congress established Grand Canyon National Park
1922 Egypt Gains Independence From Britain
1922 Nineteenth Amendment To The Constitution passed
1923 The first issue of the weekly periodical, "TIME" appeared on newsstands
1932 The Lindbergh baby is kidnapped
1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt inaugurated as the 32nd president of the United States
1933 The Original King Kong movie has its world premiere in New York
1935 Nazi leader Adolf Hitler signs a secret decree authorizing the founding of the Luftwaffe
1936 The Hoover Dam ( Boulder Dam ) is completed
1938 Crude oil was found in Abilene, Texas
1938 Los Angeles Flood Begins
1941 Nashville, Tennessee becomes the home of the very first FM radio station
1949 First automatic street lights are installed in New Milford, Connecticut
1951 22nd amendment to the Constitution is ratified
1952 Communist Teachers Banned From Public Schools
1952 Prime Minister Winston Churchill announces Great Britain has developed its own atomic bomb.
1954 DNA Double Helix Discovered
1961 President John F. Kennedy establishes the Peace Corps
1965 Operation Rolling Thunder begins Vietnam
1965 Movie version of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical "The Sound of Music" starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in the lead roles has its world premiere in New York.
1969 British / French joint project, Concorde, has it's maiden flight
1971 The radical left organization Weather Underground / Weatherman bomb the United States Capitol
1972 Buffalo Creek Valley Flooding
1975 Moorgate Underground Crash
1983 M*A*S*H Final Episode Shown In US
1986 Olof Palme, the Swedish Prime Minister is shot dead
1991 Gulf War Ends
1991 Rodney King Beating In Los Angeles
1991 Kuwait City is liberated by Gulf War Allies
1993 Car Bomb World Trade Center
1993 Waco, Texas bloody gun battle
1995 Barings PLC, Britain's oldest investment banking firm, collapses
1997 New legislation banning most handguns in Britain went into effect
2005 Steve Fossett becomes the first person to fly a plane solo, non-stop around the globe without refuelling.
2005 Dennis Rader, accused of leading a double life as the BTK ( Bind, Torture and Kill, ) serial killer, was charged in Wichita, Kan
2007 55 Tornadoes strike the southern United States
2008 Dmitry Medvedev wins the Russian presidential election
2008 A.I.G. executives convicted of fraud
2010 Earthquake measuring 8.8 magnitude strikes Chile