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Question: What Is This New Section ?
Answer: This is a new section from "The People History" designed to make finding the answers to the most frequently asked questions about modern history easier than currently available.
Question: Why Are you Creating this new section ?
Answer: I have found many of the other sites offering Questions and Answers Frustrating because often a One line question on a subject is answered by a One line answer and the rest of the page is smothered in advertising forcing you to do a new search to find related questions and answers. I have always thought it would be nice to have a single page with the most common questions about a subject grouped together with the answers, this is what this section will attempt to create.
Question: What Subjects Will You Cover ?
Answer: Subjects will range widely and include events, people, places and anything else I believe warrants more than 6 Questions and Answers.
Question: How will you pick subjects to cover ?
Answer: As I am working on other parts of the site if I believe something warrants inclusion into the new FAQ section, I will create what I think are interesting or important questions related to that subject.
Question: How will FAQ's on each subject Be Organized ?
Answer: FAQ's for a subject will be chronologically based.
Answer: To help distinguish pages from rest of site all FAQ pages will begin with faq. Example ( 18th Amendment To The Constitution )
Question: How will Visitors Find Subjects Included So Far ?
Answer: Subjects will be organized alphabetically in the right hand column.
Question: Do You Have An Example ?
Answer: OK -- Lets suppose I was creating a Frequently Asked Question Page On A United States President, Questions might include
When Was XX Born
Where Was XX Born
What Education Did He / She Attain
Political Affiliation.
What was his Political Climb Up The Ladder
Election Result
Date Elected To Office
Date left Office
Major Decisions While In Power
Etc. Etc.
Question: When Will the section be completed ?
Answer: Hmmmm sorry the only answer to this is "How Long Is A Piece Of String".

FAQ's Frequently Asked Quesions and Answers For Modern History