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1980 Popular Vintage Toys From The 1980s

It is fun to look back in time to the 1980 toys we played with when we were children. Included on this page are many popular examples plus many more from the 80's for other years. The popular toys included Cosmic Combat, Star Wars Figures, and Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

2-XL Robot
Manufacturer: Mego
Price: $54.99
Description Perhaps once in a generation, a type of family entertainment comes along un-like anything ever seen or head before. 2-XL has a personality that will both amuse and entertain you, your family and friends. Plug in a cartridge to start and when 2-XL asks you a question, press one of three buttons representing a choice of answers. 2-XL will tell you if you are right. 2-XL will keep you laughing and guessing as he tells jokes, asks riddles, plays music and sings songs.

2-XL Robot From The 1980s

24-Inch Baby Chrissy
Price: $19.99
Description Pull her hair to make it "grow"; pull string on neck to shorten it. Dressed in romper. Big enough to wear real baby clothes. She has soft vinyl foam skin and jointed arms and legs, auburn hair and big sparkling eyes.

Baby Chrissy Doll From The 1980s

Big Trak
Manufacturer: Milton Bradley
Price: $37.99
Description Use the keyboard to program the Big Trak space vehicle to go forward, backward, turn left and right, rotate 360 degrees and even fire laser gun.

Big Trak Programmable Vehicle From The 1980s

Casey Jones Musical Train
Manufacturer: Tomy
Price: $12.77
Description A record player shaped like a steam locomotive that makes merry, piping music as it moves along. Insert one of the four double-sided records that are included and turn on the train. Train runs straight or in a circle.

Casey Jones Musical Train From The 1980s

CHiPs Moped
Price: $11.99
Description Patrol the highways on this fully steerable sturdy plastic bike.

CHiPs Moped Bike From The 1980s

Color 'N Curl Candi
Manufacturer: Mego
Price: $14.99
Description Fantasize.. color, streak, frost or tip her hair, the color washes out! Includes vinyl head with rooted hair, non-toxic brown, red and purple hair color, six rollers, two barrettes, two yarn ties, two elastic bands, bobby pins, hair-brush, comb; 4-color makeup compact, lip/eyeliner brush, puff and sponge, one pair polyethylene gloves, disco glitter, and Glamour guide.

Color 'N Curl Candi From The 1980s

Cosmic Combat Electronic Game
Manufacturer: Tomy
Price: $28.99
Description Defend yourself against a menacing space invasion force bay evading alien rockets and preventing enemy ships from landing. For each alien ship hit, you earn points. Earn extra points by hitting roving UFO's. Two skill levels dare you to score the maximum points allowed and when you do, the game ends with a wild victory fanfare.

Cosmic Combat Electronic Game From The 1980s

Cuddle 'N Rock Toys
Price: $14.88 - $18.99
Description Sturdy stuffed body mounted on curved wooden base. Choose from Bear Rocker, Rocker Duck, or Rocking Pony.

Cuddle 'N Rock From The 1980s

Fisher Price Basketball
Manufacturer: Fisher Price
Price: $9.99
Description Every time you make a basket, the bell rings. Use either the basketballs or the bean bags. Keep score on the handy score counters located on either side of the backboard. Storage area for basketballs and bean bags built into base.

Fisher Price Basketball From The 1980s

Incredible Hulk Cuddly Plush
Price: $10.99
Description This Incredible Hulk plush toy is a poseable toy with bushy hair and has a soft stuffed body, nylon tricot and silk screen design.

Incredible Hulk Cuddly Plush From The 1980s

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Price: $4.77
Description Everything you need to make Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Featuring two "spuds" so you can make both the male and the female at the same time. Contents include two bodies, one skirt, two moustaches, four eyebrows, four eyes, four feet, four ears, two mouths, two noses, two Mr Potato Head hats, hat and feather, glasses, two earrings, pocketbook, and pipe.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head From The 1980s

Play-Doh Fuzzy Pumper Monsters
Manufacturer: Play-Doh
Price: $9.99
Description Comes with four monsters: Werewolf, Lady Vampire, Skeleton, and Mad Scientist. Includes chair extruder (Ghoul Stool), plastic scissors, comb, razors, clippers, hairdoer mold, hair dryer, backdrop, dust pan, broom, and three cans of Play-Doh.

Play-Doh Fuzzy Pumper Monsters Set From The 1980s

Powder Puff Sweetheart Playhouse
Price: $17.99
Description Five room, all plastic playhouse has elevator with bell and front yard play area. Lift play area and house becomes a sweetheart-shaped carry case. Includes five rooms of furniture, playground toys, swinging gate, and fence.

Powder Puff Sweetheat Playhouse From The 1980s

Puff 'N Play Inflatable Bed
Price: $11.99
Description This inflatable bed is made of heavy-duty, easy-care for vinyl. Comes with a molded plastic air pump and measures 60x30x10 inches high to fit comfortably in the back of a station wagon.

Puff 'N Play Inflatable Bed From The 1980s

Price: $34.95
Description Phonograph with AM radio includes AM radio with radio/phono slide switch and rotary tuning dial. Plays 33 1/3, 45-rpm records.

RadioPhono From The 1980s

Simon Sez
Price: $16.99
Description Simon Sez is a 30-in. tall ventriloquist dummy. He has vinyl head and hands, a trigger-style mechanism in the back that opens his mouth, and a rotating handle to turn his head. He has a molded body, soft arms and legs, painted face, and molded hair.

Simon Sez Ventriloquist Dummy From The 1980s

Snoopy Train Set
Price: $14.87
Description Be a real live conductor with Schroeder as your engineer, Snoopy on his doghouse, Woodstock perched in his tree with nest and swing, and Charlie Brown's pitcher's mound car. Layout measures 39x18 inches.

Snoopy Train Set From The 1980s

Space Helmet Walkie Talkie
Price: $18.99
Description Fully adjustable microphone, visor and chin strap. Flexible antenna. Not for use as protective headgear. Personalize with the stick on letters that are included.

Space Helmet Walkie Talkie From The 1980s

Star Wars Figure Set
Price: $29.99
Description This fifteen piece collector's set includes Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi, C-3PO, R2-D2, Chewbacca, Stormtrooper, Death Star Droid, Death Squad Commander, Hammerhead, Luke Skywalker, Princess Lei Organa, X-Wing Pilot, Greedo, Snaggletooth, Walrus Man, and R5-D4.

Star Wars Figure Set From The 1980s

Sudsy Circus
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $8.97
Description Foamy fun in or out of the tub! Just attach one of three friendly circus figures and turn. Crank up suds to make lion's mane, elephant's ears, and clown's hair. Can also be made to make bubbles from elephant's trunk and clown's pipe.

Sudsy Circus From The 1980s

The Woodsey's Log House
Price: $13.97
Description Comes with a thirty-two page illustrated storybook about the family's search for a new home, and the family figures. Includes Papa, Moma, and Milkweed, plastic house with windows and doors, table with three chairs, bucket and broom.

The Woodsey's Log House From The 1980s

Tricksy the Playful Puppy
Price: $7.99
Description Tricksy walks like a real puppy, pull her leash once and Tricksy walks forward, pull it again and she stops.

Tricksy the Playful Puppy From The 1980s

Tumble Turvy Triangle
Price: $8.47
Description Fascinating, easy to activate fun toy has bright graphic discs which stimulate pre-schooler's curiosity. When rotated vertically clockwise or counter-clockwise, the disc under the clear cover spins with a "whirring" sound, a surprise picture appears when the spinning stops.

Tumble Turvy Triangle From The 1980s

Nite-Glow Daredevil Jump
Manufacturer: Tyco
Price: $28.99
Description Thrill to the excitement of seeing your car hurtle over the Daredevil Jump at breakneck speeds. Also offers you the scoring convenience of automatic lap counter. Comes with two lighted Firebird Curvehugger cars, sixteen sections of track, two plug-in controllers, lap counter, Daredevil jump, Nite-Glow guardrail, flags and poles, decorating sheet, and track supports.

Nite-Glow Daredevil Jump From The 1980s

Weebles House at Pooh Corners
Price: $13.99
Description Pooh, Tigger and Christopher Robin can swim, rock, drive, picnic, sleep, see-saw or swing at this house. Has carrying handle, swing, see-saw, slide, pool, car, rocking chair, bed, picnic table, and three plastic Weebles (Pooh, Tigger, and Christopher Robin).

Weebles House at Pooh Corners From The 1980s