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Television / TV Changes, Examples and old TV shows

1950's TV Shows

1950s TV Shows Perry Mason based on a fictional defense attorney "Perry Mason" played by the actor Raymond Burr and his faithful secretary, "Della Street" . Series ran from 1957 till 1966.

Others included Rawhide, Perry Mason, The Phil Silvers Show, Lassie, The Lone Ranger, Bonanza, 77 Sunset Strip, The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin, Gunsmoke and The Twilight Zone

1960's TV Shows

1960s TV Shows Route 66 Two young men "Tod Stiles" Played By Martin Milner and "Buz Murdock" Played By George Maharis travel across America in their Corvette convertible. The credits of those who also appeared reads like a who's who of acting in the Sixties including James Brown, James Caan, Robert Duvall, Walter Matthau, Buster Keaton, Lee Marvin, Suzanne Pleshette, Martin Sheen, and Robert Redford. Series ran from 1960 till 1964.

Others included The Monkees, The Saint, The Prisoner, Ironside, Hogan's Heroes, Flipper, The Benny Hill Show, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, The Brady Bunch, Peyton Place , The Fugitive, The Man From Uncle, Doctor Who, Gilligan's Island, Columbo, The Virginian, Mr Ed, Green Acres, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, Steptoe and Son, Get Smart

1970's TV Shows

1970s TV Shows strong>The Streets of San Francisco Television police drama featuring "Det. Lt. Mike Stone" played by Karl Malden and "Inspector Steve Keller" played by Michael Douglas filmed on location in San Francisco . Series ran from 1972 till 1977.

Others included The Streets of San Francisco, The Waltons, Chips, Starsky and Hutch, The Dukes of Hazzard, The Muppet Show, Dallas, Charlie's Angels, Little House on the Prairie, Kojak, All In The Family, Laverne & Shirley, The Odd Couple, Happy Days , Sanford and Son, Taxi,

1980's TV Shows

1980s TV Shows Married with Children based on "Al Bundy" played by Ed O'Neill and his dysfunctional family living in a Chicago suburb. Series ran from 1987 - 1997.

Others included Baywatch, Hill Street Blues, Highway to Heaven, Knight Rider, Married with Children, Fame, Cagney & Lacey, Matlock, MacGyver, Growing Pains, Benson, The A Team, The Cosby Show, Cheers,

1990's TV Shows

1990s TV Shows Ally McBeal American television series with "Ally McBeal" played by Calista Flockhart as a young lawyer . Series ran from 1997 till 2002.

Others included Ally McBeal, Will and Grace, That 70's Show, The X Files, Friends

The Changes to Television Recievers and TV Technology over the last 70 years

Many people would agree that the invention of the television set is the greatest invention throughout history. Although most people think that the television technology did not appear until the middle part of the 20th century, there are some discoveries that contributed to the creation of television dating back over 100 years before. In 1862, a research by the name of Abbe Caselli was the first person to generate an image that can be transferred through wires. This early discovery would become the basic premise behind the technology that created what we now know as television.

In 1880, Alexander Graham Bell created what he called a “photophone.” Based on the technology of the earlier telephone, the photophone was created to transmit images in addition to voice and sound. Several people tried to copy and perfect his technology in following years, but it was not until 1900 when the term “television” would become an idea that would last for decades. At the World’s Fair in Paris during that year, a Russian researcher coined the term “television” and generated excitement about the invention. Following the Fair, researchers focused on creating a physical representation of the ideas that they had been talking about for years.

Throughout the following decades, dozens of advancements were made to the creation of the modern day television set. Then, in 1928, the Federal Radio Commission gave out the first television station license to researcher Charles Jenkins. The following year, John Baird opened the very first television studio which broadcasted the first television commercial in 1930. The BBC also began transmitting regular television transmissions during this year. The popularity of the television set was growing as it became a real possibility.

Within the decade, hundreds of television sets are sold and used throughout the world. With the invention of coaxial cables, AT&T laid the first wires for television transmission between New York and Philadelphia. Soon after that happened, CBS was created as television’s very first network in the United States. Then, in 1939, the Dumont Company began mass producing televisions sets. This would revolutionize the technology as it was becoming more affordable for average Americans to have one in their home. The following year, Peter Goldmark, the same person that created the vinyl LP a few years later, invented a system that introduced color into the otherwise black and white pictures on the screen. This technology went through many phases before it was perfected for mass production in the mid-1960s. Sets that once cost a few hundred dollars were getting more affordable because of the mass production and advances in the technology during this time.

In 1956, Robert Adler introduced the first wireless remote control for a television set. This also revolutionized television because you could change channels without leaving the comfort of your chair. By the mid-1960s, the majority of television programs were broadcast in color. This only added to the popularity of televisions as you could see more and more homes with a television set. During the early part of the decade, the All-Channel Receiver Act made it mandatory for all television sets to have the capability to receive UHF signals, which were the channels between 14 and 83. This helped create more possibilities for programs that consumers could watch. Before the decade was over, over 600 million people worldwide tuned in to watch the NASA moon landing with Neil Armstrong. It was an event that would stay on everybody’s mind for decades to come because they were actual eyewitnesses to one of the most spectacular events in human history.

Throughout the following years, many more advancements would be made that would increase the enjoyment of television. More channels, more affordable sets and video recording devices would allow consumers to get the most from the evening TV programs. It became the most popular activity that families would enjoy together from the comfort of their home. Researchers and manufacturers continue to find ways to make the television viewing experience more enjoyable for everybody, too. Surround sound, better quality viewing, home theater systems and larger screens are just a few of the advancements that have been made recently. Currently, you can find quality televisions sets from $50 all the way up into the thousands of dollars, depending on the features and options you want included with your particular set. Even Satellite TV is the norm today, With companies working on new technologies, we can only wait and see what they will come up with next.

As Internet Speeds have increased Today many of us spend as much time watching streaming movies, TV shows with services like Disney+, Hulu. HBO, Amazon Prime, Netflix etc. which allows us to watch what we want when we want, most still have a TV but some do not even have access to over the air TV