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1978 - Guyana - - Cult leader Jim Jones
1978 : The Cult leader Jim Jones instructed over 900 members of his church, "People's Temple", to drink a soft drink brewed in a tub with cyanide and sedatives at a mass meeting at the Jonestown camp, the bodies were later discovered at a camp in the Jungle . The cult leader was being investigated by American Authorities for conditions at the camp and Jones was also being investigated for tax fraud . Prior to the mass suicide Jones had a number of his followers shoot reporters and the head of the investigation team Congressman Ryan.

18 Nov, 1922 - Italy - - Mussolini Comes To Power
This was the start of Benito Mussolini's term as the new Italian premier. He received strong support from the Parliament at this time, and served in the premier position until 1943. Mussolini was a strong supporter of fascism, communism, as well as the Nazi Hitler regime.


1928 U.S.A. - - Mickey Mouse
1928 : Mickey Mouse appears for the first time in Steamboat Willie, It was the first successful sound-synchronized animated cartoon film produced by Walt Disney and premiered at the Colony Theater in NYC.

1931 - Romania - - Royal Marries Commoner
King Carol and Prince Nikolas of Romania had a quarrel over the prince's decision to marry a common woman. King Carol threatened to arrest Prince Nikolas after being defied, and the king had also tore up the prince's marriage certificate. In other words, it was one of the "less happy" days at the castle.

1940 - U.S.A. - - Mad New York Bomber
1940 : George P. Metesky ( New York Mad Bomber ) leaves his first bomb on a Consolidated Edison power plant window sill which failed to go off. Between 1940 and 1956, he planted at least 33 bombs, of which 22 exploded, injuring 15 people before he was caught.

1944 - Yugoslavia - - Marshal Tito
1944: An announcement was made during the Marshal Tito's National Committee of Liberation meeting. One of the main orders of business discussed at this event was the establishment of a regency to be resolved in Yugoslavia

1945 - Germany - - Belsen Trial
1945: A report was made regarding the completion of the Belsen Trial the day before. Joseph Kramer and Irma Grese, the monarchs of Belsen were two of the people hanged for Nazi concentration camp crimes. Nine other concentration staff members were also hanged on the same day.

1953 - Korea - - Peace Talks
An effort was made to learn what part will be assigned to neutral representatives during the Korean peace conference. One person active in learning more what the communists want is U.S. Envoy Arthur H. Dean. Envoy Dean has learned that communists intended on having countries such as India, Russia, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Burma involved. They were to be neutral representatives during the peace talks.

1963 - U.S.A. - - John F. Kennedy
President John F. Kennedy conducted a tour in five cities in Florida, and his administration described a little of the nature of this mission. In essence, President Kennedy was said to not be "out to soak the rich", regardless of the attitudes of business people.


1966 - U.S.A. - - Fridays Fish
U.S. Roman Catholic bishops did away with the rule against eating meat on Fridays.

1967 - Great Britain - - Foot and Mouth
1967 : More than 80,000 cattle, pigs and sheep are slaughtered today following an outbreak of foot and mouth disease and a ban is placed on the movement of farm animals across the whole of England and Wales.

18 Nov, 1973 - Europe - - Oil Supplies
Arab oil companies have announced a shortage of supply. However, they have decided that Europe will not be affected


1982 - U.S.A. - - Duk Koo Kim
1982 : Duk Koo Kim dies from injuries sustained during a 14-round match boxing match against Ray Mancini in an arena outside Caesar's Palace on November 13th, 1982 minutes after the fight was over, Kim collapsed into a coma never to recover and the life support equipment was turned off on this day in history.

1985 - Switzerland - - US / Soviet Summit
A two-day summit was planned with Mikhail Gorbachev and Reagan present. The main order of concern during this meeting was to find a way to "relieve mankind of the treat of nuclear war." The Swiss President Kurl Furgler was also involved in these negotiations.

1987 - England - - Kings Cross Fire
1987: A fire in a King's Cross underground station kills 30 commuters and injures dozens of others. It is the worst fire in the history of the city's underground rail system and was believed to have been caused by rubbish and grease underneath an escalator and a discarded cigarette starting the fire.


1990 - Iraq - - Hostages
Hostages held in Iraq would be freed by Christmas Day, according to a recent report. This news was made known after the adjournment of a meeting held between Saddam Hussein and other government officials.

1991 - Lebanon - - Terry Waite Released
1991: Terry Waite the special envoy of the archbishop of Canterbury, is released by Shiite Muslims after more than four years of captivity. Prior to his kidnapping he had secured the release of missionaries in Iran, British hostages in Libya and American hostages in Lebanon.

1999 - U.S.A. - - Giant Bonfire
A giant bonfire at Texas A&M University self-proclaimed to be the world's largest prior to their school's annual football game against their arch rival, the University of Texas collapsed and buried a number of students killing 12 students and injuring another 27. Find Out More About More History Of NFL and College Football including history, teams, growth, and the modern game.

2000 - U.S.A. - - Celebrity Wedding
Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, Two of the biggest stars in the movie business marry at the New York's Plaza Hotel with a guest list of whose who in the movie industry and costing an estimated 1.5 million dollars. But because of exclusive deal with OK magazine the bride and groom only paid 1/2 million towards it, Private photographs by guests were banned in this well publicized Celebrity Wedding of the year.

2002 - U.S.A. - - Wire Tapping
Just recently the federal government ruled government wire tapping as legal for appropriate reasons. Already, the government was using this to their advantage. They began to use phone-tapping and surveillance equipment in order to track suspected terrorists.

2004 - UK - - Fox Hunting Ends
The British Parliament has voted to end fox hunting from February 2005. Animal welfare campaigners are today celebrating their historic victory in the fight to improve animal welfare .


2005 - Iraq - - Suicide Bombings
A series of suicide bombings in Iraq have killed at least 60 people and injured 60 more as insurgents attacked a prominent Baghdad hotel, an apartment block in Baghdad and two mosques 90 miles north-east of the capital.

2006 - Vietnam - - George Bush to promote sanctions against North Korea
President Bush wants to persuade the Asia-Pacific leaders that are at the Vietnam summit to give full support to UN sanctions against North Korea. Having met the South Korean and Japanese leaders, he is due to meet those of China and Russia as well. Both of these will be reluctant to back a tough line on the North Koreans.

2007 - Saudi Arabia - - US Dollar Oil
2007: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has suggested an end to the trading of oil in US dollars, and called the currency "a worthless piece of paper". The call came at the end of the Opec summit, and was opposed by Saudi Arabia. The Iranian president wanted to include an attack on the dollar in the summit's closing statement.

2008 - United States - - Obama announces new Attorney-General
Barack Obama is said to be appointing Eric Holder to the post of attorney-general. Once confirmed, Mr. Holder will be the first African-American to occupy the position. He will also lead the administration's plan to close Guantanamo Bay, which Mr. Obama has been making a priority.

2011 - United States - - US Defense Department Tests Hypersonic Weapon
The Pentagon has tested a long-range missile that is able to travel at five times the speed of sound. The missile was part of a project to develop super fast long-range weapons that would allow the military to hit anywhere in the world in less than an hour.

2012 - Thailand - - President Obama Visits Southeast Asia
2012 : US President Obama began his historic visit to Southeast Asia by visiting Thailand. On this trip Obama would eventually visit Burma and become the first US president to visit that country.


2012 - Russia - - Plane Crashes Killing All On Board
A plane carrying fifty people crashed at Russia's Kazan airport, killing all on board. The Tatarstan Airlines plane had departed from Moscow and was trying to land when it crashed vertically and exploded.


Born This Day In History 18th November

Celebrating Birthday's Today

Celebrating Birthday's Today

Alan Shepard
Born: 18th November 1923 East Derry, New Hampshire
Died: 21st July 1998 Monterey, California
Known For : Alan Shepard is best known as the First American In Space on 5th May 1961 23 days after the first man in space Yuri Gagarin of the Soviet Union . On 31st January 1971 he once again became the center of attention during the Apollo 14 mission when he lived every golfers dream using a makeshift six-iron to strike golf balls from the moons surface which travelled miles and miles. For his services to the Space Program he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor (Space).

Linda Evans
Born: 18th November 1942 Hartford, Connecticut
Known For : American Actress who won Golden Globe ( Dynasty 1982) and an Emmy nominated American actress, she has been on many well know TV shows including The Big Valley 1965-1969 , Dynasty playing Krystle Carrington 1981-1988. The cat fight between Linda Evans ( Krystle Carrington ) and Joan Collins ( Alexis Carrington ) is a classic in TV history.