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List of November 14th Major News Events

  1. 1934 New York Slum Clearance
  2. 1922 UK British Broadcasting Company
  3. 1940 German bombers devastate the British industrial city of Coventry
  4. 1972 The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 1,000 for the first time
  5. 1994 England - - Eurostar Launched
  6. 2007 foreclosure rate one in every 196 U.S. households

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1934 USA - - New York Slum Clearance

1934 : The most ambitious slum clearance in New York City has been agreed today by the PWA ( Public Works Administration ) and New York City with 20 acres on a 12 square block area in Williamsburg identified for the building of low cost housing and is estimated that it will house 2,500 families in two and three story apartment complexes when completed. This project is part of a larger project for slum clearance and low cost national housing countrywide which is estimated at costing in excess of $150,000,000. This type of project will be repeated in major cities across America bringing much needed work and providing better living conditions for many tens of thousands of inner city dwellers.

14 Nov, 1922 UK - - British Broadcasting Company

1922 : The British Broadcasting Company begin broadcasting on medium wave, from Marconi House in London with the first newscast. The next day Birmingham and Manchester begin broadcasting.


Germany - - Student Revolt

According to a report originating from Munich, Germany a revolt was planned by student rebels. Over 50,000 young men volunteered to demonstrate in a march against machine guns. They were taking the chance that they would die for their cause if fired upon during this march .

1931 China - - Emperor of Manchuria

A boy named Henry Pu-Yi (Hsuan Tung) would soon become emperor of Manchuria. At the same time, Japanese were forcing white Russians to comply, and Japan was in battle for control over China.

1940 World War II - - Coventry Bombed

German bombers devastate the British industrial city of Coventry, demolishing 27 war factories and tens of thousands of other buildings killing hundreds of men, women, and children

1944 World War II - - Ships Sunk

Nine German vessels were destroyed by Great Britain. A tenth ship was driven to the shore. The ships destroyed were moving north along the coast.

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1953 Canada - - US Relations

A speech was called in to Canadian Parliament by U.S. President Eisenhower. The purpose of this address was to call for the creation of a U.S.-Canadian precautionary alliance against Russia. Word was out that Russia may attack with atomic weapons.

1957 U.S.A. - - Crime Syndicate Meeting

1957 : After years of speculation about a Mafia National Crime Syndicate controlling gambling, casinos and narcotics countrywide the existence of the Syndicate is confirmed when law enforcement officials raid Mafia boss Joseph Barbara home in Apalachin, New York, where 100 Mafia crime bosses from the United States, Canada and Italy have gathered to socialize and resolve the Mafia affairs .

1963 Korea - - War

1963: The United Nations provided an update of Korean war activity. The Communist North Koreans had trapped eight unarmed Americans and South Korean soldiers in the demilitarized zone. In order to save themselves, Americans and South Koreans hid under the waters of the chilly Pukhan River. They stayed beneath the bank of this body of water for nearly four hours.

1972 U.S.A. - - Dow Jones

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 1,000 for the first time, ending the day at 1,003.16

1973 England - - Gold Standard

The value of gold dramatically decreased on the London market. This occurrence happened in reaction to the decision made by the United States and Europe to do away with the two-tier gold standard. Investors lost millions of dollars as a result.

1973 England - - Royal Marriage

Princess Anne, married Captain Mark Phillips in Westminster Abbey . The marriage ceremony was televised around the world with an estimated 100 million viewers.

1973 England - - IRA Gang Convicted

An IRA Cell which was arrested for the bombings of "The Old Bailey" and "Scotland Yard" have been found guilty at Winchester Crown Court. The defendants Gerald Kelly, Dolours Price, Marian Price, Hugh Feeney, Robert Walsh, William McLarnon, Martin Brady, William Armstrong, and Paul Holmes. They were later sentenced to life imprisonment and went on hunger strike demanding to be transferred to prisons in Ireland and were force fed by authorities.

1977 England - - Firefighters Strike

Firefighters in England are on strike demanding more than the 10% public sector pay ceiling imposed by the government and Troops with Green Goddess fire engines are only covering the worst emergencies throughout the UK .

1979 U.S.A. - - Iranian Assets Frozen

Following President Jimmy Carter ending oil imports from Iran to the United States earlier in the week, he then issues Executive order 12170, freezing all Iranian assets in the United States in response to the hostage crisis.

1982 Poland - - Lech Walesa

Lech Walesa, leader of communist Poland's outlawed Solidarity movement, returns to his apartment in Gdansk after 11 months of internment in a remote hunting lodge near the Soviet border

1985 Colombia - - Volcano Erupts

A volcano erupted in Colombia, sending floods of mud and water into the nearby river. The lava from this volcanic eruption buried an entire town of people along with three villages. It was estimated that as many as 20,000 lives may have been lost.

1990 Germany - - Troops To Saudi

A big dilemma was raised regarding whether or not to send European troops to Saudi Arabia or to send them home. In fact, an AFN station in Nurnberg, Germany hosted a call-in show during which time people expressed their views regarding this matter. Up to 10,000 military personnel were expected to be transferred from Germany to Saudi Arabia. One woman called in saying that America should think before deciding to send troops home. (Don't send them home, if they are going to be required to return to battle shortly afterwards.) .

1991 U.S.A. / Libya - - Gaddafi

America is demanding that Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi hand over Libyan intelligence officers indicted in the US on 193 charges over the Pan Am flight 103 Lockerbie bombing in December 1988.

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1994 England - - Eurostar Launched

The Eurostar service carrying passengers between London, Paris and Brussels is launched carrying passengers through the newly completed Channel Tunnel, the train reaches speeds of 186 MPH

1995 U.S.A. - - Budget Crisis

Hundreds of thousands of federal works were sent home today as the budget deadlock between President Clinton and the Republican Congress forced many government offices to close .

1999 United Nations - - Afghanistan

The United Nations imposed sanctions on Afghanistan because the ruling Taliban refuse to hand over terrorist suspect Osama bin Laden

2002 Afghanistan - - Taliban

The Extreme Terrorist Taliban group was forced to move its army south. This terrorist group had to contend with forces such as local tribal troops. The United States took part in bombing the route on which the Taliban group was moving.

2007 U.S.A. - - Further Increases in Foreclosures

The fall out from the sub prime mortgage problems where lenders were willing to lend to those with risky credit backgrounds earlier in the summer continue to show with the number of foreclosures continuing to rise in the third quarter in most of the top 100 largest metropolitan areas of the country. Many of the problems are caused by resets on adjustable-rate mortgages where the ARMs will continue to jump over the next two years from low, initial teaser rates, resulting in high payments that many homeowners' will be unable to afford. The problem is increased because home values have continued to drop leaving many home owners with mortgages larger than the value of the home. The current figure is now overall foreclosure rate one in every 196 U.S. households

2007 U.S.A. - - Military tribunals

Pakistani police charge opposition figure Imran Khan under the anti-terrorism act after of his first public appearance under emergency rule. Details of the charges are not given, but one official says Khan had been disturbing the peace by attending a student rally against President Pervez Musharraf. The city's police chief has accused Mr Khan of spreading hatred and inciting civil unrest. The former Pakistani cricket captain was detained after going to Punjab University in Lahore.

2008 United States - - US woman reaches Army's highest rank

Ann E. Dunwoody has been promoted to the rank of four-star general. She is the first female to reach the US Army's highest rank. In her acceptance speech she said had never expected to rise so high.

2008 Pakistan - - Drones kill seven in Waziristan

2008 : Missiles that were fired by a suspected US drone have killed around eight militants in one of the Pakistani tribal regions. The missiles have destroyed a house in a remote village. The attack took place in North Waziristan which is known to be a hub of al-Qaeda and Taleban militants.

2009 Singapore - - Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum

Barack Obama, on his first Asia trip since taking office, arrives in Singapore to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum. In addition to meetings with the APEC heads of state, Obama intends to hold bilateral meetings with the leaders of Russia, Indonesia and Singapore. APEC's 21 member nations represent more than half of the world's economic output. The Forum sees its role as "facilitating economic growth, cooperation, trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region."

2011 United States - - Giffords Does First TV Interview Since Being Shot

2011 : Gabrielle Giffords, the US Congresswoman who was shot in the head in January 2011, gave her first television interview since beginning her recovery. Giffords stated that she was doing much better but that the recovery process had been very difficult and she had to relearn simple things.

2012 Croatia - - Deputy Prime Minister Resigns

2012 : The Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia resigned after being sentenced to prison in Hungary for causing a fatal car crash by an appeals judge. Radimir Cacic had killed two people after crashing into another car in 2010.

2013 Worldwide - - VW Recalls Over 2 Million Vehicles

German carmaker Volkswagen issued a recall on 2.6 million vehicles manufactured between 2009 and 2013. A large portion of those cars were sold in China and effected the popular SUV Tiguan. Problems with the calls included using the wrong type of oil, light issues and fuel leaks.

Born This Day In History November 14th

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Condoleezza Rice

Born: 14th November 1954 Birmingham, Alabama

Known For : 66th United States Secretary of State, A former Associate Professor at Stanford University from 1987 to 1993 and in 1993 was granted a full Professorship and became the Stanford University provost responsible for managing the university's multi-billion dollar budget and also a Senior Fellow of the Institute for International Studies. In 2000, Rice was picked by George Bush to serve as National Security Advisor which she held until 2005 when she became US Secretary of State.

Celebrating Birthdays Today

Prince Charles

Born: 14th November 1948 Buckingham Palace

Known For : The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, making him next in line to the throne. Formerly married to Lady Diana Spencer with two children Prince William and Prince Henry, Charles and Diana were divorced in 1996 after 15 years of marriage. He is now married to Camilla Parker Bowles.

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Question 19

19. What was the name of the unsuccessful Cuban invasion attempt that tried to overthrow Fidel Castro in 1961?

Question 21

21. In what year was US President John F. Kennedy assassinated?

Question 23

23. By 1966, the United States had nearly how many troops in Vietnam?

Question 24

24. When did the Voting Rights Act became law in the US?

Question 26

26. The first VCR home video recorder was introduced by what company in 1964?