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List of November 13th Major News Events

  1. 1969 U.S.A. - - March Against Death
  2. 1927 Holland Tunnel under the Hudson River Completed
  3. 1940 Walt Disney releases "Fantasia"
  4. 1942 World War II - - Minimum Draft Age Lowered
  5. 1956 U.S.A. - - Segregated Busses End

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1969 U.S.A. - - March Against Death

Thousands of Vietnam War protesters began a "March Against Death" in Washington, D.C. The peaceful demonstration was sponsored and organized by the New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam.

13 Nov, 1923 Great Britain - - Germanys War Debt

A committee was assigned to further investigate whether or not Germany would be required to pay back war debt. Issues regarding Germany ability to pay were hot on the agenda, along with determinations of exact terms of payment.


U.S.A. - - Holland Tunnel

1927 : The Holland Tunnel under the Hudson River connecting the island of Manhattan in New York City with Jersey City, New Jersey opens, the work had started in 1920 and took 7 years to complete. ( The Holland Tunnel was originally known as the Hudson River Vehicular Tunnel or the Canal Street Tunnel )

1934 South Africa - - Nazi Support

General Jan Smuts of South Africa supported fairness for Nazi Germany. Naval ship ratio and eventual disarmament were issues pressing during this time, and affected German forces.

1934 France - - Franc

The French government announced its goal to Maintain Stability of the Franc, a unit of French currency.

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1940 U.S.A. - - Jeep

The prototype for the Jeep featuring four-wheel drive, an open-air cab, and a rifle rack mounted under the windshield was submitted to the U.S. Army for approval by the car maker Willys-Overland. One year later, with the U.S. declaration of war, mass production of the Jeep began. By the war's end in 1945, some 600,000 Jeeps had rolled off the assembly lines.

1940 U.S.A. - - "Fantasia"

Walt Disney releases "Fantasia" an experiment in animation and classical music, unlike his first 2 animated movies Fantasia was not a commercial success but is now considered a classic.

1941 World War II - - HMS Ark Royal

The pride of the British Fleet the aircraft carrier, the HMS Ark Royal is torpedoed by a German U-boat.

1942 World War II - - Minimum Draft Age

US President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law a bill that lowered the minimum draft age from 21 to 18.

1945 China - - Shanhaikwan

The Chinese coastal Great Wall town of Shanhaikwan was captured by General Chiang Kai-Shek’s troops. This was one of the most significant victories of the nationalists over the communists at this time.

1953 Jordan - - United Nation

United Nation representatives proposed immediate direct talks to be arranged between Jordan and Israel. The purpose of these talks was to help prevent further border conflict between these two regions. Additionally, further exploration of 1949 armistice agreements would be made .

1956 U.S.A. - - Segregated Busses End

The US Supreme Court ruled that state and local laws requiring segregated buses are illegal.

1963 Russia - - American Spy

Professor Frederick Charles Barghoorn from Yale University was arrested on account of spy charges. He was picked up in Moscow, Russia a few days prior to this date .

1970 Bangladesh - - Cyclone

A 100 MPH tropical cyclone causes Tidal waves and storm surges that strike the shores of the Ganges Delta washing over coastal islands and devastated the densely populated delta region. An estimated 500,000 people were killed in the 20th century's worst disaster by cyclone. This area is now also one of the worst areas in the world to be affected by Global Warming as much of the area is now underwater with more land disappearing each year.

1971 Mariner 9 - - Reaches Mars

1971 : Mariner 9 part of the Mariner program launched on May 30 reaches the planet Mars and becomes the first spacecraft to orbit another planet, swinging into its planned trajectory around Mars without a hitch.

1972 England - - Princess Anne Wedding

A briefing of the pre-wedding interviews of Captain Mark Phillips and Princess Anne were printed. The press had talked with this soon-to-be couple over the past weekend. One of the pressing questions asked of Captain Phillips was how he thought of the Princess he would soon be married to. The captain replied that he thought of her as a girl he wanted to marry, not as a princess. In other words, the fact that Princess Ann was royalty was not the main reason for Mark Phillip’s decision to marry her. Ann was Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter.

1979 England - - Times Newspaper

1979 : The Times newspaper is published for the first time in nearly a year following a long running dispute over manning levels and the introduction of new technology between Unions and Management.

1982 U.S.A. - - Veterans Memorial

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a monument consisting of two black granite walls engraved with the names of about 58,000 US soldiers that did not return from Vietnam, was dedicated in Washington D.C.

1985 Israel - - Arial Sharon

Right-Wing Cabinet minister Arial Sharon was on the verge of being fired by Prime Minister Shimon Peres. However, concern arose that the dismissal of Minister Sharon could bring down this extremely fragile Israeli government. An alternative to the above-mentioned action was being offered at this time. The Labor Party to which Prime Minister Peres represented and the conservative Likud Bloc to which Sharon belonged hoped to reach a compromise .

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1985 Columbia - - Volcano

The volcano Nevado del Ruiz, erupted and melted its snowcap, causing a volcanic mudslide . The mud buried four sleeping towns including Armero in the Andes mountain valley, killing more than 23,000 people.

1990 Saudi Arabia - - Iraq Offensive

An update of a planned offensive against Iraqi was printed. This particular action would be lead by U.S. over the upcoming months from this date. As many as 150,000 troops were scheduled to be sent to Saudi Arabia .

1990 New Zealand - - Aramoana massacre

David Gray, goes on a killing rampage with a semi-automatic rifle killing thirteen including his neighbor and the local police Sergeant who answered the first call about the incident. He was later killed during a shoot out with the New Zealand Special Tactics Group.

1994 Sweden - - EU Referendum

A referendum in Sweden gains majority in favor for Sweden to join the European Union .

1997 U.S.A. - - The Lion King

The Disney musical "The Lion King" based on the 1994 Disney animated film opens at the New Amsterdam Theater on Broadway

2001 U.S.A. - - Military tribunals

President George W. Bush signs an executive order allowing military tribunals ( Normally Used Only During Wars ) against foreigners suspected of connections to terrorist acts or planned acts on the United States

2002 Iraq - - International Weapons Inspectors

The government run by Saddam Hussein agreed to allow international weapons inspectors to return. However, precautions were taken by the United States in case Iraq was hiding any mass destruction arms. A group of nations was prepared for difficulties in getting Hussein to comply with terms of this agreement made.

2002 Spain - - Oil Spill

2002 : The Prestige oil tanker is damaged in heavy seas off the Galician coast causing a massive oil spill, with French, Spanish and Portuguese authorities refusing the ship entry on the 19th November the ships breaks in half and sinks sending 20 million gallons of oil into the ocean polluting more than a thousand beaches on the Spanish and French coast.

2003 U.S.A. - - Justice Roy Moore

Justice Roy Moore, the man who refused to take down the Ten Commandments from an Alabama state justice building, was suspended by Alabama's Court of the Judiciary who unanimously removed him from his post as Chief Justice. He responded by saying that his suspension was illegal, as well as unlawful and un-political.

2006 UK - - Desert Orchid

The famous racehorse Desert Orchid dies at the age of twenty-seven. The grey had achieved iconic status with National Hunt followers, where his versatility made him a favorite. He won thirty-four races in his career, including the Cheltenham Gold Cup. He won the King George VI Chase a record four times. Former trainer David Elsworth said the horse, nicknamed "Dessie" died peacefully in his stable.

2006 United States - - Java as open source software

Sun Microsystems release much of Java as open source software under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). On May 8, 2007 Sun finishes the process, making all of Java's core code available under free software/open-source distribution terms, aside from a small portion of code to which Sun did not hold the copyright.

2007 Philippines - - Batasang Pambansa Bombing

A terrorist bomb in a nearby motorcycle is exploded outside the Batasang Pambansa (National Assembly) Complex in Quezon City, Philippines kills 6 people including the Basilan Representative Wahab Akbar. The group blamed for the attack were members of the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf.

2007 Pakistan - - Benazir Bhutto under house arrest

Pakistan's detained opposition leader, Benazir Bhutto, calls for President Pervez Musharraf to resign. Ms Bhutto makes the call after police mount a security operation to prevent a protest march in Lahore, where she is under house arrest. It is her most direct challenge to General Musharraf's rule, and is welcomed by key opposition figures, who include the ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan.

2008 Middle East - - Saudi Propose Middle East peace plan

2011 : Israeli President Shimon Peres has praised the king of Saudi Arabia for the Middle East peace initiative he is advocating. Peres told an interfaith meeting at the United Nations that he hoped that King Abdullah's words would be the "prevailing voice of the whole region". The Saudi plan, which was proposed in 2002, calls for Israel to withdraw from occupied lands in exchange for an Arab recognition of the state of Israel.

2009 United States - - Water Found on The Moon

NASA announces the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter/LCROSS probes found 'significant' amounts of water close to the south Pole of the moon. Water would be an important constituent needed to develop and establish a lunar space station.

2009 Japan - - To revitalize the Japanese-American alliance

President Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama have agreed that the US-Japanese alliance should be be continued, and made to reflect the challenges of the 21st century. Obama, on the first stop of a four-nation, nine-day trip to East Asia, is making his first trip to the region. From Japan, he will be traveling to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum in Singapore and to China. The US-Japanese alliance will be marking its fiftieth anniversary in 2010, and Obama said in a press conference in Tokyo that this will provide an opportunity “to step back and reflect on what we’ve achieved.” Having described himself as the first "Pacific" US president, he went on to say that the US was committed to the area's security.

2009 France - - Clint Eastwood is made a commander of the Legion d'Honneur

President Sarkozy presented the 79-year-old actor with the decoration in Paris. He honored the man's body of work and his ability to delight audiences during to the award citation. It is very unusual for a foreigner to have been given the rank of commander of the French Legion of Honour, but Eastwood, who has been very popular there in his role as Dirty Harry, and for his directing roles, said that he saw France as his second home.

2011 Italy - - Mario Monti Becomes Italy's New Prime Minister

Mario Monti was approved as Italy's new prime minister by most of the Italian parliament after Silvio Berlusconi officially resigned from the position. Monti pledged to help solve the debt crisis that has become increasingly dire in recent months.

2012 United States - - Composer Richard Robbins Dies

Oscar-nominated composer Richard Robbins died at the age of seventy-one after suffering from Parkinson's disease. Robbins had composed scores for A Room with a View and Howards End, among others..

2013 United States - - US Oil

2013 : For the first time in nearly twenty years United States oil output was greater than its imports. The EIA reported that domestic crude oil production outnumbered the import of oil for the first time since 1995. It was reported that this is partially due to the increase in fracking.

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Peter Arnett

Born: 13th November 1934 Riverton, New Zealand

Known For : Peter Arnett has worked for various television networks, and is well known for his coverage of the Vietnam War and the Gulf War, he has made himself unpopular with governments over his years of reporting because of his outspoken interviews which can appear to be anti-establishment. He worked for CNN for 18 years and amongst his many achievements has won a Pulitzer Prize in International Reporting for his work in Vietnam. He is also one of the few western journalists to have interviewed both Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

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Whoopi Goldberg

Born: 13th November 1955 Caryn Elaine Johnson, New York City, New York,

Known For : Currently best known as a member of the popular day time show "The View". She also had a very successful career as an actress winning just about the full range of awards in the movie business including an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony Award. Due to large number of movies she has starred in we have just included a few of her most popular: The Color Purple, Ghost, Sister Act, Alice in Wonderland and Jumpin' Jack Flash.

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