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Peoples Memories From The New Millennium<

We have split this page into 2 sections Millenium Memories and In Loving Memory

For the new millennium we accept memories for missing loved ones, as well as other memories from the new millennium. All " In Loving Memory Memories are kept in black as a sign of respect"

  • Worst Memory My Dads Death

    I remember being 8yrs old and finding my mom screaming because my dad had passed out, later I found out from my priest and godmother that my dad had passed away from a massive heartattack, he was only 34yrs old. The whole family misses him everyday. I love you dad. That was year 1986

    Memory Posted By: Laura C

    Uncle Howard Passed away yesterday

    My Uncle Howard Passed away yesterday and this is my own small tribute to him. When I was young we used to visit him in North London and it would take us quite a few hours to drive there. When we got there my uncle Howard would take us out to the sweet shop and let us choose whatever sweets we wanted, which to my brother and I was fantastic as my mum always limited the amount and type of sweets to save our teeth and money, and as we left my uncle would always give my brother and I some money to buy more sweets when we got home. As we got older my uncle would take us for rides in his mini which at the time was considered by us as a really cool car. He also had a shop where he sold DIY stuff and he would show us the latest gadgets, like many children we had a few aunts and uncles but I always remember him with the fondest memories and just wanted to take some some for a Tribute to him.

    Memory Posted By: Nick

    Tribute To Daise

    . I owe my love of history to an old woman named Daise, I met Daise in the spring of 1965,she was blind and would sit on a park bench in Washington square and feed birds, she could not see. she lived through the 1906 fire, she said it was the fire that laid the city low.

    In the parks people camped out and were in good mood, there was no woe is me. to put the city back took a lot of work, time and money.

    All of this can be found in books, but it was her memories of the horse i can't find in a book, pulling heavy loades up the hills, slipping and being drug down the hill and to there death,or being whipped until there backs were all cut up or falling over dead frothing at the mouth from exhaustion. one day in the summer of 1966 I went to the park and Daise was gone, I did not get say thank you or good by to her. it is important that we share our memories as Daise did with me.

    Memory Posted By: kf6rck

    Comment From Webmaster It's funny you telling the story about Daise, I owe my love of modern history to gentleman who was kind enough to tell me about some of his experiences when he first came to the United States as a young boy in the 30's from Poland and how hard, frightening but at the same time a big adventure coming to a new country at 7 years old with very little english spoken between the family , as you say books can never replace real life experiences from people telling it how they remember it maybe not always factualy correct because our memories play tricks on us , that does not mean the memories are wrong ( a good example was a memory posted by somebody about M*A*S*H who remembered it as being from the Vietnam War ( wrong I know but no less important because that is the time they associated with the TV series. Thank you once again for taking the time to post your memory kf6rck Steve

    The Day The Towers Came Down

    I was right there when the twin towers crashed and fell to the ground. I was not even 200 yards away from the twin towers when they fell it shook the whole ground and i had a heart attack basically it was so scary. The day that they fell they were remembered forever to this day. The day that they fell i could barely stand not talking to anyone about it cause my grandma and grandpa died in them.

    Memory Posted By: Annon

    My Step Grandfather

    My step grandfather. my mother hated him but i fell in love with him he meant the world to me. i would see him everyday before school and then when i came home we always picked on each other and that is the best thing that could of happen i don't know what i would of done with out him and now that he is gone i think about him because we would have so much fun when me and my grandmother would go shopping and we would make fun of he and that was the best thing that we would do together

    Memory Posted By: Logan

  • If I Could Change the Past

    Posted By IF Only

    If I could change the past these would be the choices I would have made:
    ~~I would have never taken out a loan for college, and instead paid to go part time.
    ~~I would have not been so ignorant, and I would have kept up with the news more.
    ~~I would not have missed my Grandpa’s 80th birthday party. He ended up dying about six years later.
    ~~I would have never voted for political candidates that I did not know much about.
    ~~I would have not started school activities and then quit them.
    ~~I would have practiced my musical instrument more when I was younger.
    ~~I would have taken saxophone rather than clarinet in school, because then I could have been in jazz band.
    ~~I would have dated this nice stable man I had met when I was 25 years old. He was the only one that I had ever known who had not had emotional or mental problems. (I could have used someone of that stability in my life!)
    ~~I would have finished college when I was in my early twenties. Now I feel I am too old to go back (which I know is not true).
    ~~I would have not given myself to a man who I was not in love with.
    ~~I would have saved more money when I was younger and had money to save.

    Sniper shootings in washington dc

    Posted By Anna

    i remember the sniper shootings in washington dc. i was in 6th grade at the time. my school boarded up all the windows and we had to be escorted to our classes by armed police officers. we also had strange person drills where we would hear the allarm and would have to get under our desks, turn out the classroom light, close the door and lock it and put a peice of paper over the window of the door. it was a very scary time.

    2005 my very eventful year

    Posted By cajunmo2

    2005 was an eventful year. I graduated from high school and started college. Hurricane Katrina had a huge impact on me and my family since we live in Mississippi. My dad had a knee operation that went wrong. Much more! One year that is in my memory forever.

    Long Distance 9/11 Memories

    Posted By Julie

    I can say that I don't claim to have been affected as deeply by 9/11 than other people who have lived through it-especially those who lost loved ones. However, I must say that I still was affected by this tragedy from a distance.

    I was also affected because I new of people who lived on Staten Island, where I lived for eight months during the early 1990s (1994-1995). Quite often I would take the ferry to visit Manhattan just to “hang out” and to sample different styles of cultural cooking.

    For that reason, the city of New York has a special place in my heart. It was the only other state that I lived in besides my home state-Wisconsin.

    The Eerie Post-9/11 Scenes of Manhattan

    Manhattan was no longer as I remembered it. An eerie empty space now filled the area where the two tallest towers in New York stood just days before.

    I did not witness this new industrial canyon in person, and was relieved I did not have to do so. It was bad enough witnessing the aftermath of the destruction of 9/11 from a distance.

    Immediately After 9/11

    September 11, 2001 was an ordinary day for me at first. I was just waking up because I had to be to work by 11 a.m.

    I am not a morning person, so when I heard the phone ring I was a little relieved because then I had a reason to get out of bed. The phone call was from a man who led a weekly prayer group that I was in at the time.

    It was just a littler after 9:30 a.m when I received this man's call. Needless to say after I heard of the twin towers falling I was immediately awoke from my sleep-at least for that morning.

    While at work I took a trip to the break room over and over again to watch the taping of each of the Twin Towers being hit by a jet plane before collapsing. I prayed silently to myself, and as soon as I could I got together with others to pray as well for the security of our nation, and for those directly affected by this incident.

    I was not the only one who got down on my knees and prayed during this time, however. I remember that quite a few Americans had felt the need to do the same. They prayed for protection, for healing, and so on.

    It was not all about God, though-at least not for me. For instance, I will never forget low long the line was at the gas stations, for fear that oil prices would go up-and they did go up. I was one of those people who filled up a gas can and bought a bunch of food and jugs of water.

    I have never been the same since this tragedy took place and I do not think that the rest of America has been the same either. However, most of us just do what we can to get through each day.

We are only just into the new millennium but some things already stick out in our memory , We have a war on terrorism that is affecting the whole world as we speak , it ranges from troops in Iraq and Afghanistan but this is only the tip of the iceberg as wounds have been felt by those who are a different color or faith due to the mistrust of Governments and the populace.

911 changed so many peoples view of the world as it showed that know where is safe from extremists and although countries like England ( IRA ) Spain ( ETA ) and Israel ( PLO ) had been suffering for many years . America had never had to deal with it and if you do or do not agree with the policies it is never a good idea to wake a sleeping giant.

The other major event that site in my memory is for all our technology and expertise we still are only an inch away from destruction when nature is at it's strongest as can be seen from Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunami in Indonesia and the surrounding islands.

The other major event which now we can look back and realize it was a non event was the worries and concerns over how computers would handle the change in to the new century and new millennium , where many worried all the major services would fail and we would be in darkness .

Our world continues to suffer from mans inability to live together in harmony with nature and each other .



    Memory Posted By: Daughter

    Ray Sadly Missed By Mum and Us

    In Loving Memory Of Ray who sadly passed away last Thursday peacefully.

    We will miss you Ray and thank you for being my mum's companion and best friend for 35 years, she is missing you.

    You provided her love, friendship and companionship for 35 years and hope you have found peace . Go In Peace Friend and thank you for the love and kindness you gave in this world

    PS I always meant Fatso as a term of endearment, I hope you knew that love and peace Steve

    Memory Posted By: Steve for Mum

    Love and Miss You Mom

    oct. 6 1975 is when you had me mom, i was sent from heaven to you, and now that you are there. i love you and will always miss you. joanna

    Memory Posted By: Nellie

    Grandpas Live Forever, If Only In Our Dreams

    As a young girl, I was very lucky in the fact that not only was I gifted great women but I was fortunate enough to have been bestowed some wonderful men in my life. My grandfathers, rest their souls, were wonderful men in their own rite. One a strong, Irish man with strong morals and iron will; and one a soft hearted but very firm Italian whom knew that family was the most important thing on this earth. These two men shaped their families without even knowing they had. They grew up in an era of famine and depression, of rum runners and miscreants, yet they persevered through it all. When I think of my grandfathers, I think of how my generation has just failed in comparison of times gone by. Thinking of how I used to see them stealing kisses from my grandmothers out of the corner of my eye like it was a secret that no one was to know but them. The small pats on the behind that would seemingly go unnoticed except by my brother and I who would just giggle and continue on through the house. It was those little memories that kept the entire family coming back for more. Watching our grandfather sneak behind the building at his 50th anniversary party to steal smokes without our grandmother knowing, or going fishing with my grandfather to have him tell me my mother was calling only to get to the house to find she wasn’t even home! Grandfathers were not there to keep us grounded; they were there to give us our spunk, our spirit. They gave us our rebel yell if you will, the ability to buck the system when the occasion called for it. Yes, our strong women gave us that, but our grandfathers gave us ability to say “Who Cares” in a way the women never could. It was not mean but it was aggressive and to the point, with gusto and pizzazz. These men were foundations of strength, humor, and stability in our family. My grandfathers were ominous in my life. They shaped not only who I am but who I raise my children to be. I crave for the way of old to come and shape our children of today. So many times I see our youth without direction and wonder how they got there. Do they not have the people in their lives that I was so privileged to have? As I said in the beginning, I was very lucky to have had the Grandfathers that I had, for they will live on forever, if only in my dreams.

    Memory Posted By: Joeymichelle

    In Loving Memory Katlyn Bailey

    Katlyn Bailey was a wonderful girl she was just about to turn 17 when she was killed she died in a car accident along with her friend i dont think it was her fault i think god knew it was her time and he was ready to have her come home. just a few months before this happened her friend got saved and she rededicated her life to Christ they both knew where they were going after they died and so at least we know theyre happy. please pray for the family of both the girls its really hard on them this whole thing happened about a week ago thank you and merry christmas

    Memory Posted By: In Loving Memory

    Brett Beddow

    On October 19th 2007, Brett Beddow died. He was a victim of a hate crime, because of his sexual orientation. He was stabbed in the stomach, by an unknown person who has been yet to be found. He got well, then got an infection in his stomach. He had no family, they had disowned him. All he had was his best friend. He got put on life support, but later taken off, and died in his best friend's arms, who is also my close friend. Brett We Miss You!!! Hopefully your pain free now!!!! I Love You Brett ~~Dani

    Memory Posted By: Dani

    In Memory Of Wilma

    We lost a good friend and faithful dog Wilma this year and we miss you Wilma, she was 15 years old and one of the hardest things I have ever had to do was make the decision to ask the vet to put you out of the pain and misery you were in, please forgive me.

    I will miss taking you for walks and it didn't matter how cold or how much ice was on the pond you had to go in

    Rest In Peace Wilma

    Memory Posted By: Steve

    Tribute to Fanzio

    Tribute to our Dog Fanzio, we had you for 11 years before you left us last week leaving a big whole in our lives you may have been a mut who wasn't sure if you were a german shepherd or something else but you returned the love we gave you 10 fold and was our companion, friend, exercise trainer, company and guard dog, You had so much love to give us from the day you came home, you came into our life and our lives changed forever.

    Even from the beginning when we took you to obedience class and you made us feel like proud parents. Our lives will be empty without you and it will be difficult looking for a replacement as they will have a hard time matching our memories of you

    Memory Posted By: Harold and June

    In Loving Memory of Grandpa

    I graduated in June of 1992. Shortly before the day of my graduation ceremony my grandpa had a heart attack.

    My grandpa’s heart failure took place outside the front of his home while he was trimming lilac trees. Afterwards he was committed to resting at home.

    I knew that he wanted very much to attend my graduation. I also wished that he could have walked across the stage to see me receive my diploma. However, my mom and I did the next best thing. We brought my graduation to him.

    I put on my purple gown and cap of same color, with the purple and white tassel. Those were my school colors. Then, my mom drove me to my grandpa’s house.

    He was sitting on the couch when I showed up. As soon as he saw me in my graduation cap and gown his face lit up. He was so proud of me, and it was one of the happiest moments of my life.

    A few weeks latter, on June 22nd he had passed away. Every so often I think of him, and that last memory I had of him, which I was grateful to have to cherish.

    I also remember picking apples and making applesauce, and picking the strawberries and raspberries out of his garden. In fact, I grew up in my grandpa’s house for the first two years of my life, with my mom.

    Another fond memory I have of my grandpa was when he was sitting on an old rusted barrel in the back yard next to the garage shed. I was sitting in the grass like an attentive school kid taking in his grandfatherly stories.

    He would talk about work, and would point to the land around him, and tell stories of having an apple orchard. He used to work at a company that now is called by a different name.

    Memory Posted By: Julie Blodgett

    Memories of My Brother Andrew

    My brother Andrew passed away last week he was a kind and good man to me and his family and will be badly missed.

    He was great brother and a kidder and forever tormenting me as a kid , he once was playing with a BB gun and it went off accidentally and hit me in my but, he also loved magic and was forever practising his latest magic trick on me while he refined it and got it right, as children we were always playing tricks on each other I would curl his hair when he was asleep and he would hide my homework, and as we grew up and I started dating boys he was the one who would check them out and if he didn't approve would scare them away.

    He went into the marines and went to Vietnam in 1960.

    While in the marines he was wounded and it took many operations before he could walk again but he did and got married to a wonderful wife and they had 2 beautiful daughters, after the marines he went back to college and became a librarian, due to his job moving him further away we saw less of each other but when we did we spent many wonderful hours reliving our childhood and I miss him terribly

    Memory Posted By: Justine

    In Memory of my Husband


    Memory Posted By: jane craft

    In Memory Of My Father

    It was the 5th of May, I had not seen my siblings for four years. My parents’ divorce had been traumatic, especially in our culture. My siblings had informed me of the news that my father had died. My father and I visited each other 5 months before and I had not had news of him until this moment. There was to be a profound investigation of the woman with whom my father lived. I had learned that he had committed suicide with a bullet in his head. He had a strong pain in the back that had been since February 11th of 2044 (2004)? May the tormented soul of my father rest in peace.

    Original posting before translation

    fue el 5 de mayo, tenia de no ver amis hermanos por 4 a�os,el divorcio de mis padres habia sido traumatico y especialmente en nuestra cultura,mis hermanos que me informaron que habian oido que mi padre habia muerto, mi padre dejo de visitarme 5 meses atras, y no habia tenido noticias de el,hasta ese momento, al investigar mas profundamente con la mujer con la que vivia mi padre, me entere que el se habia suicidado , con una bala en la cabeza, esto por un dolor muy fuerte en la espalda,habia sido el 11 de febrero del 2044,descanse en paz esa alma atormentada de mi padre

    Memory Posted By: rey

    Lost My Dad to Cancer Last Night

    I lost my dad last night to lung cancer. He lost his dad 40 years ago to the same disease. Dads biggest fear was contracting the same thing and being in great pain. Unfortunately he did and has not had a great time with breathing problems being the most problematic thing at times. He experienced virtually no pain and when he died it was really peaceful. A short story but it may help someone who has received this diagnosis and is fearful about the future.

    Memory Posted By: Sara

    Till Death Do Them Part

    Most people these days don’t even last more than a few years being married, let alone last until one or the other dies. My grandparents did, however.

    In fact, they lasted even though there was a share of trials in their lifetime. The most notable of my grandparent’s trials is that my grandma began having serious memory loss and other problems from the time she was about 65 years old until the present day-at 90 years old.

    My grandpa stood by her and did the best to take care of her for many years. In fact, as far as I remember he took care of her at least until the last few years before he died (until he was no longer healthy enough to care for her). Then, when my grandpa had passed away my grandma was transferred into a nursing home, and then admitted into the county Alzheimer’s unit.

    She had been diagnosed with a few different brain conditions in her time. The main category of her illness is considered Alzheimer’s/Dementia. She can barely talk now, and she had to eat pureed food.

    I must confess that when I think of how my grandpa took care of her that I fall way short of being capable of taking care of anybody in the way he had cared for her. I don’t even know how he had done it, personally.

    All I know is that my grandpa and grandpa stayed married until my grandpa passed away, only six years after his 80th birthday. I feel ashamed when I think of how I always had trouble staying in relationships for longer than a couple of years, and how I never have even been married.

    Yet I have had grandparents who had stayed together till death had done them apart. That is very unusually nowadays. Hardly anyone stayed together like my grandparents did.

    Memory Posted By: Julie

    911 in 6th grade

    I was in 6th grade when I heard about the towers; I though at first it was in a different country, but i was wrong. That day i did not know until i gotten home. So know after that happen our freedom is pretty much gone until we win the war. Our family and friends are know fighting for are freedom back. We should support are troops everyday and buy a sticker for your vehicle that said something with SUPPORT OUR TROOPS.

    Memory Posted By: Brittney

  • 911

    Posted By Aimey

    I was 18, that year and in my first year of college. I woke up that morning and turned on the television. I must have tuned in right before the first plane struck, as almost instantly the programme changed to showing the first plane hitting the tower.

    At first, the reporters seemed confused. And they speculated about a plane that went hitting by accident. I sat there wondering how in the hell a plane could get lost and end up inside the World Trade Center. Moments later, the second plane struck. And then, the Pentagon.

    I watched as the buildings smoked. The reporters voices showed they did not know what to say or how to express themselves except with horror at what was unfolding in front of them. and sirens could be heard during each pause in the reporters commentary.

    When the first tower came down, I began cry as I realised the number of innocent people who had died

    I think I realized that day that life would never be the same, and years later it seems to be a never ending battle to keep us safe from further attacks.

    Hurricane Katrina

    Posted By Anon

    I was at home during hurricane katrina. We saw the hurricane warning on the news, and thought it was going to just blow over like Ivan. When the hurricane hit, my family and I were sitting in the living room of my house. The hurricane was worse then we thought it would be. The mayor came on the news and stated there was a mandatory evacuation. But we decided to stay and wait it out. As the storm came closer the weather became worse. Debris flew in the air as the wind grew more violent. and the water began to flood my home. The water stopped working and the electricity turned off. Running out of food and water, we were forced to leave. We drove to Texas to stay with my relatives, and gave one of our neighbors a ride to so he could be with his family. We returned the first day we were allowed to only to find our house ruined. We discovered mold over the walls and floor and the house smelled terrible. The floor was covered in mud and debris . After lots of hard work, and gutting our home, we managed to restore it and live there. but even after 1 year you can still smell the mold occasionally.


    Posted By sdf

    I am a counselor and was at work in a psychiatric hospital on 9/11. I remember we got a call from the front office to make sure all tv's and radios were turned off. I didn't know what was going on at the time. I found out after the 2nd plane hit the tower. We had to keep this from the patients until we found out if any loved ones were there. Then we had to sit down and explain to the patients what had happened. We had no idea what kind of reaction we'd get.

    Comment From Steve Many years ago I was lucky enough to have gone to the top of the twin towers and had been fascinated to see clouds and helicopters below me from the top of the towers.

    On the morning of September 11, 2001 I had just gone to make a coffee and the TV in the kitchen was turned on when they broke the news, the first time I watched it was like something from a movie as there was no confirmation of cause for the first airplane but when the second plane ploughed into the second tower it was obvious a concerted effort to attack the twin towers, even after watching the planes hit the towers I did not realise and neither did the film crews that the towers would collapse so quickly and completely, it was just a nightmare to watch realising people were trapped many floors up, my thoughts go to those who are still living with the effects of losing loved ones and hope they are able to start their lives again.

    Teenagers to New Orleans

    Posted By Parents

    My wife and I decided to take a family vacation to New Orleans and take our 3 teenagers with. Well that was the theory at the time the girls were aged 14, 19, and the boy aged 17, and decided although it would be a tight squeeze we could all drive down to New Orleans in one car.

    Well that was the theory first our oldest daughter informed us her fiance should come with us so we could get to know him and by the way could her best friend come ( now we had 5 teenagers ), well surprise surprise our son informed us if she could have a friend so could he, and our youngest informed us if they could have friends so could she have 2 friends ( now we had 8 teenagers ), and my wife and I realise 1 car will not be enough we would need 2 cars and multiple hotel rooms.

    Eventually we set off with 2 cars and 8 teenagers for a drive of many hundreds of miles, and get some 150 miles down the road to have a break and stretch our legs, when our wonderful son locks the keys in the car, if you have never seen 10 people trying to break into a car with no idea how to, you truly missed a treat.

    I suppose many others would have chosen a more sensible place to take teenagers but my wife and I could never be considered sensible ( keeping control of 8 kids ranging from 14 to 22 ) was truly exhausting but provided the most fun possible on a family vacation.

    Around the World in 28 days

    Posted By Clive

    In early 1998 while working in London I was reading a newspaper about all the problems the world might face with the coming new millennium including computers going haywire due to earlier problems with programming, the problems ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous.

    While reading this I decided I wanted to do something special for myself and my family for the millennium and started to conceive an idea, we would travel round the world and be as near to the first place the new millennium would be celebrated ( Australia ). I then looked into a possible itinerary and decided to go round the world via London, Hong Kong, Bali, Perth ( to celebrate new years eve 2000 ), Cairns, San Francisco and back to London.

    My family and I then planned our journey and had no holiday in 1998 to help pay for the big one. The holiday did turn out as a once in a lifetime event which allowed my children to see parts of the world they may not have had a chance to see till many years as soon after they started on their college and working careers.

    When I talk to them about the memories they have they both tell me they would like to go back to Bali and spend more time discovering this beautiful island and back to the great barrier reef, all our family can remember celebrating the start of the new millennium on the beach in Perth Australia on the other side of the world in shorts and tea shirts and I am sure that memory will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

    Remember if only I could

    Posted By I don't remember

    When I read many of the memories on this site it reminds me of times in my own life, and it also reminds me of how fallible my own memory is and how I forget the easiest things I have listed just a few below

    Leaving the lights on the car overnight ( battery goes flat )

    Forgetting I am running the bath ( Bath overflows or fills with cold water 0

    Not being able to remember the name of things and objects

    Unless I write a list forgetting the very thing I went to the shop for

    Forgetting peoples names when I should know them ( very embarrassing )

    Please tell me I am not the only person that this happens to

    Tsunami in Indonesia

    Posted By Anonymous

    Earthquake woke me at 8 o clock the house shook but no damage apart from broken plates and I went back to sleep. At noon time my dad woke me shouting Tsunami, I looked out and all I could see was a giant wave of water as tall as a mountain coming towards us, we ran towards the highest point all the while watching the wall of water get closer and closer eventualy before we got to higher ground it hit us and it felt like nothing I can describe as I was just pushed along and under the water , I dont know how i survived as i should have drowned many times over for the amount of time I was under the water , at last it seemed to slow down and I managed to hold on to a tree that was being pushed along , When it stopped I swam to dry land and from there walked to a hotel on the top of the mountain, They gave me clothes water and food and bandaged my cuts and bruises, and as I looked out down below I could see more waves coming in they seemed to never end , I survived but my dad didn't. I MISS HIM TERRIBLY !!! I would like to thank those kind people in the hotel as I was in a state of shock and would not have survived without thier comfort and kindness, it has been nearly 18 months since it happened and this is the first time I have written anything about it , I will try to add some more later if the memory is not to painfull.

    Losing Your Home

    Posted By William

    I have posted this as a memory to highlight the problems my family and many other families are facing because we made bad decisions.

    3 Years ago we bought a new home which we could not really afford but decided that as house prices were rising quicker than wages " We Could Not Lose "

    We borrowed additional loans against the house each time we got deeper in debt , but this year it all caught up with us as our house is now worth less than our loans and it is being foreclosed, and we are looking for somewhere to rent.

    I do not blame anybody for my mistakes or greed or stupidity, I am just posting this as a reminder that buying your home is a great memory but losing it will act as a reminder of my own greed.

    So do not make the same mistakes I did!!!