List of June 9th Major News Events

  1. 1934 Disney’s Donald Duck appeared for the first time in The Wise Little Hen.
  2. 1958 London Gatwick airport opened after redevelopment.
  3. 1973 Secretariat became the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years.
  4. 2006 The United States passed the COPE act, a major overhaul of telecommunications.

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1934 USA Donald Duck

1934 : Donald Duck makes his first film appearance, in The Wise Little Hen, a short by Walt Disney.

1973 USA Secretariat Triple Crown Winner

1973 : Secretariat became horse racing's first Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes) winner in 25 years by winning the Belmont Stakes. The previous triple crown winner was Citation in 1948.

2006 USA Cope Act

2006 : Congress passes the Cope Act by 321-101 votes. The Cope (Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement) Act is a major overhaul of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 with a large number of changes some good and needed but some which may well cause the largest changes to how we are allowed to use the Internet once we have paid an ISP for a connection. Below I have included the most important part of the act and an example of how I believe it will effect ordinary subscribers and how some subscribers are being affected today.
Network Neutrality - What Is It?
Network Neutrality broadly means that once you have paid for your subcription to the Internet how you use the access is up to you, and all service speeds (the speed a page or download is delivered to your browser) are free and equal of limits via the ISP'S.
What Effect could it have on your Internet Access
The company who provide your Internet Access Could define which VOIP ( Voice Over IP Telephone Service ) i.e. block those they do not supply.
The company who provide your Internet Access could define where you download music or video from.
The company who provide your Internet Access could even in the worst case define which shops were available through your connection and which were not (possibly only companies who payed the ISP would be accessible).
The company who provide your Internet Access could even in the worst case define which search engine you could or could not use.
As you can see unless a form of Network Neutrality is put back in the new bill, the internet we all use could change. Current use of this ending of Network Neutrality is being used by Comcast who are slowing down certain protocols for example the BitTorrent protocol because the BitTorrent protocol is used to transfer large files including full-length videos partly because it competes with the cable company’s own video-on-demand and television offerings.
Current ISP Problems - Like all things there are two sides to any story and currently 10% of subscribers to ISP'S can easily use 60% of the available bandwidth making access slow for the rest of the subscribers. Removing Network Neutrality should not be used as the answer as it could and will be used by some for the monetary gain. If ISP'S wish to address the issue they should begin offering a service which is based on users usage (not how it is used) this would possibly make Internet access cheaper for most placing the cost on the heaviest users.

Born This Day In History 9th June

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Natalie Portman

Born: June 9th, 1981, Jerusalem, Israel

Known For : Natalie Portman is an award-winning actress known for her versatility. She began her film career at the age of 12 and has also appeared on Broadway. She is most well-known for her roles in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, V for Vendetta, Marvel's Thor and Thor: The Dark World, Jackie, and Annihilation. Portman has been nominated for three Academy Awards and won Best Actrress in 2011 for Black Swan. She is also known for her activism in animal rights and #MeToo movement. She attended Harvard University from 1999 to 2003, studying Psychology.

1930 USA Mobster Hit

1930 : Jake Lingle, a reporter at the Chicago Tribune, was shot and killed today at the Illinois Central train station as part of a gangland hit as the reporter knew to much about the Gangs operating in Chicago.

1943 USA Car Tax Registration

1943 : Automobile Tax Stamps will go on sale tomorrow costing $5.00 all cars must display a tax stamp by July 1st, also all applications for Ration Books 3 must be in the mail by tomorrow.

1943 USA Federal Income Tax Changes

1943 : New laws are passed which require employers to withhold federal taxes from weekly paychecks. This changed the earlier format where taxes were paid in one lump sum at the end of each year, and has been called "Pay As You Go tax."

1953 USA Tornadoes Hit Flint, Michigan

1953 : A series of 6 Tornadoes hit the area of Flint in Michigan and parts of Ohio yesterday killing over 140 people and leaving billions of dollars in property damage, Flint was still trying to clean up after the last series of Tornadoes on May 31 just a few weeks ago.

1958 UK Gatwick Airport Opens

1958 : After 2 years work the new Gatwick Airports which is London's second airport opens after major re-development. The work has included adding a railway station. Gatwick Airport is now one of the world's top 10 busiest international airports.

1964 USA Communist Domino Theory

1964 : A CIA report challenges "domino theory" that had been used to support the Vietnam War , the domino effect contended that if South Vietnam fell the rest of Southeast Asia would quickly fall to communist control. The report believed the only country that may fall to communism would be Cambodia.

1970 Jordan Assassination Attempt

1970 : An assassination attempt is made on the King Hussein of Jordan when gunmen opened fire on his motorcade as it was driving near his summer palace.

1972 USA Flash Flood Rapid City, South Dakota

1972 : The Pactola Dam in Rapid City, South Dakota collapses after heavy rain with the resulting flash flood sweeping away homes below the dam in the flood plain area and killing 230.

1975 UK Radio Broadcast From House of Commons

1975 : The British house of commons allows live radio broadcasts of parliament which starts on this day in history.

1983 UK Margaret Thatcher

1983 : Margaret Thatcher wins in a landslide victory in General Elections in the UK as the British voters went to the polls, she wants to banish extreme left wing socialism forever and the British people seem to want that as well.

Born This Day In History 9th June

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Frédéric Choffat

Born: June 9th, 1973, Agadir, Morocco

Known For : Frédéric Choffat is a short film producer from Switzerland. He studied photography in Lausanne, before going on to learn cinematography. His initially short films have been succeeded by his 2007 La Vraie Vie est Ailleurs (The True Life is Elsewhere). This has gained him some recognition in Germany and Canada.

1993 Liberia Massacre

1993 : News is coming out of a massacre of 350 refugees mostly women and children at a camp for war refugees outside Monrovia and investigations by the United Nations are underway to find out who perpetrated this horrific crime.

2002 Catholic Church Accused Of Covering Up Abuse

2002 : As pressure mounts on the Catholic church over allegations that Church Leaders have been covering up abuse by it's priests including many who have been found guilty of sexually abusing children remain in jobs within the US Roman Catholic Church. To help with the poor publicity this has generated for the Church leaders have suggested that Pope John Paul II be asked to defrock any priest who commits any future sexual abuse of a minor, as well as any priest who has abused more than one child in the past. Latest reports indicate that as many as 300 civil lawsuits alleging clerical sex abuse have been filed this year since the case of the pedophile priest in Boston.

2006 World Cup Begins in Munich

2006 : The 2006 World Cup began with its opening ceremonies in Munich, Germany. The ceremony included such notables as soccer icon Pele, and supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

2008 Madagascar Whales Stranded

2008 : Over one hundred whales were stranded off the coast of Madagascar, and at least thirty of them had already died. The beached whales started turning up after ExxonMobil began seismic surveys in the area, but the company denied any connection between their surveys and the whales. Experts and locals came to the area to try to help the whales that were stuck on the shore.

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2010 Gambia Large Amount of Cocaine Seized

2010 : Authorities in Gambia seized over $1 billion worth of cocaine that was en route to Europe. As well as finding the over two ton haul of drugs, the authorities found large amounts of cash and arms, and arrested twelve suspected traffickers.

2010 Chicago Team Wins Stanley Cup

2010 : The Chicago Blackhawks won hockey's highest honor after beating the Philadelphia Flyers in game six of the final series. The victory for Chicago marked the first time since 1961 that the team had won the Stanley Cup, the longest period for any franchise at the time. Patrick Kane scored the winning goal.

2011 Russia Cuts Power to Belarus

2011 : Russia cut half of the electric power it supplies to Belarus over unpaid bills. Officials in Belarus admitted that the country owed Russia fifty-four million dollars and was hoping for help in the form of an economic bail-out from Russia. The monopoly that supplies Russia's exported energy threatened that if Belarus cannot come up with the money, all supplies could be cut off by June 19th.

2012 Maria Sharapova Wins French Open

2012 : Twenty-five year old tennis player Maria Sharapova beat Sara Errani in the final of the French Open to win the title. This win for Sharapova made her only the tenth woman to have completed a career Grand Slam.

2013 Naked Cyclists Ride Through Mexico City

2013 : Nude bicyclists rode through the streets of Mexico City to mark the World Naked Bike Ride. The ride was organized to raise awareness about cycling as exercise and a way to decrease the use of fossil fuels. It was also seen as a way to emphasize the importance of drivers being careful and mindful around cyclists.

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