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List of July 14th Major News Events

  1. 1966 : 8 student nurses are brutally murdered by Richard Speck at their group residence in Chicago, Illinois.
  2. 1988 95% US Car Sales By Ford, GM and Chrysler
  3. 1978 U.S.A. Public Service Strikes
  4. 2008 U.S.A. Anheuser- Busch Taken Over
  5. 2008 U.S.A. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Bailout
  6. 2013 United States George Zimmerman Verdict

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1966 U.S.A. Richard Speck Murders

1966 : In one of the worst murder cases to date 8 student nurses are brutally murdered by Richard Speck at their group residence in Chicago, Illinois.

1988 95% US Car Sales By Ford, GM and Chrysler

1988 : The latest figures released show that the big three US auto makers Ford Motor Company, GM Motors and Chrysler between between them account for 95% of the US domestic sales. This is just 21 years ago.

1922 U.S.A. Monster Dirigible

1922 : A monster dirigible (ZR1) is under construction at the air craft factory of Philadelphia Navy Yard, as parts are completed they are sent to Lakehurst New Jersey for assembly which will be the air ships home port. This dirigible will be the first of the Zeppelin type built in this country.

1933 Russia Typhus Epidemic

1933 : A typhus epidemic has broken out in the city of Moscow and hospitals are full and overflowing with victims of the disease.

1933 Austria Hitler

1933 : A newspaper in Austria made public that Adolf Hitler Nazi Chancellor of Germany and a sworn enemy of Jews is a Jew himself, there has been speculation for some time that this was the case but never publicly published.

1933 Germany Other Political Parties Banned

1933 : All other political parties are banned in Germany except for the Nazi Party.

2008 U.S.A. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Bailout

2008 : Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae who own or guarantee about $5.3 trillion worth of home loans about half of all US mortgages have seen a loss of confidence my the market due to the mortgage foreclosure increase and the drop in property values in the United States. Both company Shares have been under increasing pressure and have lost as much as 80% of share value in just 12 months . The Fed has given the green light for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York authority to lend any money needed to allow them to continue providing mortgages at 2.25% and will expand its current line of credit to the two companies and buy shares of the companies if needed to prop up share price in these troubled times. Congress is also to approve a package next week which includes a foreclosure rescue to help strapped homeowners get new, more affordable government-backed mortgages through the Federal Housing Administration.

Part of 1920s Hats

Fancy Dress Hat 1923 1923 Fancy Dress Hat
Price: $6.45

Perfectly gorgeous and our best large brim fancy dress hat. Handmade wired frame covered with lovely gold or silver metallic lace, recovered with single layer of silk maline which extends softly over the edge. Stylish six-pieced crown of fine silk faced velvet. High grade wreath of mixed colored fiber silk plush novelty morning glories.

Part of 1920s Appliances

20s Motor Driven Brush Cleaner ( Hoover )

Motor Driven Brush and Suction Cleaner

Price: $28.95

This cleaner not only uses suction to lift the dirt and dust it also includes a motor driven brush to help remove dust and dirt from the carpet before the suction lifts the dirt into the bag

1941 Libya Tripoli

1941 : Two Axis ships were destroyed and a third set on fire just off Tripoli by RAF Fighter Bombers.

1955 Germany Karmann Ghia Coupe

1955 : Following on with it's world wide success of The Beetle Volkswagen introduced the Karmann Ghia coupe as a Volkswagen that could show the world that they could produce great looking cars as well as reliable cars.

1958 Iraq Military Coup

1958 : A military coup in Iraq overthrows the monarchy making Iraq a republic. The Crown Prince Abdul Illah and Nuri es Said, prime minister of the Iraq-Jordan Federation, had been assassinated by the rebels.

1978 U.S.A. Public Service Strikes

1978 : Public Servants today began a strike in 3 major US Cities leaving cities with no police on the streets, no fire protection and most other public service employees on strike . The cities were Cleveland, Louisville and Philadelphia. Each city had National Guardsman standing by.

1989 Celebrations of The French Revolution

1989 : Celebrations in France over the the 200th anniversary of the storming of the Bastille to release the prisoners and execute their jailers which was the beginning of the end of Ten years of bloody revolution, ending with the execution of King Louis XVI.

2003 U.S.A. Hurricane Claudette

2003 : Hurricane Claudette with 90 MPH winds hits the Texas coast causing major damage, especially in Galveston, where it kills two people.

2004 Philippines Troop Pull Out From Iraq

2004 : Bowing to pressure from within the country the Philippine deputy foreign minister has announced they will would withdraw troops "as soon as possible." The Philippines does not have a large contingent of troops in Iraq (estimated less than 100) but it is seen as a blow to the United States because of the signals it will send around the world over allies commitment to Iraq. This could also send the wrong signals to militants in Iraq that hostage-taking works as many believe this is the main reason for Philippine withdrawal.

2006 Lebanon Israeli Bombing

2006 : Israel continued its attacks on the country of Lebanon after the militant group Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers. Over fifty people, most of whom were civilians, were killed in the attacks on this day. The conflict between Israel and Lebanon lasted until August 14 of 2006.

2007 North Korea Closes Nuclear Reactors

2007 : North Korea closed the first of many nuclear reactors as specified by a fuel deal made in exchange for fuel. The International Atomic Energy Agency monitored and helped North Korea shut down this first reactor and in exchange North Korea received 6,200 tons of heavy fuel, the first shipment in a 1 million ton deal. The closings are put on hold in 2008 as tensions between North Korea and the United States heighten.

2007 Great Canary Telescope

2007 : One of the largest optical telescopes began testing in the Canary Islands on this day. After seven years of construction and a cost of 130 million euros, the Great Canary Telescope on La Palma was predicted to be powerful enough to see some of the most distant images of the universe. When it was completed it was the world's largest single-aperture optical telescope.

2008 U.S.A. Anheuser- Busch Taken Over

2008 : After a $52 billion takeover deal, American beer maker, Anheuser- Busch, was taken over by the Belgian beer maker InBev on this day. The merging of the two companies made the newly combined company, Anheuser-Busch InBev, the largest beer maker in the world. The new combined company produces some of the most well known beer brands in the world including Bud Light, Budweiser, Becks and Stella Artois.

2009 Sir Edward Thomas Downes Assisted Suicide

2009 : Famous British conductor, Sir Edward Thomas Downes and his wife died after choosing assisted suicide at the Dignitas organization in Switzerland. Both were suffering from health problems and decided to end their lives together peacefully instead of continuing to suffer from worsening health problems.

2012 Mexico Gang Attacks Christian Youth Camp

2012 : An armed gang attacked campers at a Christian youth camp just outside of Mexico City, Mexico. The gang came to the camp and had sexually assaulted girls at the camp and beaten up others, they also stole valuables and cash and got away in two stolen vehicles. The whole situation lasted several hours as the 90 members of the camp were held at gunpoint in a remote area with no cell phone coverage.

2013 United States George Zimmerman Verdict

2013 : In the highly controversial George Zimmerman case, the long-awaited verdict was revealed. Zimmerman who was a part of a neighborhood watch had shot dead an unarmed seventeen year old black teenager named Trayvon Martin. The case brought up issues with racial profiling in the country. Zimmerman was found not guilty of murder, a controversial verdict in a hotly debated case.

Part of 1920s Cars

Studebaker 1929 President Eight Roadster Studebaker 1929 President Eight Roadster
Price From $1,589 to $1,895
Studebaker 1929 President Eight Roadster seats two in the comfortable front seats and two in the Rumble, 115 Horsepower engine, hydraulic shock absorbers, wire wheels, spare tire and bumpers are additional to the price. Part of our Collection of Childrens Clothes From the Decade
Children's Clothing Examples From The 1920s

Part of 1920 Furniture

Twenties Portable Bathtub with water heater attached

Portable Bathtub With Water Heater

Price: $41.85

Many if not most rural homes in the twenties did not have full indoor plumbing so this was your best chance of having a hot bath, the water heater could be a Gasoline or Kerosine based burner, To use the bathtub you first needed to fill the tank with water ( held 12 gallons ), next light the burner and when ready fill the bath, to empty the bath attach the 6ft length of hose to the water outlet and drain out through the nearest window.

1920s Music

Jazz was the music of popular choice and some of the best known musicians were jazz musicians including Duke Ellington and Al Jolson. One other popular musician/composer was George Gershwin. Many of his songs are still recorded and listened to today. A popular dance of the times was known as the Charleston.

From our 20's Music Page

Twenties Music

Born This Day In History 14th July

Celebrating Birthdays Today

Gwen Guthrie

Born: July 14th, 1950, Okemah, Oklahoma

Died: February 4th, 1999, Orange, New Jersey

Known For : Raised in Newark, New Jersey, Gwen Guthrie showed an early promise as a singer. She was the lead singer for the East Coast Band and was asked to do background work for Aretha Franklin. This paved the way for the song writing she did in the early Seventies. She did backing vocals for a number of studios, and was offered a contract by Island Records. Her third album produced her best known track: "Ain't Nothin' Goin' on but the Rent."

Gerald Rudolph Ford

Born: July 14, 1913, Omaha, Nebraska

Died: December 26, 2006, Rancho Mirage, California

Known For : He was US president from 1974 to 1979. Ford ascended to the presidency as a result of the resignation of Vice President Spiro Agnew and President Richard Nixon. He previously served as the House Minority leader and a US Representative from Michigan. Ford’s administration faced one of the worst US economies since the Great Depression with high inflation, high unemployment, and a recession. He is most known for his controversial Presidential Pardon of Richard Nixon.

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