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List of January 15th Major News Events

  1. 1967 first Super Bowl
  2. 2009 Flight 1549 Crashes In Hudson
  3. 1997 Angola Princess Diana Land Mines
  4. 1943 Pentagon completed

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1967 first Super Bowl

In the first Super Bowl The Green Bay packers defeat the Kansas City Chiefs in Los Angeles

2009 Flight 1549 Crashes In Hudson

US Airways Flight 1549 ( Airbus 320 ) runs into a large flock of Canada Geese during takeoff from from New York City's LaGuardia Airport resulting in immediate and complete loss of thrust from both engines due to ingesting birds. The Pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger glides over the Hudson river finally ditching the airliner near the USS Intrepid museum about three minutes after losing power. The ditching and evacuation proved a complete success with all passengers and crew evacuated safely.

1997 Angola Princess Diana Land Mines

1997 : Princess Diana angers defense ministers around the world after calling for an immediate international ban on land mines during a visit to Angola. ( The international Ottawa convention on banning landmines came into force on March 1st 1999 but key countries refused to sign, including the United States, Russia and China, making the convention worthless )

1975 America's Economic Woes

1975 : President Gerald Ford on his very first state of the union address painted a grim portrait of America's economic woes. Millions of Americans are out of work. Recession and inflation are eroding the money of millions more. Prices are too high and sales are too low.

1909 Automobile Hearse

For the first time ever an automobile hearse was used in a funeral procession. Before this time, horse-drawn carriages had always been used to carry the honored body of a person who has passed away.

1920 Canada Small Pox Breakout

A new report was given on this day in a local Canadian newspaper. It was regarding the 325 new cases of small pox that had occurred in the previous week ending January 10th.

These cases of small pox sickness were reported to be in the province of Ontario. In addition, 116 new cases occurred in the city of Toronto, and this disease had resulted in four deaths. In all, there were 400 recent cases of this sickness within a week.

At this time vaccination and immunization measures were not as advanced. Therefore, people who contracted this type of sickness were more susceptible to serious attack of illness or death than would be in the present day.

1936 Ford Foundation

Henry Ford, the owner of the Ford Motor Company had established the Ford Foundation, a non-profit group. Part of the intention of setting up the Ford Foundation was to ensure that his family was able to take over the family fortune after he passed away.

However, this foundation created by Ford also had reached out in many ways to the community. For instance, the Ford Foundation played a part in promoting population control and famine prevention. This company also supported the arts, educational media, and world peace.

1943 Pentagon completed

The Pentagon headquarters of the Department of Defense was completed after just 16 months construction

1944 Duke Ellington

1944 : Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra take the song "Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me" to the top of the charts. It's there for eight weeks before being knocked out off the top

1951 Witch of Buchenwald

1951 : Ilse Koch ( Witch of Buchenwald ) was tried for crimes against humanity at Nuremberg and sentenced to life in prison . She committed suicide in 1967 by hanging herself with a bedsheet.

1953 East Germany Purge of Opposition

East German communist authorities begin a purge of senior officials including the Christian Democratic Foreign Minister, Georg Dertinger, and a number of Jewish politicians, accused of plotting against the state and spying for "imperialistic" powers.

1965 Canada Home Grown Spuds Expensive

Perhaps a fact that could strike some people as odd is the hike of prices of local potatoes in Canada at this time, yet lowered prices on imported ones. Perhaps it is because of importation that local prices were increased-which sometimes happens in the present day as well.

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Born This Day In History January 15th

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Born: 15th January Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Died: April 4th, 1968 Memphis, Tennessee.

Known For : Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is best remembered as one of the most influential civil rights leaders in the United States during the 1960s. Some of his most remembered moments include participating in the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955 and his "I Have a Dream" speech at the 1963 March on Washington. Dr. King was assassinated on April 4th, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Edward Teller

Born: 15th January 1908 Budapest, Hungary

Died: September 9th, 2003 Stanford, California

Known For : Edward Teller is best known for his work during the 1940s and 1950s in nuclear fusion and fission projects, including the Manhattan Project. Teller participated United States government programs that developed the atomic and hydrogen bombs. Later in Teller's life he became a proponent for the Strategic Defense Initiative under the Reagan administration in the 1980s. Edward Teller died in September of 2003.

1970 Biafra Surrenders

1970: After three long years of fighting, the Biafra government surrenders to Nigeria. Originally, Biafra had gained independence of Nigeria. This had happened about ten years before this time.

Nigeria tried to use diplomatic measures to unite Biafra with itself-to no avail. Then, in 1967, war broke out between these two regions. Due to economic hardship, Biafra had gave in to the wishes of Nigeria.

1970 Libya Qaddafi

On this day, Muammar al-Qaddafi became Premier of Libya. He was the man who had deposed (removed from office) King Idris in 1969. Qaddafi's political philosophies were a mixture of Orthodox Islam beliefs, revolutionary socialism, and Arab nationalism.

1973 Bonanza

Bonanza, a television program that aired for 14 seasons finally aired for the last time on this day. Bonanza first aired in 1959, and was the first western to be seen in color. Lorne Green, Michael Landon, Pernell Roberts, and Dan Blocker were some of the main stars of this show.

1973 Vietnam Bombing Ends

Following progress in Paris peace negotiations between National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho of North Vietnam, President Richard Nixon halts the most concentrated bombing of the war against North Vietnam.

1974 U.S.A. Energy Policy

1974 : Frank Church, Senator of Idaho, had requested the de-classification of sensitive documents written in the 1950's. The basis for this request was his belief that the government had made secret decisions which would affect the nation's energy policy for 20 years.

Frank Church requested highly secured documentation for a specific reason. He said in his own way that it would help understand the most important post-war decisions that were made.

1981 Hill Street Blues

The television cop drama Hill Street Blues had aired on this day. This show was set in an unnamed city, although the outsides of the set were filmed in Chicago.

This television series has been described as the first real attempt to portray police officers as fallible human beings. Unlike other cop dramas, the crimes were rarely solved in one Hill Street Blues episode .

1984 Tony Benn

The leftwing Labour rebel Tony Benn is making a comeback in British Politics after loosing his seat in the last general election ( Bristol South ) by being elected by the local labour party at Chesterfield to fight in the coming by-election. ( he went on to win and represent Chsterfield until he retired in 2001 )

2008 Cloned Animal Meat OK

After six years of study, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled that meat and milk from cloned pigs, cattle and goats and their offspring is safe and does not need to be labelled as derived from cloned animals.

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90 years of price Change

90 Years Of Price Changes

We spent many hours researching cost of living information for each year and I created this page after being asked a number of times about why I did not include current prices alongside our cost of living information for each year and thought this was the easiest way to make the information available. includes Average Cost Of New Home, Average Wages, New Car cost, Gallon Of Gas and a 1lb Hamburger Meat, 1920 to 2021

2010 Haiti Earthquake

Three days after the magnitude 7.0 earthquake, strikes Haiti leaving an estimated 45,000-50,000 people dead aid is still slow in coming. Aid groups say they need food, water, medical supplies and lifting equipment. Search and rescue teams have arrived and are going through the rubble trying to locate survivors, but the biggest problem is the lack of food, shelter and medical aid and supplies.

2010 The Chinese police have banned China’s Gay Pageant

The Chinese police have prevented the country's first gay pageant from taking place. It was stopped a few minutes before it was due to start. "This event has been canceled," said one of its judges, before explaining that "I believe it had something to do with the issue of homosexuality." The competition was due to take place in a Beijing restaurant and night club. The winner of the underwear segment was to vie for the right to represent China at the Worldwide Mr. Gay pageant. Police have said that the event didn't have the correct licence. This was the first gay pageant to be held in the country, and was hoped to signal a new openness toward its gay community. The police informed its organizers that it had not applied "according to the procedures". Homosexuality was illegal in China until 1997, and officials have described it as a mental illness.

2011 Tunisian Leader Flees After Increasingly Violent Protests

2011 :  The Tunisian president, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, fled the country after being in power for twenty-three years. He and his family went to Saudi Arabia after being forced out of the country by protestors who had been demonstrating against the government for weeks.   


2013 Horse Meat Found in Burgers

Horse DNA was found in beef burgers being sold in supermarkets in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Health officials stated there was no risk to public health and that the contaminated batches were being recalled from retailers.

2014 Villagers Build Wall of Money

2014 : Chinese villagers in the town of Jianshe built a wall of money after receiving a large payout for their co-operative. The town was given their annual bonuses of around two million dollars my military officials. The villagers stacked the money in a wall that had to be guarded before it could be distributed the next day.

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