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1998 - Space - - International Space Station
The first 6 astronauts are taken by Space Shuttle Endeavour to Attach the Unity Module to Zarya FGB to begin the assembly in space of the International Space Station, as of 2008 24 out of the 32 modules to complete the Space Station are connected. The International Space Station (ISS) is a joint project between (NASA) U.S.A., (RKA) Russia , (JAXA) Japan , (CSA) Canada and eleven European countries (ESA). The space station is in low orbit and can be seen from Earth with the naked eye. Since 2nd November 2000 the Space Station has been manned continually. The International Space Station came about after the cold war ended with an "Agreement between the United States of America and the Russian Federation Concerning Cooperation in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space for Peaceful Purposes."

1952 - Great Britain - - Deadly London Smog
A deadly smog created by the smoke soot and sulfur dioxide from the factories, cars and coal fires in local homes begins to hover over London, England, which continues for four days, leading to the deaths of at least 4,000 people.

1872 - Azores - - Mary Celeste Mystery
Crew from the Dei Gratia, a small British brig spot the Mary Celeste, at full sail near the Azores Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The ship was seaworthy, its stores and supplies were untouched, but not a soul was on board.

1969 - U.S.A. - - Black Panther Party
Police kill Fred Hampton, 21, and Mark Clark, 22, members of the Black Panther Party who are gunned down by 14 police officers as they lie sleeping in their Chicago, Illinois, apartment. The Black Panther Party was an African American organization founded to promote civil rights and social justice and was a part of the anti establishment counterculture of the Sixties.

1909 - Denmark - - Princess Waldemar
In Copenhagen Princess Waldemar lay on her death bed. The princess suffered from the flu, but became unconscious and was expected to die. Her husband, Prince Waldemar, the late King Christian's youngest son, was travelling with their three sons in India.

1920 - Greece - - Financial Aid Withdrawn
Greece was warned by The Allied Supreme Council that their financial aid would be withdrawn if King Constantine was returned to power. Some of the allies believed that Smyrna would be more secure in Turkish hands than under King Constantine.

1934 - Turkey - - Uniforms Forbidden
In Turkey all uniforms were forbidden - even Boy Scout uniforms from other countries. Also prohibited were Nazi brown uniforms and Fascist black military dress.

1941 - United States - - Airplane Production
President Roosevelt implied that he would like the United States to produce 50,000 airplanes. Probably this goal would be met according to the president of the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce. That would mean manufacturing 4,000 planes a month until July 1945.

1943 - United States - - PWA Ended
The Works Progress Administration, which had been created to provide jobs during the Great Depression of the 1930's is ended.

1945 - United States - - United Nations
The U.S. Senate approves U.S. participation in the UN. The United Nations had officially came into existence on October 24, 1945.


1953 - Canada - - US Relations
Canadian-U.S. relations were at a low point, even though the two countries boasted the longest undefended border in the world. The source of the animosity was over Igor Gouzenko who had information on Soviet espionage. The Royal Commission in Canada had used Gouzenko's testimony to create the most comprehensive document on Soviet spying ever. However, Canadians felt that the U.S. was blackmailing Minister of External Affairs, Lester B. Pearson, by suggesting that he leaked information to Soviet spies.

1954 - U.S.A. - - Burger King
The first Burger King (Insta Burger King) is opened in Miami, Florida by James McLamore and David Edgerton. Burger King continued to grow slowly and in 1967 followed other fast food chains by allowing franchise restaurants. The idea was copied from the fast food restaurant concept introduced by Dick and Mac McDonald (Ray Kroc bought out Dick and Mac McDonald in 1955).


1961 - U.K. - - Birth Control Pill
The birth control pill an oral contraception will now be available on the National Health Service..


1971 - Northern Ireland - - Pub Bomb Belfast
Bomb demolishes crowded Belfast pub killing at least 10 and injuring 17 one of a number of attacks.

1971 - Pakistan - - Worsening Relations India and Pakistan
The Indian Navy attacks the Pakistan Navy and fighting intensifies in Karachi. The United nations calls for a cease fire and negotiations over concern that the fighting could deteriorate into full scale war.

1974 - Norway - - Oil Dispute
Russia and Norway were having another round of talks about the boundaries beneath the Barents Sea in the Arctic. There was oil under the sea and Russia was eager to get at it, however, Norway wanted to wait and get the borders settled before allowing the Russians to bring their oil drilling equipment in.

1989 - Israel - - Chemical Weapons
Israel feared the use of chemical weapons should another war break out with Syria. One Israeli soldier warned, 'We know they have chemical weapons. We have to assume they would use chemical weapons in a war.' Syrians had been seen by Israelis training for chemical warfare. However, it was believed that Israel had the same weapons at their disposal.

1991 - Lebanon - - Last US Hostage Released
Associated Press correspondent Terry Anderson, the last and longest-held US hostage in Lebanon, is freed by an Islamic militant group after 2,454 days in captivity.

1991 - U.S.A. - - Last PAN AM Flight
Pan American World Airways (Pan AM) takes it's last commercial Pan Am Flight 436 from Bridgetown, Barbados, to Miami. Pan Am is remembered for being the first worldwide mail delivery service on Aircraft called Clipper flying boats, and created many firsts including the first commercial service across the North Atlantic.


1992 - Somalia - - Starving Millions
Somalia did not have a government and its people were starving. It was a country that needed the long term help of the world police to keep order and to make sure that aid got delivered. The United States sends American troops to lead a mercy mission to Somalia, threatening military action against warlords and gangs who were blocking food for starving millions but did not want to commit itself to a long term military intervention, because it was scared of recreating another situation like the Vietnam war.

2001 - U.S.A. - - Hamas Assets Frozen
The United States froze the financial assets of organizations allegedly linked to the terrorist group Hamas including the Texas-based Islamic foundation that calls itself a charity, saying the organization acts as a front to finance the militant wing of the Palestinian group Hamas.

2003 - U.S.A. - - US / Europe Trade War Tariffs
The US has pulled back from implementing a punitive tax on imported steel amounting to increases of 30% to the cost of a range of imported steel products, to avoid a damaging trade war between the United States and Europe after the EU threatened implementing tariffs of $2.2bn on US imports into Europe.

2006 - Sweden - - Straw Goat
In the city of Gavle, Sweden it is traditional around Christmas to erect a straw goat before the coming of Santa Claus. This year a 43 foot high goat - the biggest ever -- was put up and coated with flame-retardant chemicals, so that vandals could not burn it down. Previous goats have gone up in flames or been vandalized.

2006 - United States - - Dinosaur Eggs Sell for $420,000
A 65 million-year-old nest of dinosaur eggs has been auctioned to an unnamed buyer in Los Angeles for $420,000. The nest contains twenty-two broken eggs, nineteen of which are in embryonic form, with some of the raptors clearly visible. The nest had been discovered in Guangdong, China in 1984, and the buyer has not been named.

2006 - United States - - U.N. Ambassador John Bolton
U.N. Ambassador John Bolton offers his resignation to President George W. Bush who accepts it. John Bolton had been put in the position when President George W. Bush made a recess appointment of Bolton, installing him as Permanent US Representative to the UN following the Democratic filibuster, he was never confirmed by the Senate for the position.

2007 - United States - - National Intelligence Estimate Iran
Following yesterdays release of the National Intelligence Estimate On Iran Nuclear Weapons Program, President Bush says that Iran remains a threat to the world, despite new intelligence saying the country is not building nuclear weapons at this time. Mr. Bush said that the report released on Monday was a 'warning signal,' and that the potential of a nuclear Iran as a threat 'hasn't changed.' Mr. Bush said the new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) was 'an opportunity for us to rally the international community' into pressuring Iran into the suspension of its efforts to enrich uranium. The Democrats are calling for a rethink of policy on Iran. The call comes after a major new intelligence assessment suggests that the Iranians are not trying to develop nuclear weapons. The latest National Intelligence Estimate says that Iran stopped its weapons program in 2003. But Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said it was vital to continue U.S.-led efforts to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Iran later protests at American spy techniques used to obtain the information in the report.

2009 - Russia - - Nightclub Explosion
About seventy-six people are believed to have been killed and about sixty hospitalized in a blast that took place in a cafe in the Ural's city of Perm. The blast occurred at 23:15 Moscow time, and was followed by fire. Firefighters have brought the blaze under control. The cafe was attached to a residential house, which was not damaged by the blast. Official have said that most of the casualties were due to smoke inhalation and stampede that followed. The majority of victims were cafe employees and their relatives, as the cafe was marking its anniversary. Other sources say that at least one hundred and nine people have died.

2011 - Iran - - Iran Downs US Drone
Iran announced that it had taken down a US drone that had violated its borders. The country stated the spy plane suffered minimal damage and that their army was inspecting it. The incident was only one of many that have recently created higher tensions between Iran and Western countries.

2012 - United States - - World's Oldest Person Dies
The world's oldest living person, the 116 year old Besse Cooper from Georgia died. Cooper had been Guinness World Record certified as the oldest person, but after her death the title would move to 115 year old Dina Manfredini.

2013 - United States - - Rockwell Painting Auctioned
The Norman Rockwell painting "Saying Grace" was sold at auction for forty-six million dollars in New York, setting a new record for American artwork at auction.

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Jeff Bridges
Born: 4th December 1949 Los Angeles, California, USA
Known For : Known as a successfull American Actor and the son of Lloyd Bridges and Dorothy Dean. He has been nominated a number of times in the Oscars but has not yet claimed the top prize. His films include The Last Picture Show, King Kong, Starman, The Fisher King, Fearless, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, Against All Odds, Jagged Edge, The Contender, Seabiscuit, and Iron Man.
Tyra Banks
Born: 4th December 1973 Inglewood, California, United States
Known For : American Super Model and TV Presenter who created and hosts the reality television show America's Next Top Model hosts her own talk show Tyra Banks. She is best known for her time representing Victoria's Secret but during her time as one of the worlds top models was also used for CoverGirl, Chanel, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, H&M, Isaac Mizrahi, Nicole Miller, Nike, Pepsi, Perry Ellis, Swatch, Tommy Hilfiger, and Yves Saint Laurent to name just some. She was also featured in the worlds top fashion magazines Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, GQ and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.