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1966 - U.S.A. -- How the Grinch Stole Christmas
1966 : The popular Dr. Seuss' book "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" is made into an animated television special and shown for first time on CBS. The narator is the well known Horror movie star Boris Karloff. "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" is one of those programs that when you see it on Television you just know Christmas is not far away.

1944 - U.S.A. -- Executive Order 9066
1944 : The US Supreme Court upholds Executive Order 9066, the relocation of Japanese Americans . Approximately 120,000 Japanese Americans were effected by this ruling and were sent to War Relocation Centers in remote areas of the US

1912 - Great Britain -- Piltdown Man
The so called Piltdown Man thought to be the missing evolutionary link between ape and man is discovered in the Piltdown gravel pit in Sussex, England, by amateur archaeologist Charles Dawson.
In 1953, at an international congress of paleontologists, the Piltdown Man was first openly called a fraud, and it has since been confirmed that it was indeed a fraud made up of skull parts from humans and an orangutan.

1914 - Egypt -- Egypt under protection of the Crown
Great Britain placed Egypt under its protection of the Crown. The official Press Bureau read, "The suzerainty of Turkey over Egypt is thus terminated, and His Majesty's government will adopt all measures necessary for the defence of Egypt and the protection of its inhabitants and interests."

1927 - Poland -- Pilsudski
A plan to kill Pilsudski, President of the Republic of Poland was uncovered by Warsaw police and a suspect was arrested.

1930 - Spain -- Revolution
1930 : The Northwest costal provinces of Spain are quiet now after a revolt against the monarchy. Soldiers loyal to the crown subdued the rebels. However, a general labour strike occurred and street cars were manned by soldiers. Socialist and republican ring leaders fled.

1945 - Canada -- Arctic Defence Systems
In light of nuclear threat Canada and the United States were planning military defence systems in the Arctic. An 81 day trip by 6 explorers was planned to obtain information. The Canadian government called it "Exercise Musk-Ox" and it was to take in an area of 3,100 miles through Arctic wasteland.

1950 - Tibet -- Peoples Government Take Control
18th, 1950 : A Russian news source stated that a "peoples' government" has been established to govern the newly developed Tibet's Sikang province in southeast China.

1957 - U.S.A. -- First Commercial Nuclear Power Plant
The US first large scale civilian atomic power plant at Shippingport, Pa., starts generating electricity for consumers in the Pittsburgh area

1969 - South Korea -- Withdrawal of 50,000 Soldiers By US
Kang Sang Wook, a presidential spokesperson for South Korea, said that he had been consulted through diplomatic channels regarding President Nixon's withdrawal of 50,000 additional soldiers from Viet Nam. Korea had a significant number of troops in Vietnam.

1971 - U.S.A. -- Capitol Reef National Park
The Capitol Reef National Park in Utah is established

1978 - U.S.A. -- Cleveland bankruptcy
Cleveland was the first American city to face bankruptcy since the Depression in the 1930's. Half of the city's 10,000 employees were to be laid off and cuts were to be made among the firemen and police.

1984 - U.S.A. -- Chevy Nova
The first new Chevy Nova is introduced as a joint venture between Toyota and General Motors, The original Chevy Nova was built from 1962 to 1979

1987 - India -- Union Carbide
Union Carbide Corporation was ordered to pay out $270 million in temporary relief to Indian victims of the 1994 disastrous gas leak which took 2,000 lives. A complete settlement for the plaintiffs had not been finalized even three years later.

1987 - U.S.A. -- Ivan F. Boesky
Ivan F. Boesky known as a "Corporate Raider" he was investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and was arrested was sentenced to three years in prison for plotting Wall Street's biggest insider trading scandal.

1989 - England -- British Labour Party
The British Labour Party which for many years has been financed and controlled by the British trade unions has abandoned its policy on trade union closed shops in line with European legislation. Many of the MP's from the left of the party are accusing the decision as being a "sell-out" of socialism and a further move away from traditional Labour policies.

1994 - Haiti -- American Troops
In Haiti American troops were keeping the peace after a sadistic military rule, but their stay was only temporary and Haitians worried about a return to violence and disorder once the soldiers left. "I'd like them to stay as long as possible," exclaimed Haitian vendor Enold Romelus.

1996 - U.S.A. -- Ebonics
The Oakland, California school board passes a resolution officially declaring "Ebonics" a language or dialect

1999 - U.S.A. -- Julia "Butterfly" Hill
Environmental activist Julia "Butterfly" Hill came down after spending two years living in a 180-foot-tall, 600-year-old California Redwood tree nicknamed ( LUNA )for 738 days between December 10th, 1997 to 18th, 1999. to prevent loggers of the Pacific Lumber Company from cutting it down. She agreed to vacate the tree when the Pacific Lumber Company agreed to preserve Luna and all trees within a 3-acre buffer zone.

2006 - Chile -- Augusto Pinochet
The death of autocrat Augusto Pinochet evoked outpourings of grief and hatred among Chileans. Pinochet was accused of killings, torture, and the disappearance of his opponents. Some Chileans wept for joy, while others grieved his death.

2006 - Iran -- Iranian elections
Partial results from the Iranian elections are suggesting a setback for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The elections were for the powerful clerical body, the Assembly of Experts, as well as for local government. With a turnout of sixty percent the winners appear to be the moderate conservatives, while reformists have made a better showing than the last three elections. Former President Akbar Rafsanjani sealed a landslide win for a seat on the Assembly of Experts. With most of the results in for the local elections it would seem that Ahmadinejad's allies have failed to win control of any council.

2009 - Poland -- Auschwitz’s Arbeit Macht Frei is stolen
Thieves in Poland have stolen the infamous wrought iron sign that announced “work sets you free” over the main gate at Auschwitz. The sign saying “Arbeit macht frei” was erected by the Nazis soon after the old Auschwitz barracks were converted into a labour and extermination centre in 1940. It was used to suggest that hard work would allow inmates to walk free. As Auschwitz was turned into a major hub for the Holocaust and murdered over a million people the sign has come to represent a cynical commentary. 'It seems that a gang of perhaps three people unscrewed the sign between three o’clock and five o’clock on Friday morning,' said the Polish police. 'They must have used a ladder and had a car waiting for them.'
( The men who stole the sign are arrested the next day and the sign is found cut into three pieces, each containing one of the words Arbeit Macht Frei )

2011 - Iraq -- Last US Troops Leave Iraq
2011 : The last US troops to leave Iraq entered Kuwait in a convoy of armored vehicles almost nine years after the initial invasion. A total of 157 US soldiers remained in Iraq for training purposes at the US embassy.

2012 - Canada -- Syrup Thieves Arrested
Three people were arrested by police in Quebec for a multi-million dollar maple syrup theft. The thieves stole syrup as well as syrup-making equipment and police believe that five other suspects were involved and had not been caught yet.


2013 - United States -- US Senate Passes Budget Deal
A two-year cross-party budget bill was passed by the US Senate after having been passed by the House in the previous week. The cooperation was rare between the two parties and temporarily halted the fiscal gridlock that had been plaguing the nation the entire year. Congress would still need to pass a spending bill in January in order to move forward.


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Joseph Stalin
Born: 18th December 1878 Gori, Tiflis Governorate, Russian Empire
Died: 5th March 1953 Moscow, Soviet Union
Known For :
Joseph Stalin born ( Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili ) was the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union's Central Committee from 1922 until his death in 1953. He was a member of the Bolshevik party together with Vladimir Lenin, before the Russian Revolution of 1917. Following the success of the Russian revolution he rose to power and held that power for more than 30 years using fear and murder to keep control and remove any possible enemies, he is remembered for "the great purge" by the state's secret police and intelligence agencies under his control in the 30's a campaign to purge the Communist Party of people accused of sabotage, terrorism, or treachery including the military where the accused were executed or imprisoned in Gulag labor camps or exiled, estimates of the number murdered under this purge range from 3 - 20 million depending on the source but provide an indication of how brutal his regime was. He was the Russian leader during World War II and it was under his leadership following World War II that Berlin was split and the soviet Union encompassed Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and held a tight control over other communist block countries including Poland.

Steven Spielberg
Born: 18th December 1946 Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Known For : Steven Spielberg is possibly one of the best known modern movie directors of modern times having achieved both financial and critical success of a period of 20 plus years, his first movie that most remember was Jaws in 1975 but other movies most of us have watched include Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 1982, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1984, Back to the Future 1985, The Money Pit 1986, Who Framed Roger Rabbit 1988, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids 1989, Hook 1991, Jurassic Park and Schindler's List 1993, I could carry on right us to this year but just those listed provide an idea of the depth and scope of this famous Director / Producer of our modern era. He has only won 2 Academy Award for Best Director ( Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan and one for best picture Schindler's List.