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Men's Fashion Clothing from the 60s

Two examples From Each Of Our 1960s Fashion clothing Pages
Below is a selection which includes two examples from each year of men's fashion from each of our 1960 to 1969 years. There are 2 items of clothing shown for each year. As you go down the page you can see the styles change during the decade.
Two examples From Our 1960 Clothes Fashion Clothing Page which includes 20 other examples
From 1960 Plaid Corduroy Suit
1960 Plaid Corduroy Suit Price: $27.50
Description The casual suit breathes new fashion life into the youthful scene... especially in this striking Glen Plaid cotton corduroy. Three-button coat; set-in flap pockets. Smart gold color rayon lining. Five button vest reverses to this fine fabric. Plain front slacks.

From 1960 Sportsman Suit
1960 Sportsman Suit Price: $19.50
Description Fully nylon for easy on and off. Comfortable with or without shirt and slacks. Bi-swing back for easy action. Sturdy two-way zipper front. Neck-hugging bulky knit collar with snap tab. Colors are antelope brown, hunter's red or loden green.

Two examples From Our 1961 Clothes Fashion Clothing Page which includes 20 other examples
From 1961 Corduroy Slacks
Price: $5.70
Description Corduroy slacks with single pleat and trim fit. Colors to choose from include olive green, navy blue, gray or brown.

1961 Corduroy Slacks

From 1961 Striped Cardigan
Price: $9.90
Description All virgin wool cardigan has a handsome textured surface. A real pacemaker for casual wear... plenty of warmth for cold days. Rib-knit bottom cuffs. Tape-reinforced shoulder seams. Colors are white, red, black and gray stripes or black, copper, white and gray stripes.

1961 Striped Cardigan

Two examples From Our 1962 Clothes Fashion Clothing Page which includes 20 other examples
From 1962 Striped Top
1962 Striped Top Price: $2.90
Description Intriguing variation of the striped theme. Expressed in muted tones. Painstaking detailing matches stripes perfectly at mitered corners. Continental collar and open neckline give a relaxed casual appearance. Pullover style with hidden loop neck closure. Vented sides.

From 1962 Suede Coat
1962 Suede Coat Price: $29.50
Description Warm quilt-lined coat of finest New Zealand leather, Quilon treated to repel water, Quilon treated to repel water, non-oily stains. Lined with acetate quilted over rayon. Bi-swing pleated back. Smooth leather collar. Leather buttons. Colors are tan or rust.

Two examples From Our 1963 Clothes Fashion Clothing Page which includes 20 other examples
From 1963 Men's Embroidered Shirts
1963 Men's Embroidered Shirts Price: $3.80 - $4.80
Description Special styling creates this distinctive three-dimensional embroidery. So neat, so rich looking it resembles finest hand workmanship. Adds a rich elegance to these sport shirts. Regular spread top-stitched collar with permanent stays. Square-cut adjustable cuffs. Types to choose from include Sporty waist-length shirt, 1963 Schiffli award winner pleated shirt and the Schiffli heraldic design shirt.

From 1963 Whipcord Sport Suit
1963 Whipcord Sport Suit Price: $26.50
Description A hard finished rayon and acetate fabric in a subtle diagonal weave. Handsomely tailored along traditional lines and accented with a smart contrasting handkerchief in breast pocket that matches coat lining. Three-button coat with patch flap pockets, natural shoulders and hook vent back. Colorful rayon lining. With matching pointed model vest. Plain front trousers. Comes in black or dark olive.

Two examples From Our 1964 Clothes Fashion Clothing Page which includes 20 other examples
From 1964 Cardigan Blazer
1964 Cardigan Blazer Price: $18.50
Description Cardigan rayon blazers. Rakish collarless style. Rayon ascot matches the lining. Colors are Dante red with a figured ascot or indigo blue with a polka-dot ascot.

From 1964 Slim Taper Shirt
1964 Slim Taper Shirt Price: $2.96
Description Slim taper shirt has a Lawton-Ivy collar and is a medium point button-down with button, hanger loop, and a box-pleat in back. Made with oxford cloth and comes in maize, tan, blue or white.

Two examples From Our 1965 Clothes Fashion Clothing Page which includes 20 other examples
From 1965 Pullover Wind Jacket
1965 Pullover Wind Jacket Price: $4.77
Description Pullover with zip pouch. ZePel finish repels water and oil-borne stains. Has elastic cuffs. Colors are antique bronze, pirate black, gridiron green, electric blue, navy blue, vintage wine, and hunter's red.

From 1965 Skinny Slacks
1965 Skinny Slacks Price: $6.60
Description These slacks are cut, cued and tapered for young, swingin' tastes because they're slim at the thigh and knee and then pared downn to about fourteen inch, cuffless, hemmed bottoms. Each pair is finished to your exact inseam to insure custom-like fit and custom-like comfort. Colors are black, charcoal gray or heather brown.

Two examples From Our 1966 Clothes Fashion Clothing Page which includes 20 other examples
From 1966 Granny Print Long Sleeve Shirt
Price: $3.92
Description "Granny Prints" make a comeback in a most unusual way. High-band collar has short points, buttons front and back. Box pleat. Colors are honey maize or red.

1966 Granny Print Long Sleeve Shirt

From 1966 Zipper Neck Velour Shirt
Price: $8.92
Description Big zipper at neck and broad chest stripe mark this shirt as a real style leader. Wide spread double fabric collar, ribbed cuffs, bottom. Colors are blue with brass stripe and cranberry with a navy stripe.

1966 Zipper Neck Velour Shirt

Two examples From Our 1967 Clothes Fashion Clothing Page which includes 20 other examples
From 1967 Bold Panel Stripe Sweater
1967 Bold Panel Stripe Sweater Price: $15.98
Description Two-tone blue in vertical front panel. Solid-color back and sleeves. Tailored front with side button trim. Double-fabric, rib-knit cuffs and bottom at back.

From 1967 Heathered Sport Coat
1967 Heathered Sport Coat Price: $25.95
Description A mix of rich, masculine tones in hopsack of fifty-five percent Acrilan, forty-five percent wool. Long-wearing, wrinkle-shy. Smart, two-button model is styled with deep side vents, hacking flap pockets and cloverleaf lapels. Lively foulard print rayon half lining in coat makes it look as great inside as out. Flip-top chest pocket matches coat lining. Choose from heather blue, autumn heather (brick red and olive), heather gold or heather green.

Two examples From Our 1968 Clothes Fashion Clothing Page which includes 20 other examples
From 1968 Blue Check and Windowpane Sport Coat
1968 Blue Check and Windowpane Sport Coat Price: $22.95
Description Three button coat is smartly styled with center vent and hacking flap pockets. Blue check with windowpane overplaid. Fabric is made of fifty percent polyester and fifty percent combed cotton that is chemically treated for easier release of soil and oily stains.

Mock Turtleneck
1968 Mock Turtleneck Price: $3.99
Description Mock turtleneck of cotton terry. Contrasting solid color v-insert, with a striped body and sleeves. Double fabric rib knit collar and waistband. Hemmed cuffs. Colors are copper and yellow or navy and green.

Two examples From Our 1969 Clothes Fashion Clothing Page which includes 20 other examples
From 1969 Golden Brandy Blazer
Price: $32.95
Description The same traditional tailoring with natural shoulders in a double-breasted style. It has six buttons (two-to-button), side vents and a notched lapel. Set in flip-top chest pocket puffs out to look like a silk pocket square and matches the coat lining. The set-in lower flap pockets and gold color metal buttons add just the right final touch to this fine jacket.

1969 Golden Brandy Blazer

From 1969 The Scrambler Jacket
Price: $44.50
Description Black and beautiful--the perfect jacket for the cycle set. Has a snap-on mouton lamb collar for year round wear. Fits tight for more protection. Epaulets, lapels, pocket flaps all have snaps. Zips to high neckline and has a bi-swing back. Made with nylon lining quilted to one-hundred percent acetate batting.

1969 The Scrambler Jacket