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1956 Vintage Toys Cars, Dolls, Board Games, Transistor Radio Kit, Phonograph

Fifties Vintage Toys From The Year 1956 including Tru-Miniatures 1956 Model Cars, Transistor Radio Kit, Slinky Dog, Milton Bradley Board Games, Mickey Mouse Phonograph and more with prices and descriptionsThe prices shown for these Toys are the price they were sold for in 1956 not today

  • Animal Dolls From The 1950s Animal Dolls
    Manufacturer: Rushton
    Price: $2.98 each

    Choose from Fido a dog who has ears that flap and a nose that squeaks, Stinky Skunk, Daisy's Mazie Cow with a tinkling bell, or Daisy's Lazie Cow who is an ideal bed partner with a bell.

  • Babee Bee in Carrying Case From The 1950s Babee Bee in Carrying Case
    Manufacturer: Sun Rubber
    Price: $10.95

    Complete with layette, ready for doll play. Babee Bee is 14 inch tall, soft, cuddly and washable, of course. Has jointed, movable arms, legs, head. Simulated hair, sleeping eyes, lashes. She drinks, wets, cries, sleeps, and blows bubbles. The doll is appropriately attired in panties, and colorful jacket. Comes in attractive oval carrying case with dress, slip, booties, play scale, bubble pipe, nursing bottle, soap, swabs, Kleenex and miniature teething ring.

  • Betsy McCall Pretty Pac From The 1950s Betsy McCall Pretty Pac
    Manufacturer: Amsco
    Price: $3.98

    "Glamor in a Hat Box", comes with hand lotion, lipstick, nail polish, chap stick, Ipana, Camay, toothbrush, comb, brush, and grooming book.

  • Dream Lite From The 1950s Dream Lite
    Manufacturer: All Metal Products
    Price: $9.95

    A new kind of projector with music box, specially designed for the enjoyment of the little tots. Shows 3-D story-book and fairy tale pictures in color on ceiling or wall while music box plays its part! Comes with four "visual" records.

  • Early American Frontier Set From The 1950s Early American Frontier Set
    Manufacturer: Auburn
    Price: $3.98

    Most realistic, colorful, and complete set! Includes a log cabin, Indians, wigwams, frontier men and woman, riders on horseback, covered wagon with team, bears, deer, bison, skunk, rabbits, beaver, and more! All made of rubber-like vinyl, soft and harmless.

  • Board Games by Transogram From The 1950s Various Board Games
    Manufacturer: Transogram
    Price: $1.98 each

    Choose from four exciting board games. The Captain Gallant Game is a stimulating game of strategy, pursuit, and bold adventure that is based on the TV show starring Buster Crabbe and son Cuffy. Adventures in Disneyland lets players "tour" the huge new Disneyland Park and it includes 16 full-color Disney character figures. The "Rin Tin Tin" Game features imaginative play for two to four players where they can ride with Rinty, Rusty, and U.S. Cavalry in wild chases to capture outlaws. The "Calling Superman" Game lets players engage in a super-exciting game of news-reporting and when in danger they receive help from Superman.

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  • Electric Pin-Ball Game From The 1950s Electric Pin-Ball Game
    Manufacturer: T. Cohn
    Price: $24.95

    When ball strikes a bumper, lights flash, bells ring, score registers automatically on backboard. Hand kickers keep ball in play, score up to 100,000 points. A good example of an early Pinball Game From the Mid 1950s with Automatic loading with five steel balls.

  • Electronic Radar Rocket Cannon From The 1950s Electronic Radar Rocket Cannon
    Manufacturer: Remco
    Price: $7.95

    Electronics! Excitement! Giant Cannon launches flying jet plane! Target appears on TV screen! Radar antenna rotates, picks up beep signals, gives warning! "Aircraft spotter" talks to "Radar operator" over intercom! Also has telegraph key for code.

  • Fashion Show Doll Set From The 1950s Fashion Show In Action
    Manufacturer: Kay Stanley
    Price: $9.95

    Imagine! A stage, style salon, dressing room, sewing room! Paris outfits, magnetic dolls that walk, turn, show off their costumes! It's a most original electric toy, sure to capture her little heart!

  • Golden Piano Accordion From The 1950s Golden Piano Accordion
    Manufacturer: Emenee
    Price: $7.95

    Plays, sounds, looks so real! Extends to nearly two feet. Full scale piano keyboard, bass notes, chords. Has 52 brass reeds. Comes with carrying case and music book.

  • Lifesavers Doll From The 1950s Lifesavers Doll
    Manufacturer: Horsman
    Price: $4.98

    She's new, different, delicious, to captivate the heart of any little mother! Her rooted Saran hair comes in luscious candy-colors: mint, strawberry, or lime. Dressing in contrasting pastels. All vinyl with "fairy" skin.

  • Little Sweetheart Electric Washing Machine From The 1950s Little Sweetheart Electric Washing Machine
    Manufacturer: Wolverine
    Price: $5.95

    Agitator whirls clothes in water! Has adjustable wringer, rubber rollers, casters.

  • Lone Ranger Guitar From The 1950s Lone Ranger Guitar
    Manufacturer: Jefferson
    Price: $3.98

    It's a large size, 6-string Guitar, decorated just like a cowboy's. Has a rich professional tone. With shoulder cord and instructions for playing, tuning.

  • Horsman Mardi Gras Doll From The 1950s Mardi Gras Doll
    Manufacturer: Horsman
    Price: $12.95

    A gorgeous teen-age doll with elaborate lace dress, embellished with silver and gold threads. Made very full with overlapping tiers. Rich-looking velvet bodice and choker, crinoline petticoat, high-heeled shoes. She has a delicately-formed body, shapely legs, and even tapered fingers. Flexible vinyl permits doll to pose life-like. Has beautiful long-curl hairdo that is permanently rooted.

  • Metal and Plastic Service Station From The 1950s Metal and Plastic Service Station
    Manufacturer: T. Cohn
    Price: $4.98

    Includes elevator to roof parking, two gas pumps, oil rack, wash unit, air reel, ramp from roof, and two cars.

  • Mickey Mouse Phonograph From The 1950s Mickey Mouse Phonograph
    Manufacturer: Vanity Fair
    Price: $9.95

    Portable and battery operated. Safe for children. No wires, no plugs. Automatically starts and stops. Has Vani-tone Volume Control. Comes in official Mickey Mouse Club carrying case including batteries.

  • Transistor Radio Kit From The 1950s Transistor Radio Kit
    Manufacturer: Remco
    Price: $6.95

    It's transistor-powered (no tubes)! Includes plastic cabinet, station tuner, head phone, diode detector and transistor amplifier. It's an electronic wonder. Fun to assemble.

  • Tru-Miniatures 1956 Model Cars From The 1950s Tru-Miniatures 1956 Model Cars
    Manufacturer: Product Miniature
    Price: $1.49 each

    What boy wouldn't be thrilled to own a 1956 model car just like his Dad's! This Tru-Miniature model is most realistic. Its spin-torque motor is powerful, it has three gear ratio, and turns ten times to one revolution of car wheels for greater speed and distance. Motor-momentum sounds like a real car engine. Authentic details, too. High-gloss, chrome-plated grills, bumpers, wheels. Two-tone paint job. Soft, whitewall rubber tires, tinted windows and curved windshield. Choose from Chevrolet Corvette, Chevrolet Station Wagon, Ford Country Sedan, Chevrolet Sport Coupe, Chevrolet 4-door Sedan, or Chevrolet 4-door Hardtop.

  • Milton Bradley Games From The 1950s Milton Bradley Games
    Manufacturer: Milton Bradley
    Price: 98 cents each

    Choose from six fascinating games: Forest Friends, Annie Oakley, Mr. Bug, Treasure Island, Raggedy Ann or Sergeant Preston.

  • Navy Fighter Bomber From The 1950s Navy Fighter Bomber
    Manufacturer: Hubley
    Price: $1.98

    Propeller revolves, wings fold, rubber-tired landing-gear retracts! Sliding cockpit bubble. Aluminum body.

  • 2-Door Pink Toy Refrigerator From The 1950s Pink Toy Refrigerator
    Manufacturer: Wolverine
    Price: $2.98

    Beautiful pink 2-door refrigerator comes fully equipped with ice-cub tray, dummy food packages, "meats", "foods", cans, bottles. A full larder reproduced on door insides.

  • Remote Control Chevy Car From The 1950s Remote Control with Power Steering Car
    Manufacturer: Product Miniature
    Price: $5.95

    A 1956 Chevy Hardtop. Like Tru-Miniatures above but this baby has an electric motor that runs by remote control. Second motor gives you power steering. Turns car sharp or easy, right or left. You steer it with miniature steering wheel on control box. Motors are battery powered.

  • Slinky Dog From The 1950s Slinky Dog
    Manufacturer: James
    Price: $1.98

    A most exciting, active pull toy. Slinky Dog's rear end falls behind, but finally catches up.

  • Tonka Fire Department Pumper From The 1950s Fire Department Pumper
    Manufacturer: Tonka
    Price: $8.95

    Comes with miniature hydrant that connects to any garden hose. Your "fireman" turns handle on hydrant valve and controls the water flow. Pumper hose shoots continuous stream of water. Comes with ladder, hydrant hoses, 40" hose wound on reel.