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Vintage 1929 Fashion Dresses, Frocks, Coats, Suits and Blouses

Twenties Fashion Clothing From the year 1929 for Ladies and Gentlemens Dresses, Coats, Suits and Blouses etc. with prices, descriptions and pictures The prices shown for these Fashion Clothing are the price they were sold for in 1929 not today

  • Allerton Model Suit 1929

    Allerton Model Suit

    Price: $23.50

    This suit will be the instant choice of men whose taste is for the rich custom look of softly blended shades of tan or gray now a leading favorite for dress wear. The genuine Newport plaid adds the correct touch of elegance that means real style to the best dressers of the country. The weave is of close super-twist all wool yarns positively unsurpassed for wearing qualities and holding shape and press. Broad shouldered coat in the newest authentic two-button peaked lapel--half lined with handsome rayon. Choose from tan or medium gray colored plaid.

  • Basque Dress 1929

    Basque Dress

    Price: $2.98

    Dainty, cool, and wonderfully becoming to the youthful figure is this beautiful little Basque dress. Fine quality organdie finish Batiste, printed in a gay all-over pattern, uses solid color organdie to top the full gathered skirt and to edge the graceful collar. Lace trims collar and pockets. Silk ribbon at shoulder and waist.

  • Border Striped Dress 1929

    Border Striped Dress

    Price: $5.00

    New York shops feature this sleeveless all wool flannel dress. Its border trims blouse and front plaited skirt. Leatherette belt. Choose from white, medium blue, or maize colors.

  • Celanese Coat 1929

    Celanese Coat

    Price: $19.98

    This Moire Celanese has remarkable sheen and brilliance; is in a fine, pliant weave, and ideally light for even the warm summer evenings. The whole country is adopting this new Celanese with a degree of enthusiasm rarely shown a fabric, which is proof of its higher merit. Wonderfully sleek, long lines for this lovely model. Rich black satin is used for both the chic standup collar and deep gauntlet cuffs, set on as a facing under overlapping points of the Celanese. Rich streamers of matching satin; gleaming ball button for each cuff finish, and for French chic, a beautiful drooping chenille fancy for the lapel. Handsome all silk satin lining, with inner pockets.

  • Clever Lines Dress 1929

    Clever Lines Dress

    Price: $5.00

    Light weight all wool flannel with white trim and a leatherette belt. Choose from the colors of green or maize.

  • Ensemble Frock 1929

    Ensemble Frock

    Price: $13.74

    Summer days find many uses for this smart Ensemble Frock--ideal for street, vacation and general wear. All silk flat crepe in a solid color makes the clever jacket. The sleeveless dress is of all silk printed crepe in a gay, colorfully design. Pointed bands of the flat crepe trim front of waist; plaited ruffles of the printed crepe make a pretty trimming for the v-neck and for the streamer throw which finishes the jacket-collar. Plaits give graceful fullness to dress-skirt and front peplum. Novel jeweled ornaments trimly finish neckline and narrow belt.

  • Everlastic Waist Trousers 1929

    Everlastic Waist Trousers

    Price: $4.35

    The first showing of this snappy collegiate model--it has the new 4-button Everlastic waistband that assures a perfect fit at the waist and takes the place of a belt. Expertly tailored of a firmly woven fabric of half wool and half cotton. Popular herringbone weave, with rayon decorations lending sparkling life to the pattern.

  • Fancy Broadcloth Shirts 1929

    Fancy Broadcloth Shirts

    Price: $1.39

    Attached firm set collar. Non-shrinking, non-wrinkling like Sta-firm collar but unstarched. Coat style; one pocket, one-button cuffs. Choose from blue, green, or tan.

  • Flared Skirt Dress 1929

    Flared Skirt Dress

    Price: $12.98

    An all silk canton crepe, trimmed with bands and a long streamer tie of matching color all silk crepe satin. The dainty collar is of beautiful ecru lace. Full flare skirt is below low scalloped waistline. Girlish slenderness is delightfully flattered by its lovely lines. Choose from navy blue or marron glace (cocoa brown).

  • Fold Plait Coat 1929

    Fold Plait Coat

    Price: $18.98

    "Tiering" the very heights of fashion comes this lovely summer weight Dress Coat of fine quality all wool poiret sheen, which sparkles in its beautiful weave, and cuts or drapes with admirable softness. Topped with a chic, dressy collar of genuine squirrel fur, dyed a beautiful mink shade. The coat hangs youthful, free, tiered all around and high up the forearms with soft fold plaits. Fronts overlap with new drape effect. Choose from medium tan or navy blue.

  • Jacquard Madras De Luxe Shirts 1929

    Jacquard Madras De Luxe Shirts

    Price: $2.35

    Very fine quality woven madras with neat patterns. Attached new Sta-firm collar is non-wrinkling and non-shrinking. Choose from blue, tan, or mulberry.

  • Kimono Sleeve Shirt 1929

    Kimono Sleeve Shirt

    Price: 89 cents - $1.69

    Spring's smartest smart mannish style. Fine pin tucking trim. Kimono sleeves; button-strap back. Choose from broadcloth in white or tan or all silk pongee in natural tan.

  • New Idea Frock 1929

    New Idea Frock

    Price: $15.98

    Lovely "New Idea" frock of all silk georgette crepe. Novel double drape of self and contrasting georgette, caught to the waist-front by a row of tiny self buttons and rhinestone ornament. Loose back drape edged with the contrasting color. Picot-edged tiers of self material give dainty fullness and drape to the skirt. Colors come in Monet blue with flesh contrast or Helvetia green with tan contrast.

From Our 1929 Fashion Accessories

Crushable Helmet 1929 Crushable Helmet
Price: $4.45

Everywhere the summery frock or ensemble may go, this fine little "French Helmet" is sure to follow. Dainty version of the helmet-eyebrow mode, which marks the latest importation. Sparkling allover embroidered pedaline straw combined with lustrous soutache braid, each tapering crown section being one complete motif of the whole. Winsome overlapping brim held at eyebrow height with a pair of colorful buttons. Soft crushable--to pack or carry anywhere; a hat which fills all the finer "New Idea" requirements. Notice how snugly it frames the face, in a manner typically French; and so embroidered that the brim becomes a border effect for the entire hat. Close fitting at back. Delightful frock and suit tones, each with its own harmonizing braid.

Fifth Avenue Bag 1929 Fifth Avenue Bag
Price: $4.85

Tan, brown, blonde or navy blue. Smart features of the mode are effectively carried out in this newest of back-strap Pouch Bags. Modernistic quartz colored frame; fine leather in Ganges crocodile effect. Beveled mirror; coin purse. Quality moire lining.

  • Reversible Apron Dress 1929

    Reversible Apron Dress

    Price: $1.00

    Thousands of women always keep a good supply of these reversible apron dresses. Durable cotton broadcloth in four practical shades and all white. Collar, cuffs and pocket-tops are white broadcloth. Remarkable for their durability and low price. Choose from copen blue, rose, all white, lavender, or green.

  • Silk Georgette Crepe Dress 1929

    Silk Georgette Crepe Dress

    Price: $14.95

    Combining a sheer, fine all silk georgette crepe with lovely lace. Lace edges collar and forms dainty vestee. Picoted plaited frills or georgette finish the sleeves, inset tiers form a cascade drapery for the flare skirt. Hipband has plaited self tab and pin. Full seco slip. Choose from Goya red or Blue "De Lyon".

  • The Ritz Suit 1929

    The Ritz Suit

    Price: $22.50

    "Ritz" in name, character and outstanding elegance. Real up-to-the minute style. Note the newest type coat--the fashionable double breasted vest with lapels--the pleated trousers that young men everywhere demand--and the favorite 19-inch cuff bottoms. You'll admire the unusual quality of the tailoring--coat collar hugs the neck--vest fits smoothly--trousers have the proper hang and width. Fine satiny rayon half-lining gives just the right trimming to the coat. The all wool fabrics are specially selected for smooth, close weave sure to retain their shape and press. One--the beautiful oxford gray shown--the other the new midnight blue--both patterned in the latest panel effect with neat pin stripes in silver.

  • Two Piece Outfit 1929

    Two Piece Outfit

    Price: $3.95 (Skirt) $4.95 (Jacket)

    Every chic sports outfit adds a smart double-breasted unlined jacket of lustrous black velveteen as a final touch of perfection. Worn with the plaited skirt that is stylish and made of all wool flannel. The skirt has knife and box plaits, cleverly combined to give correct lines.

  • Two-Tone Chic Dress

    Two-Tone Chic Dress

    Price: $5.00

    All wool light weight flannel frock. A geometric motif tops the low two-tone inset belt; deeper tone inverted plait. Sash back; self flower. Choose from tan with brown or light rose with darker rose.

  • Vestee Style Shirt 1929

    Vestee Style Shirt

    Price: $1.95

    Imported English cotton broadcloth overblouse shows panel rows of fine pin tucking, also cross bar tucking on collar and turnback buttoned cuffs. Low "vest pockets". Button strap back. Choose from white or tan.

  • Wool Trousers 1929

    Wool Trousers

    Price: $3.85

    Style sensation! A strikingly original style designing of fine, closely woven all wool trousers--featuring the latest hookless fastener device with new v-shaped belt loops, pleated fronts and smart slash pockets. The novelty weave pattern is shown to best advantage in the striped medium gray or brown colors. Expertly tailored for perfect fit and correct hang.